Dad of fallen Muslim soldier to Trump: Read Constitution
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Dad of fallen Muslim soldier to Trump: Read Constitution

October 9, 2019


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  1. Im sure the guy who sacrificed his life for his country wanted to be remembered because of his religion

  2. Trump employs more people than there are Muslim immigrant soldiers in the US military… Trump has only ever talked about immigramt Muslims btw… not Muslim citizens!!! Fools.

  3. Wow. Has this guy ever read the history of the constitution? If i remember right we are supposed to be a republic that works for the people not a democracy that rigs elections and now the dnc has shown it is corrupt and same with hillary so not to be rude but i don't trust anyone that deals with the dnc. You are traitors and i want nothing to do with you.

  4. How many Americans died defending us for this inbreed religion, shame on the DNC and on this parents.

  5. How scandalous Hillary is", she uses this tactic", why doesnt she accept responsibility for Bengazi!?! she gonna abandon her post again when it gets hot??? This time abandoning thw whole Country!"

  6. Has any Democrat read the constitution? Look up Pete Santilli. Then dig into who did a backdoor deal to sell our uranium to Russia.

  7. Donald Trump is the grandson of a German born American and needs to take a trip to Ellis island to read the words his grandfather came here to.

  8. Hillary cant beat trump so they hire mercenary speakers. Pathetic. If this is the kind of leader who cant take responsibility for anything then she should just go hide under a rock and let the vice president run the country.

  9. CNN should stop. It doesn't say to let terrorist bomb USA soil. He want to find a way to make us safe from the terrorist attacks that happened all over America

  10. This was a really great speech and I love and respect the sacrifice this family's son gave to our country. But that doesn't excuse the actions of so many other not just in this country but across the globe. And I wish that he would have condemned the actions of radical Islam in this speech because again we can't throw a blanket over reality, we can't keep sweeping this under the rug. There are Muslim Americans serving in our Military with great honor and respect for our country, but there are also Muslim Americans who want death (i.e Orlando). The democrats under Clinton will only make it worse as they already have. That is why I'm still voting for trump.

  11. Amazing how Trump supporters have been fed a bunch of fallacies and still dare to defend him by locking into a reality only seeing and supported by them …this parents lost their son when he was protecting America,… yet Trump has suggested these are the people that should be profiled and monitored ,… it's called segregation,… and the man is defending freedom of religion ,.. extremists have killed thousands upon thousands of Muslims ; …. yet because this man doesn't say radical now he supports them and should be condemn — wheres the logic there ? — there's a big picture to be dealt here — but it is what it is ,.. YouTube comments right ,.. ? This is not an outlet for real facts folks — go do some research …

  12. For all the talk of Hillary Clinton from Trump supporters over an embassy in Libya and a lack of email protection which means she would be thrown in jail, they have no problem with Trump's far worse policies where he acts like a dictator who can force people to wear special ID tag based on a religion or a entire ban of a religious group from entering the country. Or where he tells the military to commit war crimes.

  13. Of course he hasn't read the constitution. Trump is the richer male version of Sarah Palin. Although Palin was tougher and less of a little bitch like Donald.

  14. People… Can you not see through this sick propaganda? What is this nonsense? The establishment has truly hit rock bottom, pray for an outsider..

  15. I don't like GOP and Democrats both have been soft on Islam, Muslims, and Islamic Terrorism just like Europeans. Like Trump because he does not use Political Correctness when it come the the Evil called Islam, Muslims, and their Jihad and Islamic Terrorism in the World.

  16. To lie, fool, and deceive Non-Muslims is called Taqiya in Islam. Taqiya is a stealth way to forward Evil Islamic agenda in Non-Muslim Lands.

  17. Donald trump voters believe Obama is a mulsim from kenya, they believe Saddam Hussein was arming Al Qaeda and still has WMD somewhere in Iraq, they believe Hilary kicked her feet up and watched a movie during the Benghazzi attacks, they believe welfare is bad but turn around and take child tax credits. These people who are cosnervatives bhave been on the wrong side of history most of  THEIR existence. Time to send them back to Europe.

  18. I do not need the filth of Islam to come to my country. God has blessed Jews and Christians with many gifts and knowledge. God will not bless a people that follow a false prophet and worships Satan

  19. "Kill the unbelievers wherever you find them" Quran 2:191. People claim this is a religion of peace. It is the opposite.

  20. These guys just don't get it and I am very weary of people like this guy putting words in Trumps mouth. Trump NEVER said he has a problem with immigration,..just unvetted and ILLEGAL immigration. Why is this so difficult for the moron left to understand?

    My response to this guy? He needs to read the PLEDGE OF ALLEGIANCE.

    I don't care if you are Muslim, Mexican, Chinese or whatever. You want to come here? YOU NEED TO BE VETTED and WANT TO ASSIMILATE ACCORDING TO AMERICAN VALUES AND PRINCIPLES. If you don't like it? then DON"T COME. Also, if you are a criminal or have terrorist ties, why should you be allowed to come over here and spread that crap?

    It's obvious that Khizr Khan's heart is in the right place and I feel bad about his son but he's wrong about Trump's position and the constitution. Amnesty and willy nilly open borders is insane and anyone who thinks otherwise needs to not only have their heads examined, but be strung up for treason.

  21. Whatever you think about immigration, this man's son died for our country. IMHO, that qualifies him to dress down and chastise the 'Donald'. And furthermore, why do the assholes who can't be bothered to serve their country when they are young, seem to find a huge supply of patriotism when they become old, cranky farts? I'm gonna be fair about this issue. There are plenty of Democrats and Republicans who both found ways to avoid the draft and yet they have no problem sending other peoples children to fight, and die, all over the world? Truly, my deceased father was right. Old men start wars and young men die in them.

  22. Dude !!! What the fuck are you doing ?!? These are two things that the Trumpers hates the most : Islam and reading !

  23. He should read Islam's Evil Islamic Terrorism manual called Koran which commands Muslims to do Killings, Jihad and Islamic Terrorism against Non-Muslims.

  24. FAKE DNC B.S. Breaking: Dems forced to hire rent-a-crowds to fill Bernie delegate DNC seats From craigsliST after the Bernie delegates left Philly for good.

  25. Only 13 or 14 Muslims died in Iraq and Afghanistan (less than 1% out of thousands of dead troops). Major Nidal Hassan (a Muslim in the Army) murdered 13 US Troops in the name of Jihad. GIVE ME A FUCKING BREAK liberal media!

  26. LMAO ! While true his son is a hero ! This loon has never ever read shit ! LMAO ! Maybe hillary's loon skipped over the part about EQUAL liberty and justice ! Not half get in line to come here and everybody that is democrat slide under the fence ahead of those doing it legally ! What amazes me is all the ignorant dummies at the DNC cheering for breaking the law ! Why the hell should the rest of us follow the law the Democrats just shit on ! That goes double for Obama ! LMAO !

  27. What did Trump had done to their dead son who died in 2004 in Iraq to be insulted like this? Khan defiled his son for using his name to seek publicity. They dishonored their dead son just to be on Television! May their hero son curse them with insomnia.

  28. You picked up a free constitution replica at the giftshop you fucking disgrace! How DARE you sell your son's death to a corrupt politician and ask me to vote for Hitlery!

  29. It is very sad that this man wants to bash Trump with his dead son. Trump had nothing to do with his death. Captain US Army SM Humayun Khan was killed by a car bomb, planted by radical islam, and was sent to iraq because of the Bush administration. Captain Humayun Khan was buried with full military honor under the American Flag, a Flag that hillary Hates proven by removing them at her democratic convention. Bush's policies had more to do with the death of his son than Trump. Yet Khizr does not bash radical islam, nor does he say anything about bush, He does not even say that his son was killed by another muslim. Khizr does not want the U.S. to have border protection walls because he is a muslim brotherhood agent… Search it for yourself!!!

  30. so sad that this father uses his dead son as a political tool for dirty political purpose. his son would be shame on him if he were still alive.

    what trump did is to identify the Islamic extreme terrorists, not the whole Islam. . the father is defending for Islamic extreme terrors and against his son's action.. shame on this father.

  31. In the year 610, Muhammad was in a cave on a religious retreat, and something interesting happened.Taught that which they knew not unto men.’

    So I read it, and he departed from me. And I awoke from my sleep, and it was as though these words were written on my heart.”Muhammad was terrified by what happened to him. He believed that he had encountered a demon, and he became suicidal.

  32. one day all of you will realize ALL RELIGIONS ARE A RESULT OF INSECURITY and humans natural DNA to want to figure everything out. The ultimate test from "god" is for us as humans to realize all religions are all the same in the end and one is not better than any other. u stupid fucks. trump being an idiot?? well thats old news. just another sensationalized T.V. personality trying to get more famous. Weve been watching it on television for over 10 yrs now……. blah blah blah.
    Donald Trump: YOURE A FUCKIN LOSER.

    Edmonton Ab Canada.

  33. Wa Wa Wa

    What this moslem CONVENIENTLY OMITTED to say was that his ''fallen son'' passed on TWELVE YEARS AGO!

    A Manipulative PLOY

    He also conveniently omitted to say that a VERY VERY VERY TINY % of muslims are even in the USA armed forces

    5,000 out of more than TWO MILLION are muslim!

    That's .0026%



    Yet we hear NOTHING about all the Caucasian, Asian. Jewish, Black, Native American, East Indian etc soldiers that died to save THOUSANDS of UNGRATEFUL Muslims!

    Typical MANIPULATION by moslems

    And don't give me the that STERN ANGRY look, moslem, cuz I'd just love to slap your face!

    PS. Your wife has no say?


  34. just like the draft scare a few years ago, do you think Trump's bitch ass sons would volunteer??? go hunt endangered game for sport but garandamntee you will never see war first hand! yet you chumps see this guy a savior. i hope another war happens soon cuz you will never see these kids shit heads in it doing real American duty assholes!

  35. look at Benghazi those lives did not matter to the Democrats and Hillary now this one single life matters to them they're trying to draw your attention away from emails and Benghazi this family is getting used by the Democrats if they cared the soldiers at Benghazi and Ambassador Stevens would have mattered instead of her saying what does it matter they're dead now

  36. Hillary Is Busted: Read The Real Booklet Hillary’s Man Was Carrying For Years. It Was The Muslim Shari’ah Constitution And NOT The U.S Constitution…

  37. I know 2 muslims who are not stupit … why are there so few muslims who are normal people? My muslims friends are asking the same … but are afraid to say it …

  38. it also says we have a right to guns but that part dont matter.. Besides the people hillary let die what did she sacrifice??

  39. An incredibly moving message, from a prime example of the average Muslim. A good hearted, hard working person.

  40. Donald Trump Endorses Gutting the First Amendment

    While many Republicans worship our Second and Tenth Amendments, it’s actually our First Amendment that makes all the other ones possible. When our Founding Fathers gave us freedoms of the press, speech and religion, they established a foundation that eventually led to the creation of one of the most powerful nations the world has ever seen.

    But as great as our First Amendment is, it seems to be the one Republicans hate the most since it continually prevents them from turning the U.S. into a Christian theocracy. Republicans frequently claim they stand for “religious freedom,” but what they really mean by that is they want the “freedom” to force their religion on others.

    Another reason why they hate our First Amendment is that it gives all religions the right to exist and be practiced. As we all know, when Republicans talk about “religious freedom” they’re only referring to Christianity. While they frequently throw hissy fits whenever they believe their “religious freedoms” are being trampled on, they often have absolutely no problem infringing on the religious rights of others.

    Take for instance recent comments made by GOP presidential frontrunner Donald Trump where he said he would support the closing of mosques in the United States. In other words, he supports the complete gutting of the “freedom of religion” aspect of our First Amendment.

    When asked by Fox Business’s Stuart Varney if he agreed with British Prime Minister David Cameron’s recent push to close mosques if a worshiper is linked to ISIS, Trump said not only does he agree with it, but he would like to see it done in the United States.

    “Absolutely, I think it’s great,” Trump said.

    “Can you close a mosque?” Varney asked. “We do have religious freedom.”

    “It depends. If the mosque is, you know, loaded for bear,” Trump responded.

    While I understand that ISIS is a very dangerous group and we must be vigilant in fighting terrorism (especially anything found within our own borders), what Trump is essentially saying is that he supports the right for the government to close a place of worship if even one person who attended there is linked to terrorism

    That is one hell of a slippery-slope

    Would he support the same thing if a member of a Christian church was ultimately linked to a radical hate group? Why not close all churches attended by members of the KKK? Why not close the Westboro Baptist Church?

    The real question is, where would you stop?

    Now I think the situation is different if the mosque itself was found to be promoting anti-American teachings, essentially encouraging potential terrorist activity. But that’s entirely different from closing a place of worship simply because someone who happened to attend services there had some sort of link to terrorism.

    Again, to even suggest doing such a thing is basically calling for the gutting of a pillar of our First Amendment.

    To put into perspective how radical Trump’s comments were about Islam, Rep. Peter King (R-NY) – someone who certainly isn’t a friend of the Muslim community – even called him out for it.

    This is just more of the same nonsense from Trump. All he’s doing is pandering to the lowest rungs of our society with rhetoric that’s either a flat-out lie or completely unconstitutional.

    Sadly, no matter how inaccurate or idiotic Trump’s statements are, his popularity continues to hold steady among conservative voters.
    That’s a true testament to the sad current state of the Republican party.

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