Danny From North Korea | Documentary by Liberty in North Korea (33 mins)
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Danny From North Korea | Documentary by Liberty in North Korea (33 mins)

December 5, 2019

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  1. This film is a beautiful story of courage and determination. It is filmed beautifully and told beautifully. The music is also really lovely. I cried so much but also a lot of happy tears.
    Thankyou for sharing.

  2. dont' think he is a north korean…he doesn't have the accent at all….he has an accent of seoul south korean.|If he was 17 yrs old and went to china to America how he speaks the korean with south korean accent..Is this a true story?

  3. Ok, and why aren't we going in there to rescue these people? They seem like good candidates for freedom. Why should one man control the lives of so many people? Why should those citizens in NK grow up that way? They have nothing at all, yet find ways to survive. This is wrong. It's just sickening.

  4. I feel elated and heartbroken at the same time for Danny and his mum, I applaud their courage in the face of extreme hardship,
    but I can't help but to cry over his grandmother and others who are left behind. Such a mixed up emotional vid

  5. He can visit north korea now since he's an american citizen,he can observe and document what's happening to his countrymen.help them Danny boy

  6. not normally an emotional person but this made my eyes water especially the grandmother eating tree bark and roots so she could feed him.

  7. indeed heartbreaking story…but they are very lucky to make it out alive…i wish his grandma lived a little longer

  8. The more I hear about the plight of North Koreans the more I realize China can be one of the most burdensome countries of all….mean as heck….but then out of nowhere they get a good streak it's like Russian Roulette….Great story Danny…God Bless stay safe…you & your mom are too precious.

  9. This was so emotional. After watching this video I am honestly going to try my best to live as a better human and be kind to others. People in the world are really suffering so when I m done with college, I really want to be involved in donating to the less privileged.

  10. America and other western countries should accept these real refugees from North Korea not those economic migrants who claim to be refugees from Syria and African countries.

  11. Only half way through this video but – I am SURE his grandmother forgives him for escaping to a better life, and probably did as soon as she realized why he was gone. No need to kneel before her, asking forgiveness, I think it was given far before now.

  12. Please, please, if anyone deserves United States citizenship and asylum it is anyone who is scapes North Korea and your Kim Jong ong. May America keep its compassion to help asylum-seekers like this when The alternative is starvation, torture, and isolation.

  13. …after seen this real life film, I'm feeling sympathy for the Great Nation of China, so in the name of those people that survived crossing and either stayed in that nation or traveled further: thanks China.

  14. Lee Sung Dont you know your Grandma is so happy about your freedom? I am old and not related but I am so happy for you.

  15. Amazing story, amazing man! Keep up the good work shining your light on the world and helping others out of the darkness! Your grandmother rest assured, is looking down and beaming with pride!

  16. I pray that Danny does not go back to North Korea. They will keep him and torture him. It is common for people to want to reunite with those they love after they have become healed, but the land/nation that Danny so loves is not healed and they would be threatened by Danny's great strength, and they would wont to destroy that strength. It would not be wise to return.

  17. Wow, Danny what a story huh
    You made it don't go back until changes in NK, wishing you and your mum lot.of happiness
    Greetings from Australia

  18. North Korea reminds me of the Hunger Games books, the capitol is attractive, fancy, wealthy…. A facade if you will…. The rest of the country goes without, hungry, abused, trapped, never allowed to leave, never allowed to speak up or stand strong against the government, the government that's supposed to protect and care for its people, but doesn't care, not even a little.

  19. This film was put together extremely well. I wish there was more I could do to help them. The saddest part is that this has gone on for so long that several generations have suffered through this and a lot are brainwashed. I saw one documentary or a girl had escaped and she managed to get her sister out of North Korea as well. Her sister had stayed behind for several years and after escaping literally begged her sister to center back to North Korea because she felt she was betraying the great leader. She had to watch her sister sneak back in the North Korea. Her sister's mind was made up and she was so brainwashed that it broke your heart even hear her speak

  20. Lord forgive me for complaining about how hard my life is, for my life is nothing compared to what North Koreans experience daily. I pray that one day these people are liberated from the prison they are trapped in. This was such a great story and I definitely cried a lot while watching this.

  21. That was one of the most amazing and beautiful things I've ever seen!? I'm just one person in this world lucky enough to be born here in America, but I want you "DANNY," to know that although you consider North Korea your Homeland, you're welcome as far as I'm concerned to call America your Homeland as well!?πŸ™πŸ’ͺπŸ‘πŸ»πŸ‘

  22. So painful and hard to hear, yet so incredibly beautiful and humbling and inspiring. Thank you LiNK for your crucial work, and thank you Danny and your mother for sharing your stories. Your hopes and dreams make me hope that soon the day comes we cry less tears of sadness and more of happiness as families are reunited and freedom finally achieved on the Korean Peninsula.

  23. just so sad! and the only to help them us to overthrow their government and that will involve starting ww3. God be with the north Korean people

  24. One day all the groaning creation will be set free..to have the glorious freedom of the children of God…The Bible

  25. I remember Danny's story was one of the first i heard, and it made me want to know more and get involved. I hope life is sweet for him. It is unnecessary to use NK refugees' pain to degrade what others go through. It's understandable if you appreciate your life more after hearing these harrowing stories, its another thing to tell others to shut up about their pain because they're not north Korean

  26. Danny you are one brave kid to cross that ice river god bless you young brother.. I know the feelings at that moment when you were. Escaping I've been there when I was a boy escaping Laos to Thailand

  27. The trip is the defectors leave the rubbish in Nth Korea for junk in other nations… (The key get out of the World system altogether)

  28. If you're reading this, I want to say I'm proud of you Danny for being so brave and strong enough to surpass all the hardships you'd been through. I hope all is well with you and your mother. With regard to your grandmother, she is happy that you and your mother are doing good. I know for sure she is resting peacefully in heaven with God Almighty and that there is no more suffering for her, only eternal life.

    PS. I was surprised to know that we both have the same birthday and birth year. How amazing is that?!

  29. stupid china and north korea.They just thing their own.Somebody dislike America but America is the greatest.They are humble to save the people life to freedom.Therefor,America does not like china and north Korea because they are dictator

  30. North korean escape,hundred person of Europe and America accept you.Except to china and Russia.China stupid because they just thing money

  31. I wonder if Danny was smart enough to vote for Trump, and not those Democratic Socialist turds that pander to everybody.

  32. His grandma would be so very proud of him. What a brave man. This is what our immigrants should be!

  33. Nice kid, but to be honest, he’s more skilled at riding a food tray down any icy footpath than photography. Why did they have to show examples of his photos? I could have just imagined them and pretended that he had creative talent and a good eye for composition and aesthetics.

  34. The pain, difficulties, losses and sacrifices are unbelievable. I'm so glad there are people who reach out. As I watched this I tried to imagine their Spoiled fat leader left to starve and live in horrible conditions.

  35. Oh my god I’m fucking crying so hard but heart breaks for North Koreans. I really wish I had the answer how to fix everything for them

  36. Ive only just begun educating myself on north korean, let me say*"I Am Exceedingly happy for him and his mom" Godspeed dear onesπŸ™

  37. This TRUTH, has impacted my heart.
    For I now no longer take my freedom for granted* I no longer take anything thats been deprived of fellow mankind for granted* "water". "Food". "Mental state of mind, body, &d soul"

  38. Why don't they execute Kim Jong Un and distribute his enormous wealth to poor and starving North Koreans. Let's be pragmatic for the sake of the majority. He's not god either, and he has no right to make miserable the lives of countless North Koreans…

  39. Danny welcome to freedom.l am praying for North Korea my heart with them .we need human rights..God bless you .Jesus Christ is the Lord Love you and plans for you..he will hear your voice. πŸ™πŸ™πŸ™

  40. My God I'M So Sad for the People! So Sorry! That fat Ads dictator has Brainwashed all the People . Well maybe not all . Rise against him as A Whole Country ! How many more of your family will you watch Die ! From starvation and Repression! .

  41. Hello. My name is Danny, too. And I am from The United States of America. I am grateful for those who made sacrifice of their labors, their blood and tears, so that someone else's child can have their Freedom. Freedom to travel, to own property and dispose of it as I choose. Freedom to make mistakes, recover, learn, and carry on for even more generations to have that Freedom which is rightfully theirs, should someone be willing to pay the price.
    I have one overarching question: how can I help to destroy the tyranny into which so many people sell their neighbors, even their own children?

  42. I am against Illegal imagrants from just running to the US for all of lifes problems to be solved.. But I would not mind North Koreans and their families from migrating to America..

  43. You guys are amazing! You all are so strong, loving, and compassionate. This is a crime against humanity! Why isn’t NATO and the USA and everyone trying to put a end to this?!?

  44. Foolish boy Your grandma is so happy that you are free. All grandparents joy is that their grandchildren live well and you have made your grandma happy seeing your mom and you free. Be strong!


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