Dark Souls: How to Install DSfix Mod (Resolution & Frame Rate Fix) for Dummies – Tutorial
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Dark Souls: How to Install DSfix Mod (Resolution & Frame Rate Fix) for Dummies – Tutorial

September 17, 2019

How’s it going everybody? I’m your host
Sean with Bald & Bearded, welcome to my Dark Souls dsfix mod installation
tutorial. First off I want to make sure that we have a clean installation of
Dark Souls and of the mod itself so what I want you to do if you haven’t already
is go to your control panel or through Steam and uninstall Dark
Souls you’ll see it here the Dark Souls prepared to die edition we’re going to
right-click and uninstall there it’ll load up steam and reconfirm that you
want to delete this select yes and as you see my Dark Souls is grayed out
which means is not installed ok so now we’re going to exit steam you’ll see
it’s still here a little bit you just want to click on it again it’ll tell you
that it’s already uninstalled and it’ll disappear now you want to click out of
that and I want you to go to this folder here go to your binary directory where
Dark Souls would be for instance you’re going to have to navigate through the
steam folder see where we are there we go do steam apps common then
Dark Souls prepare to die edition that means that are still some files left
over basically the data file and that’s because dsfix likes to hang around when
it shouldn’t so that’s why I’m saying must do a fresh installation and
completely rid your computer of these files because if you have an error in
the previous install it’s not going to go away just by reinstalling the game
you have to remove all files and empty them from your recycling bin at this
point I recommend restarting your computer so go ahead and do that if you
haven’t already and we’ll meet up at the next process okay so if you’ve restarted
your computer we’re going to double click on Steam install dark souls
prepare to die edition all right now of course I’m not going to
wait this whole time while it’s installing and I’ve got a really good
internet connection so it’s only going to take me a few minutes so I’ll be back
shortly to help you guys all right everybody looks like we’re
almost done here once it completes downloading it should probably sync up
the game see I believe if we click to play it’s going to just do some minor
installation setup and then it will load up the game here all right everybody now that we’ve
loaded up the game here going to use my controller instead of the mouse the
mouse is horrible in this game even if you use the mouse fix still don’t
believe this game was designed with the mouse in mind therefore I’m going to use
the joystick controller setup I prefer to do that personally at any game as
long as you know I’m not competing online against somebody else in a
first-person shooter or something like that okay so here we are we had to watch
those annoying loading screens that’s something we’ll be able to fix once we
get the dsfix installed now the thing that we want to do in the PC settings is
make sure that anti-aliasing is set to OFF now I’m not so certain what your
resolution will open up if you have never played the game before and you
just did a complete fresh install without steam clouds
saving your preferences it might show up as 1280 by 720 or something different
and you might not even have any other options to go higher than that so don’t
worry about where your resolution is right now
because once we set up the dsfix mod we’re going to be able to do all that
stuff and get it exactly how you want to make it so the only thing that you
really need to make sure you’ve got is anti-aliasing off okay and even though
it says 1920 by 1080 32-bit with 60 Hertz frequency when I load the game we
will not be experiencing that all right so let me load the game here and you
just jump into random play through and you’ll see here we’ve got a lot of
grainy texture very pixelated rough edges I am in full screen mode so it is
stretched a little bit but I believe this is probably 720p performance right
here if this was tenth true 1080p it would look a lot better than this see
here get a look at the fire it’s all chunky blocked up just not good not good
at all looks pretty rough character models are poor yep
so we’re going to fix that this is the main thing the main reason why you want
to get this mod it’s going to give you 60 frames per second and it’s going to
give you true true resolution up to I believe it caps out probably at 2560 by
1440 most of you don’t have a monitor that can support anything higher than
that anyways alright so we’re going to exit out of here
and one you know once we install the dsfix mod we’ll be able to get rid of
these loading screens where we won’t have to wait so long to exit the game
either it’s such a poor design force you to watch the intro screen when you try
to leave the game and you just can’t skip through you have to be patient wait
so we’ll press Start again and we’re going to quit Dark Souls alright
everybody we just left Dark Souls and as you can see here it is sinking and now
it is completed I’m going to minimize the Steam application and we’re going to
go down to a browser open up Google Chrome or whatever you use and let’s go
ahead and maximize this and we’re going to go to dark souls dot Nexus mod with
an S com all right and make sure that you don’t
visit this in an incognito browser if you do this incognito
it will not let you download you’ll get a lot of errors okay so once you’re here
you’re going to navigate to the file section go to top files and select that
dsfix should normally be the first thing to show up here if not it should be easy
to find select that and then select download manual now you’re going to
download manually whatever the most current version is at this point in time
it’s dsfix 201 so you select that and then just click a mirror
somewhere close to your area probably doesn’t matter okay
see I got an error here even though I’m not using an incognito form so this
happens sometimes just don’t worry about it back out of that let’s go ahead and
try Firefox and we’re going to go do the same thing Dark Souls dot Nexus mods the files top files dsfix we’re going to
download manually and let’s try it once more
we’ll try a different mirror and another error you can log into your account that might
solve the issue I know I have downloaded this process before without being a user
so it might just be something where you can only download it certain amount of
times from an IP address or whatnot but anyways it doesn’t hurt to sign up
you’re not going to get any junk mail or anything like that so now that I’m
logged in let’s go ahead and try it once more normally you would only need to be
logged in for files that are over a certain amount of size and I think
that’s 2 Meg’s all right so it’s going to work this time
go ahead and download and save and the download is complete so let’s just back
out this and we’re going to open up we’ll go in here and open up my computer
and go to my download files which is Chrome downloads even though I did that
in Mozilla I have all my downloads go to the same place so we can open up this
zip folder I’m going to drag it over here and use half of our screen real
estate for that ok now I want to go back into my computer I’m going to drag this
over here and I’m going to go into the Dark Souls binary folder so we’re going
to go into wherever your Dark Souls and Steam client files are you’ll go to
steam apps common Dark Souls and then data some of you might not have a data
folder your Dark Souls Exe might just be here in this Dark Souls folder itself if
that’s the case you’re going to drag a copy and paste these files over here or
select and drag and drop these files from the zip folder all just wherever
your Dark Souls Exe file is as you see here mine is in the data folder so I’m
going to select all of this stuff and then I’m going to drag and drop in the
data folder and all the highlighted stuff is what
transferred over okay so once I do that I can click out of the zip folder and
now I can focus on editing my dsfix dot ini folder or file so just double click
on that we’re going to maximize this and now here all you’re going to do is
change your settings whichever suits your computer your hardware CPU GPU
monitor all of that stuff you have to keep in mind and know your limitations
so for recording purposes I run the game at 1920 by 1080 so since I’m not going
to change the resolution for the display width and height I’m going to leave
these at 0 even though my monitor has a native resolution of 2560 by 1440 when
I’m recording I’m usually recording in 1080p or 720p so I’m going to leave it
there also when we go to anti-aliasing you’re going to use the ultra selection
because there’s really not much difference on your computer as far as
strain from choosing ultra or one okay so now we’re going to select which type
of AAA and I’m going to stick with SMA a on ambient occlusion for the SSAO
strength you want to select three because there’s absolutely no difference
as it states as far as performance impact from zero to three so why
wouldn’t you alright and on the SAS SAO scale just leave it at one on determine
the type of al used leave vs Sao as it is that’s how I prefer at least I will
change this value here to eight ten that’s just what I chose to lie
through trial and error really just playing the game and tweaking in these
settings as I saw fit most of you probably won’t notice the difference if
you haven’t put in a lot of hours into this game the depth of field scaling
override as it says here not recommended I leave it alone specifically when a
developer or someone who makes a mod warns you against something you should
probably take their word for it all right now we have the depth of field
additional blur I’m just going to leave this at one because I like the 540 depth
of field resolution frame rate this is a key thing for most of you guys you want
to unlock it to 60 frames per second and to do that you change that 0 value to 1
once you’ve done that you can slide down here and it only unlocks the frame way
frame rate up to whatever you select here some people can get it higher than
60 probably cap it out about 70 ish my monitor caps out at 59 so I choose 58 as
my FPS limit alright and we’re going to change this number here this basically
means it’s going to shut off your anti-aliasing if your frame rate drops a
large distance down so if your frame rate goes to let’s say 15 frames per
second then it’s going to click off anti-aliasing and it will recover your
frames once it’s above that threshold it’ll enable anti-aliasing once again
all right you do not need to change this texture filtering override I don’t mess
with any of the HUD options I think a lot of errors typically happen there so
I would keep that stuff to yourself and use a secondary mod for HUD changes if
need be I do want to enable the or I’m sorry I don’t want to
mess with this one I do want to get rid of the cursor at startup because I use a
joystick so I’m going to put one so the cursor disappears and I’m not going to
change my save game backup system I will however enable texture overrides because
I plan on implementing new textures into the game none of you should enable
texture dumping unless you plan on creating your own textures so do not
change this value here also here’s the skip in true value you want to make that
one so it skips all intros and you don’t have to wait through that process when
you start the game and when you try to exit the game all of these other things
especially screenshot and language you know of course change that to what you
need it to be if you’re going to use it I don’t mess with anything else in this
especially these settings below here as the developer states they’re not ready
to use so don’t touch them all right and now before you exit just click the Save
button and your ini file has been edited completely so you don’t need to do
anything else you can go ahead and load up steam once again and start the Dark
Souls game all right and now we are loading up into
the game go through that standard selection point as you can see there’s
no mouse cursor here I’m actually just strictly using my joystick and press the
start button we’ll go to our PC settings and you see it’s the same as before go
to ok and you’ll if you wait a little bit to the left of darksouls you’ll see
the dsfix mod symbol appear there there is it says dsfix enabled that’s just
another way to know that your dsfix ini adjustments have been successful so
we’ve had three indicators so far we’ve got to skip the logos my mouse cursor is
gone those are two options that I personally adjusted so we know that
things are on the right path so let’s go ahead start and load up the game we will
join in the same play through that I first showed you and here we are you can already see a
huge difference right off the bat the textures are so much better and there’s
no real texture mod this is just the resolution the way it should be this is
1080p resolution you take a look at the flames flames are pretty fluid pretty
smooth no jagged edges we’ll go take a look at this guy once
more he’s looking a lot better everything looks pretty good so this is
definitely acceptable this already looks better than the ps3 version and the Xbox
360 version so you know those guys are jealous already and we can only improve
off of this so you guys you must know that this mod is essential if you play
on the PC you have to have this download it just like I showed you install it
just like I showed you and adjust the settings to make it optimal for your PC
setup alright everybody thanks a lot so much for checking out this video I hope
it was helpful to you if so please just click that thumbs up button so people
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trouble you have below that way I can get back to you and try to help you out
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