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Darrell Scott – Liberty University Convocation

November 29, 2019

>>DAVID NASSER: We have two distinguished
guests with us today. And President Falwell will, in just a minute,
come introduce our second guest, but I get the privilege of introducing our very first
guest, a state senator who’s here who’s running for congress. We have with us Mr. Tom Garrett with us this
morning. Tom earned both his bachelor’s and his law
degree from the University of Richmond. He began his second service to our country
with six years in the Army, six years in the Army. Can we thank him for that? Thank you for your service, sir. In 2007, he was elected to the office of Commonwealth
Attorney in Louisiana. And in 2011, Tom was elected as the state
Senator for the 22nd district. Let’s just give our attention to Mr. Garrett. Thank you, sir, for being here.>>TOM GARRETT: Answer God. Because He’s going to talk to you, so answer
Him. It’s an incredible honor, Dr. Falwell, Liberty
University, to be here today. I was talking to my chief of staff, my best
friend with whom I served in the military two different duty stations, and he said,
“You were invited to speak in convo.” And I said, “What an amazing honor.” I said I’ve never before had 10,000 people
want to hear me speak. He said, don’t worry about it. The 10,000 people won’t want to hear you speak
in convo either. But it’s an amazing honor. As was mentioned, I’m running for Congress,
and I want to talk about that briefly, because humility’s an important character trait. If you don’t remain humble, God will ensure
that you are made humble; I promise. And so if you want to be humble when you’re
running for Congress in the 5th Congressional District remember these facts. The first congressman from Virginia 5 was
a fellow named James Madison. His opponent for the seat was a fellow named
James Monroe. A resident of the district was a guy named
Thomas Jefferson. A retiree in the district was a fellow named
John Marshall and another was a fellow named Patrick Henry. The Civil War ended at Appomattox in the fifth
district. And Barbara Johns, a 16-year-old girl who
was told, “no” by her parents, her pastors, and her administrators walked out of R.R.
Moton High School and started the Brown v. Board of Education in Prince Edward County
in the fifth district of Virginia. So I figure if I can be the 10th greatest
person to come from the 5th district I’ve got it pretty good. And so the bar is set high, so. And there’s four Bible verses that I’ve had
the sort of honor of bouncing off of. And some of them contradict. I might get myself in trouble here today. The first is 4:13 Philippians. Everybody knows it. “I can do all things through the power of
the Lord who strengthens me.” And there’s two things I don’t know if I can
do, and so maybe I’m going to get in trouble. The second is the parable of the talents,
and that is my parents grinding into me again and again and again, you’ve been given something. What are you going to do with it? What are you going to do with it? And the fourth—and the next is Isaiah chapter
six verse 8. “And then the voice of the Lord spoke to us
and said, ‘Whom shall I send? Who will go for us?’” And I raised my hand and said here I am Lord;
send me.” And so as I bounce through life understanding
that I am the best I can be each day, but never good enough to deserve the gifts that
I’ve been given. I try to keep all those things in mind. And I want to stop talking about me and start
talking about something 10,000 more important, and that’s you guys. There are two things that I know. Anybody who attempts to engage in an endeavor
knowing they will fail is normally crazy, right? But there are two things that I will try to
do, and I will encourage you to try to do that you’re going to fail at. Number one is live a Christ-like life. You’re going to fall short, and that’s okay,
because the journey is where you win. And number two is earn the gifts that you’ve
been given. Folks, the odds of being born in the United
States of America—anybody want to guess? One in 26. The odds of being born in the United States
of America with good mentors and role models, with a mother and or father who love you,
and encourage you, and discipline you, and guide you—the odds of being born in the
greatest nation on earth where we still have that fundamental American entitlement, which
is the equality of opportunity, are infinitesimally smaller. And sorry to inform you, but you will never
earn the gifts you’ve already been given. You have a duty to try, and God’s going to
speak to you. And He’s going to say I have a mission for
you. That’s that Isaiah chapter six, verse eight. You need to raise your hand and say, “Yes,
God.” If it’s to be the best father you can be,
if it’s to be the best shoe salesman you can be, if it’s to be the best pastor you can
be. Bring Jesus into lives who don’t know him,
and by gosh, stand up and say here I am Lord; send me. I have- I’ve had the honor of serving with two individuals
who lost their lives in defense of this nation. My seatmate from the officer’s basic course
lost his arm so that we can sit here today, and you’re not going to earn their sacrifice,
folks, but you have a duty to try. So have your moment. Have that moment when God says, what are you
going to do? Ask yourself what you’re going to do. Answer God, and then go forth knowing that
you will fail in the mission to be Christ-like, and you will fail in the mission to earn these
gifts knowing that your duty is to give it your very best effort. And I promise every single one of you, in
your own special way, will change this world for the better, and that’s what makes us different
from everyone else on the planet, and that’s America. And you take that, and you do what you can,
and by gosh, then you’ll know you’ve lived a life worth living. And in the end, while you’ll never have earned
all the gifts you’ve already been given, you can sleep well knowing that you did all that
you did. What an amazing honor and opportunity, and
I thank you for it. God bless you. God bless Liberty University—an amazing
work you all do here. And God bless America.>>JERRY FALWELL: Good morning! Today we’ve got one of my favorite pastors
in the whole world speaking at Liberty. But I first wanted to mention a couple of
other things. I, at 2 o’clock today, we are honoring the
donors who gave us the 21 paintings of the life of Jesus that are in the Alumni Ballroom
at 2 o’clock. It’s an incredible gift that those paintings
that were done by one artist over 40 years, and some of them are seven by eleven and others
are larger. It’s just incredible, and we had just enough
wall space in that room for the number of paintings that were donated. And we are blessed as a university to have
donations like that, and we thank—thank the families that made the donation, and we’ll
be honoring them today. But also I’ve got on the stage with me somebody
that I made him take his shoes off. I don’t if you noticed just now, Professor
Dan Howell. He’s known as the barefoot professor, and
he was helping me this summer. When I spoke at the Republican National Convention
I was writing—I probably wrote 20 different drafts of the speech that I wanted to give. And I would send it to him. I said is there a better way to say this,
a better way to say that, and he was right back on the text, and I paid him about three
dollars an hour to help me with that. And it was quite an experience, but he’s a
biology professor here, and do you still go barefoot every day? I thought somebody had come down on you for
that, but if they do tell them I said it’s okay. But, you know we— Pastor Darrell Scott and
I were two of the first sacrificial lambs who took a stand in this election. And, you know, it reminded— There’s just
so many morally superior Christians who think they’re too good to vote for this candidate
or that candidate because they’re not perfect like Jesus. And so I’ve taken lots of heat from that group. He’s going to tell you about another group
that he’s taken a lot of heat of. It seems like a lot of these Christians don’t
understand the concept of forgiveness and the concept of—and the concept of what could
happen to our Supreme Court and our nation if we don’t participate. You know, Jesus, the Pharisees tried to trick
Jesus into saying that Christians should be separate from the world and not participate
in government. They asked him about whether taxes should
be paid to Caesar, and He didn’t fall for it. He said, he said, he rebuked them for trying
to trick him, and he said give me a coin. And they showed him the coin. He said whose inscription is on that coin? And they said Caesar’s. He said, well render unto Caesar the things
that are Caesar and to God things that are God’s. And that means be a good citizen, vote. If you get drafted in the military you’ve
got to serve. It’s just part of what Jesus expected us to
do as Christians here on this earth, and we— I feel strongly about that, and that’s why
I’ve taken a stand. But the week of that Republican National Convention,
I was going through all those different drafts, and I was scheduled to speak on Thursday night,
and Pastor Darrell Scott spoke on Wednesday night. And so I was sitting there Wednesday night,
and I watched, and I thought, “Oh my gosh. How am I going to match, or even come close,
to this?” He was just fabulous. He had the crowd stirred up into a frenzy,
and I wish I’d been on Wednesday night and him on Thursday night. But he and I’ve become friends since that
time. And so I want you to welcome to Liberty University,
Pastor Darrell Scott.>>DARRELL SCOTT: Let the redeemed. Let the redeemed of the Lord say so tonight,
or this morning. Come on; if you love the Lord Jesus Christ
with all your heart, all your soul, and all your mind put your hands together. Open up your mouth and magnify the Lord with
me. Let’s exalt His holy name together. I first want to thank my friend, President
Falwell, and his lovely wife, Becki, for the gracious invitation to speak before the student
body of this very prestigious university. I’m going to try my best not to embarrass
you too much. I don’t want to get him fired. I don’t want the board saying, who brought
this guy in? And so I want to also acknowledge the staff
and the faculty as well. You’re doing a great work in this great university
for our great God. You’re impacting and affecting the climate
of this country, and you deserve a round of applause for that. Give yourselves a hand right there. But I’d also like to acknowledge my new bride
of 37 years, Dr. Belinda Scott, my wife. Stand up baby and wave to the people. I was told I have between 30 and 35 minutes,
so I better get started, because it usually takes black preachers about 30 to 35 minutes
just to get through our introductions and warm up. So I’m not going— You know I told our driver Steven, I said,
I was in church, and I would start telling people to open up their Bibles, and everybody
was getting on their phone. And I started getting offended. And I would be like, you know, y’all can at
least act like you’re not on the telephone and act like you’re paying attention. And they said, well, our Bibles are on the
phone. So, you know, I have to catch up to that. But if you have a Bible with you, turn on
your iPhone or you iPad or your Android, or your— You don’t have a Samsung; it might
blow up. And I want to read a few passages of Scripture,
and then we’ll go from there. Is that all right? I’m in the book of Hosea, the eleventh chapter. I’m going to read one verse from there, and
then I’m going to go to the 12th chapter and read about five verses. Then we’ll say what the Lord has to say. Am I okay so far? Well, God bless y’all. Listen, like I said, I pastor a church in
Cleveland Ohio, New Spirit Revival Center. Well, God bless you again. And the more you help me, the better I do. So if you all can give me some, the more you
give me, I’ll be able to give it back. We’ll feed off each other. We’ll feed from God, and we’ll have a wonderful
time on this morning. Is that all right? Now, one more time, let the redeemed of the
Lord say so. That’s about a three, but we’ll get there. “When Israel was a child,” Hosea 11 and
1: “When Israel was a child, then I loved him, and called my son out of Egypt.” Chapter 12, verse 2, “The Lord hath also a
controversy Judah and will punish Jacob according to his ways; according to his doings will
he recompense him. He took his brother by the heel in the womb,
and by his strength he had power with God: Yea, he had power over the angel, and prevailed:
he wept, and made supplication unto him: he found him in Bethel, and there he spake with
us; Even the Lord God of hosts; the Lord is his memorial. Therefore, turn thou to thy God: keep mercy
and judgement and wait on thy God continually. He is a merchant; the balances of deceit are
in his hand: he loveth to oppress.” Father, bless us this morning in Jesus name. Let everyone say, “Amen.” I want to begin by standing on this morning
that there have been several occasions in my nearly 35 years of salvation that I have
found myself ruminating over the fact that I was not raised a Christian. I did not have a Christian upbringing, because
if I had been raised a Christian maybe some of the things that I, myself, and a number
of my family members have experienced we possibly would not have experienced. Can I talk about myself for a little while? I started smoking cigarettes when I was in
the fifth grade, sneaking them out of my mother’s pack at home, and or going over to my friend
Wayne’s house, and his father would keep cartons of cigarettes in the closet. And we would sneak them out of there and smoke. I started drinking around that time as well—sneaking
liquor and beer out of the house, and or getting adults to purchase alcohol for us until we
found stores that would sell liquor to underage minors, amen. We started smoking weed when I was—. (Crowd laughing) We started—I started smoking
weed when we were about in the sixth grade, and I have a December birthday, so in the
sixth grade I was 11-years-old. How many December birthdays are in here? I heard a few claps. All right! So I was 11 years old, going on 12. We started smoking weed. By the time I was 13 or 14 in middle school
we were drinking and smoking weed every single day. I’d gotten a job when I was 14-years-old at
a beverage store. And myself and the old guy that worked at
this store, Johnny, we would go down to the basement, and open up the product, and drink
every single day. By the time high school came, liquor and,
you know, weed were a part of my everyday life. It was like an appetizer; you know? It was something we took for granted, but
however, now we would also have a drug of the day to enhance or complement the experience,
amen. Every single day when I was in high school—I
look back now—we had a different drug that we used. The harder the better. You name it; we did it-heroin, cocaine, all
types of pills, acid, PCP. And in addition to this we—and when I say
we I’m referencing my circle of associates, amen? In addition to this, we lived in lives of
crime, amen. With no restrictions—gambling, car theft,
armed robbery, burglary, breaking in. I remember one time my friend and I went over
to my other friend Sam’s. And he came out of the house, and he said,
“Good morning gentlemen!” What crime are we going to commit today?” We woke up every day looking for a new caper
to pull, amen. Wondering what crime, what are we going to
do today? Well as we got older we became part of the
entertainment and the nightclub scene, amen. We had a nightclub in downtown Cleveland in
the late 70s. We were doing concert promotions, and we were
selling as much dope as we could. We were driving expensive cars, and living
it and loving the life that we led, amen. My circle of associates included the criminals,
and the pimps, and the prostitutes, and the drug dealers. These were my kind of people. That was normal living to us, amen. Those were normal people to me, amen. We weren’t like the squares that did not live
like we lived. And we considered ourselves superior to them—to
the average guy on the street, amen. We were carnivores in society, amen. We were street players having advanced into
what we considered to be an elite status, amen. We enjoyed a prosperous, sophisticated, criminal
lifestyle. People getting killed, amen. I’ve had a number of friends to get killed,
or people going to the penitentiary, or people getting shot. You know that was normal to us. To us, it was simply the cost of doing business,
because to us we were businessmen. We were entrepreneurs selling drugs, and committing
crimes to supplement and support our way of life—which is what I was doing the night
my wife somehow let an old friend somehow convince her to get into the car and go to
church one Friday night. And she wound up giving her life to the Lord
nearly 35 years ago. She came home from church that night. I’m saved; get out. I’m saved, now you have to go. I’m not living like that anymore. So it took her maybe three or four weeks to
get me into a church on a Friday night. I went just to get her to shut up, and get
off my back, and leave me alone. I went out on a Friday night, and when the
pastor was preaching, I said “He’s not preaching to me.” He had an altar call at the end, and he said,
“If you want Jesus, stand up.” And I said, “I’m not standing up,” and
I stood up. And he says, “If you really want him, walk
down here.” “I’m not walking down there,” and I walked
down there, and I gave my life to the Lord that Friday night. I went back home, flushed all my drugs down
the toilet, because I had given my life to the Lord. We left the nightclub life. We dropped all of our friends and associates. We moved across town, started going to church,
and we’ve been living for God ever since. We’ve made a number of mistakes along the
way. We’ve fallen short in certain areas, but never
going back into that life, never drinking again, never smoking again, never using drugs
again, never practicing sin again. So once again, and going back to my first
point, I often find myself ruminating the fact that, lamenting the fact that I was not
raised a Christian. You know, often times I wish that I had been
raised a Christian and not experienced some of the things that I experienced, or not having
done the wrong that I’ve done, or hurt or harmed or wrongly influenced the people that
I did. I remember the very first time my wife and
I were allowed to preach at an outside meeting, a crusade, and the guy who came up to answer
the altar call was a guy that we had done major harm to. And I couldn’t pray for him. I felt smitten and convicted in my heart. I said, somebody else come over here and pray
for him. I can’t do it. I’ve got to repent to him first, because I
know what we did to him seven or eight years ago, amen. But to be perfectly honest, you know, once
again I often find myself regretting the fact that I wasn’t raised a Christian, and wishing
I had been raised a Christian, wishing I had went to a great Christian university, wish
I had had Christian friends as I was growing up. But to be perfectly honest, I do not know
if I would appreciate salvation the way I do if I had not lived the type of life that
I’ve lived, because the Bible says the ones that have been forgiven the most are the ones
that love God the most. And many of you in this room, in attendance
this morning have very similar testimonies. God has literally rescued you from the bowels
of hell, amen? People see you, and they think you’re just
a church square, a Christian square, not knowing the type of life that you’ve lived, not knowing
the hurts that you’ve had, not knowing the pain that you’ve felt, or the mistreatment
or the abuse that you’ve suffered. If I’m talking to you talk back to me. They see you today not knowing the person
that you were or the things that you’ve done in your prior life. They see you carrying a Bible now, and they
think you’ve always been a Bible carrier, but touch that person next to you and tell
them you don’t want to trade your story for my story. You don’t want—come on. Touch the person next to you and tell them
you don’t want to trade your past for my past, amen. I don’t think you could make it through what
I’ve been through. I don’t think you would’ve survived what I
survived. You’d be in a padded cell; you’d be in a rehab
center. You’d be in the penitentiary if you could
trade your life for mine. If you’re in agreement with me this morning,
signify your agreement by saying, “amen.” Now I prefaced my message with a little personal
history for a reason, because to be perfectly honest I really don’t like talking about my
pre-salvation life. It’s something that I’m not proud of. It’s something that I wish I could change. I don’t like getting into who did the most
dirt before they were a Christian contest that a lot of Christians have, amen? And I don’t – I didn’t want, ever, to
be labeled as an ex this or an ex that. When my wife and I went into ministry, I never
wanted a drug ministry or anything like that. I simply wanted a Christian ministry. I simply wanted a Gospel ministry. I never wanted to be identified or defined
by what I did before I gave my life to the Lord. I wanted to be identified and defined by what
I became after I became a Christian. I really didn’t want anyone to know where
I came from or what I did before I got saved, because I don’t glory in the sin that was
in my life. Is there anybody feeling me out here this
morning? We’re going to warm up after a while. It’ll be all right. But one thing I observed, however, which is
one reason why I rethink my rumination sometimes — I rethink those regrets that I have that
I wasn’t raised a Christian. One thing I observed is that those who are
raised as Christians don’t seem as appreciative of that fact. They don’t reverence God, amen, the way those
that came out of the streets do, and they sometimes seem to feel as if they’ve missed
something or are missing something, because they are or they were Christians—that Christianity
is the reason that we do not have, or did not have, certain things in our life. That if it were not for salvation, some Christians
believe that they would have a better life with better things. They seem to feel as if they were, or are,
deprived of something and that they could or that they could be so much more if it were
not for the constraints of Christianity or of the restrictions of salvation. Now I said all that, saints of God, in order
to say this: there is an epidemic within that which calls itself, and purports to be Christianity
these days. And for clarification, you need to know that
according to Webster the definition of “epidemic,” the word “epidemic,” is “a rapid spread,
or an increase, in the occurrence of something.” Another definition according to Webster is
“affecting many individuals at the same time, and spreading from person to person
in a locality.” There is an epidemic in the body of Christ
today. Help me Holy Ghost. There is an epidemic in the parameters of
that which we identify as Christianity. There is an epidemic among those who call
themselves Christians. There is an epidemic of secularism, liberalism,
worldliness, and carnality among leaders and laity all across America throughout the body
of Christ nationwide. Don’t shout me down. Christians are endorsing, supporting, advancing,
and promoting issues, agendas, practices, and ideals that should not even be named among
the people of God. And I’m not talking about lapses in judgement
or mistakes that one repents of and renounces, and reverses their course of action. I’m not talking about giving into the pressure
of temptation, and then feeling convicted and crying out to God for mercy and grace
to override and overrule our transgressions, and giving us a fresh, clean start. I’m talking about practices. I’m talking about agendas that are totally
contrary to the will of God. Talk to me somebody. And I’m talking about being predatorial in
the sense that our so-called Christian supporting and promoting things that are wrong in the
eyes of the Lord. They’re trying to convince as many as they
can to support, and promote, and to advance it as well. Trying to influence others to adapt their
way of thought or life. There’s a segment of Christianity today that
is very hard to distinguish from society at large. Because they both have the same morals, the
same principles, the same values, the same ethics, and the same distain for the righteousness
of God, doing everything, it seems, that I did before I got saved, but doing it under
the banner of Christianity which now leads up to my text and my message for this morning. In Hosea chapter 12, verse 7 we have the words
of the Lord. We have words, or we have a statement spoken
by God, amen? In verses two through six the prophet Hosea
is speaking, and his words constitute an interpolation, amen, an interjection, amen, interruption
in the dialogue of the Lord, amen. God had been speaking from chapter 11 to the
end of the first verse, amen, of Hosea chapter 12. Then Hosea jumps in and begins to speak of
the history of the nation of Israel. He goes back to their birth—the birth of
Jacob, and refers to it how Jacob took hold of this brother’s heel. And then he references and refers to the experience
at the Peniel, when Jacob became Israel, the night he contended with God and gained a victory,
not by strength, but by weakness, when with tears, amen, and cries pouring out of his
soul, he declares that he will not let go of God until God blessed him. Then he said, “I’ve seen God face to face,
and my life is preserved.” With that word “preserved,” literally
the meaning, my life is healed, my life is bettered, my life is changed. I’ve seen God, and I’m better after that,
amen. And you can tell, because I’m limping now. You can tell I’ve had an encounter with God,
because I do not walk the way that I used to walk, amen? After that, his name was no more to be Jacob
a supplanter, a heel-catcher, but Israel, a man ruled by God. All of this is the statement, the interjection
of Hosea in verses two through six. Then in verse seven, the speaker is once more
God who breaks in with the words, “He is a merchant. The balances of deceit are in His hands. He loves to oppress.” Now, the words of the Lord break in upon this
interjection of Hosea, and especially his reference to the night in which Jacob became
Israel. Amen. Now, Hosea is reflecting proudly upon this
heritage. He’s detailing how Jacob was changed from
the man that he was, to the man that God destined him to be, when God suddenly breaks in, and
God declares He is a merchant. Can I teach you all a little bit this morning? Now the Hebrew word employed for “merchant”
here actually has, in this particular passage of scripture, a different meaning than one
employed by the Hebrew translators. The Hebrew word here used is “canaan,”
which means Canaan. It actually has reference to the land of Canaan,
or it actually has reference to the Canaanite, referring to the people of the land. Canaan, the word “canaan,” literally means
humiliated. Now you will also notice that in your Bible
that the words ‘he is’ are in italics, meaning they were not in the original manuscript,
but they were supplied by the translators to add clarity to the text. Hosea had listened to God declare, in the
first verse of the 11th chapter, “When Israel was a child I loved him, and called my son
of Egypt.” And then Hosea boldly interrupts God and brought
up how Jacob was changed from a deceiver into a prince and became Israel. And he gloried, gloried in the greatness of
the history and how God had used that one man to birth many. Then God breaks back in on him, and God says
Canaan, which is what the translators should have said. I’m going somewhere. Now that word “Canaan” stands all the
way through the Old Testament with one significance, and it is that of complete contrast into the
word that expresses the complete opposite of the word “Israel.” Canaan first appears in Genesis nine and ten
in the story of Ham, and from there throughout the Bible history the word Canaan is the word
used to describe a people that are humiliated on account of depravity and degradation. Canaan literally means humiliated or subjugated,
but it always connotes the humiliation of depravity or pollution. In the Bible, Canaan is always the synonym
for corruptions, for degradation, for sin, and for wickedness which results from the
fact that they have lost contact with God. Y’all help me out; I’ll do better, I promise. Now the question is, why did God lead Israel
into Canaan? The answer is given in Leviticus 18 to 25. God said, “The land of Canaan is defiled. Therefore, I will visit the punishment of
his iniquity upon it.” People wonder why God commanded Israel to
kill each and every one of the Canaanites – man, woman, and child. And now the reason was, because they were
cancerously immoral. They were defiled with every type of abomination,
including child sacrifice, and homosexuality, and bestiality. God had given them over 400 years to repent. God commanded the children in Genesis to be
killed in his mercy, because given the cancerous state of that society, they had no chance
to escape its pollution, but if they died before the age of accountability they would
be able to go to heaven. That was an act of God’s mercy to their souls
– to take them from their unholy environment into His holy presence. But it was necessary to exterminate any trace
of that city and its people, because if any remained there would always have been the
threat of their influence to pull God’s people away from the pure worship of the Lord. Because how many of you know sometimes radical
surgery is required to remove cancer from the body? Talk to me. So watch this now. I’m going to get you there; I promise. Israel was raised up and sent into that land
to clean up a cancerous spot that was infecting the whole world with this influence. He sent Israel there to remove the cancer
and to free that region—to free the Middle East from that degraded, depraved people whose
abominations were despicable. Canaan was corrupt. It was rotten through and through, past the
point of repentance, past the point of renewal. And God’s purpose was that of cleansing out
of that land a corrupt people, and placing these, placing there, replacing them with
the separate, clean, pure people, and to create a center of purity for all nations to benefit
from. But look now, Hosea reflects upon the birth
of that people. He reflects on the birth of their nation,
and God calls them Canaan. Help me Holy Ghost. Israel was created, Israel was raised up,
Israel was burnt in order to turn Canaan into another Israel. But instead, the time had come when Canaan
had turned Israel into another Canaan. Y’all talk to me. God’s purpose was that Israel, a God-ruled
people, should go into Canaan, go into that depraved, immoral, impure, society, and turn
it into a God-ruled place and a God-ruled people with godly morals, and godly virtues,
and godly practices. They were to go into Canaan and translate
Canaan into Israel, but as time went on, instead of the people of Israel—the generation who
had not been delivered from Egypt, who had not spent time in the wilderness, but they
were born in Canaan, and had been raised in Canaan. They had been there their entire life. They enjoyed the milk and the honey. Instead of them turning Canaan into Israel,
Canaan had made Israel into Canaan! Haman- Hosea reflects upon their change from
deceivers into God-ruled people. And the Lord interrupts Hosea’s interruption,
and calls them Canaan. And how many of you know the same holds true
in Christianity and in America today? God changed us. God saved us. He translated us from the kingdom of darkness
into the kingdom of His dear Son, raised us up, and places us in this country in order
for us to change this country around us. But so many Christians, so many people of
God, instead of changing the society around us, we have allowed the society around us
to change us. Instead of changing society’s mindset, we
allow society’s mindset to change us. Too many in the church today who should behave
like Christians are behaving like Canaanites instead, doing things and practicing things,
and promoting things, and partaking of things that should not be named among the people
of God. God called us to clean up this corruption,
not to become a part of it. God called us not to accept it, not to agree
with it, not to endorse it, not to support it, not to sanction it, and especially not
to vote for it. God calls us to denounce it; He calls us to
deny it, to disavow it, to decry it, and to determine to be and remain separate from it,
and antagonistic toward it, and in firm opposition to it. Say amen, somebody. That’s the reason there’s so much chaos and
confusion in America and in Christianity today, because it’s always going to be that way until
either Israel changes Canaan, or until Canaan changes Israel. Either the Christian will influence this country
by attracting it to the Lord by declaring His Gospel, by proclaiming His ethics, by
displaying His morals, by promoting His principles, or either the Christian— Either the Christian is advancing and encroaching
upon the territory of society and bringing it under the rule of God, or else the world,
or else society is going to affect the Christian, weaken the church, rob us of our testimony,
rob us of our power, rob us of our witness, our effectiveness, and our influence. With too many that purport to be Christians
today, it’s almost impossible to distinguish between them and the world, because they are
practicing, promoting, supporting, accepting, and endorsing the same thing as the secular,
God-forsaken society. Too many who should be called by the name
of the Lord are called by the name of Canaan instead. In the world and of the world—a mixed multitude
among the people of God. How many of you know that God raises up Christians
to better society? He raises up Christians to promote moral and
ethical standards. If we don’t do it, who will? God raises up Christians to promote righteousness,
and virtue, and purity, and cleanliness, but too many Christians cannot be distinguished
from the world, because they are practicing and promoting the same things as the world,
and we allow the world’s ways to dictate and determine our ways. We allow the world’s values to determine our
values. We permit secular society’s worldview to become
the worldview of some Christians—accepting what society accepts and rejecting what society
rejects without any regard for the will of the Lord. Don’t shout me down. Paul said, “Do not be unequally yoked with
unbelievers, but come out from among them and be ye separate.” Paul introduced a number of contrasts in the
book of Corinthians. In 2 Corinthians chapter six, he listed things
that Christianity stands for. He lists righteousness, and light, and Christ,
and believers being the temple of God. He then lists the things that are opposed
to the church, to Christianity, that we are called to correct: iniquity, and darkness,
and Belial, and unbelief, and idolatry. Paul shows us the antagonism between these
things. He said, “What fellowship is there between
light and darkness? What fellowship is between righteousness and
unrighteousness? Fellowship means sharing. How can we share with each other? What does unrighteousness have that unrighteousness
desires? What communion does light have with the darkness? Communion means common union. It means to have things in common. What do light and darkness have in common? What concord does Christ have with Belial? Concord means a symphony, a sounding together. How can Christ and Satan make the same sound
and say the same things? What portion, what inheritance can a believer
and a nonbeliever share? Paul was saying that we who are the Israel
of God, because you have to understand. Israel is a compound word. ‘Isra’ means ruled by. ‘El’ means God. We are to be a God-governed, God-led, God-ruled
people. And we, the God-governed, God-ruled, God-led
people should never allow ourselves to become Canaan—a people who are degraded and humiliated
because of the sinful practices that we ignore, promote, endorse, practice, or partake of
in the culture of the society that we are a part of. Too many Christians—and I won’t be much
longer, I promise—have cost Christianity. And we have allowed America to be humiliated,
and to be degraded by the mess, and the filth, and the corruption, and the chaos that we
have either ignored or endorsed until it threatens the very core of Christianity and the very
fiber of our nation. And rather than repent or reject the mess,
the church by and large acts like the three monkeys: see no evil; hear no evil; speak
no evil. The church is too quick to say, don’t judge,
don’t opinionate, don’t disagree. Just adjust your beliefs. Adjust your principles and practices so that
we are in agreement with society. But how many of you know, and you don’t mind
testifying by way of a shout, that there is a people, there is a remnant in the body of
Christ in which clean living is not an option! Sanctification is not an option! Celibacy is not an option! Abortion is not an option! Same-sex marriage is not an option! Transgender bathrooms are not an option! God’s way is the right way! God’s way is the only way! There is a way that seems right unto man. There is a way that seems right to society,
but in the end thereof are the ways of death. Touch that person next to you before I stop
and tell them— Say I don’t want the world’s ways. I don’t want society’s ways. Touch somebody and say, I don’t care how popular
it is. I don’t care how fashionable it is. I don’t care how accepted it is. I don’t want the world’s ways. I only want God’s ways. And anything I endorse, anything I support,
anything I accept has to be endorsed, supported, and accepted by God. God’s way is not only my way; God’s way is
the only way, and it testifies to the fact that God saved me, God healed me, God delivered
me, God healed my life, God called me, and I do not love the world nor the things of
the world. I don’t miss the lifestyle that God delivered
me from, because when I think of His goodness and all that he’s done for me, my soul cries
out hallelujah! Thank God for saving me. Thank God for bringing me out. Thank God for rescuing me from the bowels
of hell. How many of you will agree with the fact that
the Christian cannot compromise with the things that are opposed to the will of God? We are to set our face like a flint, stand
true, clean, and pure. We’re the light of the world. We’re the salt of the earth, and we’re the
cream of this country, so we need to rise to the top. Let our voices be heard. Make a stand so that God can use us for the
purpose that He has called us for, and so that we can protect and preserve this country
from perdition, and allow God to use us to stop evil in its tracks, and to set this country
back on the right track with God! If you’re in agreement with me put your hands
together. Open up your mouth, and give God glory! History is being made in this presidential
campaign, and I can tell that the Devil is mad because of the opposition that President
Falwell, myself, and all of those who are on the side that we’re on. I mean, I get called everything but a child
of God by the black community. Some will say, have you experienced racism? And I said, listen. Most of the racism I experienced is from black
people. But you’ll be able to look back on this election,
and you’d be able to thank God that He chose you to participate as His agent of change. The Bible says—the very last thing said
about David in the Bible, in Acts 13:36 is that he served the purpose of God in His generation. God has called you to serve His purpose. You weren’t born in yesterday’s generation. You’re not born in tomorrow’s generation. God called you for right now so that you could
make a mark that cannot be erased. Let me say one more thing before I let my
beautiful wife speak. I want you in this election to allow your
spirit to be your guide—not your thoughts, not your feelings, and certainly not the liberal,
left-wing media. Let your spirit lead you in your decision-making
process, because America is weaker morally and spiritually than it’s ever been. So I encourage you, if I haven’t said anything,
I encourage you to do this: look past the person to the platform. And whichever platform you sense is the one
which most promotes God’s agenda, that’s the one that you should support. Clap your hands and give God glory. Thank you for allowing me to speak into your
life on this morning. God bless you.>>BELINDA SCOTT: Come on and put your hands
together if you were blessed in anything that my husband had to say. Amen, Amen, Amen. I want to just say this real quick. Dr. Falwell asked me, and I appreciate he
and his lovely wife, this beautiful school, this beautiful community. I envy you, because you are in— I’m 59-years-old. Don’t let this old gal fool you. I’m 59 and holding. How many 59 and holdings do we have in the
room? Well you know what I’m talking about. I’m a nanna now. I’m really happy to be at this point in my
life, but Dr. Falwell asked me to share with you about the opposition we’ve had to endure. Bullying and cyber bullying is so horrible. It’s so difficult. It’s terrible to be called a “coon,” and
I won’t say the other ‘n’ word, the full word. I’m known for saying it to people, because
I want them to understand how ugly it sounds. But, you know, people get on social media,
and call my husband and I all kinds of horrible names, forgetting the fact that we’ve received
so many rewards—not only from our standing president now. We’ve received countless awards from governors,
senators, people we’ve done wonderful work in our community with the NAACP. All of that is, they feel now, is gone down
the drain, because hate is so prevalent right now. Don’t you be a part of bullying anybody for
what they believe. Even if it is different, don’t you do it. Don’t do it. Don’t do it. It hurts. It’s depressing. I’ve never been depressed as a Christian. I’ve been saved 30—over 32, 33 years, 35
years. I’ve never been depressed in my Christianity
until this year. This year, Satan has released such satanic
hatred in this election. And it isn’t about the person, because they
want us to believe that’s the person that’s bringing the device. It’s not that. It’s that people are full of hatred, and the
enemy is locating the people that are operating in hatred. Don’t you operate in hatred. Learn to walk in Christ-like love. Learn to say, God. You know what? I’ll disagree with you, but I will not agree
with you to hate somebody. Come on. We have been persecuted so bad by our colleagues
of our color, by other people, by Christians. And when I look at – and I look at what
they are persecuting us about, and I’m trying to understand. What do they see in this ballot, election,
and in this that I don’t see? I don’t agree with this, because the Bible
says so. I don’t agree with that, because the Bible
says so. I’m following the Bible principles, so what’s
the persecution about? And I heard the Lord say you will suffer persecution
for my name’s sake. So that means that everybody is not following
the name of Christ even though they are in church—that’s what I realized. And so if I can say anything to you today,
because all I see in this room is potential. All I see is God potential—potential that
is great. Potential that can light up a dark world. Potential that can say I can be who I am going
to be, but I am a Christian—potential to say that this great vision that you are a
part of, set a fire in your life. And I envy you all for having this type of
opportunity, because when I, Dr. Darrell and I, were in school (Jerry whispering)—Dr.
and Darrell and I went to school, we had to get out of school, because my mother was diagnosed
with leukemia. And she was dying, and we had to both get
out of college to go get jobs and to do everything we had to do. Because I had to take care of my little brother
and sisters. And so I couldn’t finish school, but I believe
in my heart that I’ve had the opportunity to gain great knowledge. Let me tell you all how I first met Donald
Trump—how we, my husband and I—first met Donald Trump. We were invited to a private meeting. We didn’t know what the meeting was about. We were asked by Paula White, could you please
come to this particular meeting. “What’s it about?” “I can’t release it yet.” This was six and a half years ago. We said—she said, “Come to New York.” I said, “okay.” “The meeting will be at Trump Towers.” I never put the two together. Somebody say, you know, sometimes you’ll be
at a place. And somebody else said, well I’m inviting
you to something, but it’s going to be at the White House. You never think that that you’re going to
meet the president. You’d never thinking any of that. So we’re sitting there with other officials,
other spiritual leaders, and in walks Mr. Donald J. Trump. He walks in the room six and a half years
ago, and this is what he said. “I’ve invited all y’all here to simply ask
for prayer, prayer. I want you all to pray, because I’m thinking
about running for the presidency of the United States. We look like— Is this Donald Trump? I mean really, is this Donald Trump? He’s a huge man. He’s about 6′ what – he’s about 6’3.” He walks into the room, and I’m looking like
I’m going to get fired! But that’s not the man that I saw come through
those double doors. I saw a man that was humble, and that respected
clergy, and was asking for real, genuine prayer. He’s laid out and opened up his heart about
what he believed the country was going through. He talked about—this was a private meeting. He talked about how he was concerned that
the nation was getting turned around, that our borders were open, that he was nervous
about an evil coming to our country. And this is just me. This is not Dr. Falwell or anybody. He said I’m worried. I’m concerned about the nation’s safety. He began to lay out some things, and I realized
that this man was serious, and he bowed his head, and he said, come on, pray. That was all the meeting was-fast forward
it, six and a half years later when he had then said-when Michael Kor said that the boss
is thinking about running. Bruce said, running where? He said, running for president. My husband immediately said count me in. We did not know that when we said count me
in, because we knew what he believed, and we knew that he had shifted his life. We knew that he had gave his life to the Lord. And I don’t care what nobody prints and nobody—
We heard him pray the sinner’s prayer. I can testify for it. We asked him. My husband said I heard you are a racist. I said, you want to be any more candid? Are you a racist? He said, I’m not a racist. I’m the furthest thing from a racist, and
he began to talk for hours. That meeting lasted for about four and half
hours of preachers grilling him. I mean I never-it was like something I’ve
never seen. They asked him did he believe in the virgin
birth of Jesus Christ; he said yes. He said, do I believe this? Do I believe this? Now, does he open up his mouth and say candid
things? I’ve been married to a man that talks unfiltered,
so praise God I’ve learned to— But does that make him a bad person, because he doesn’t
have a filter? I think he just thinks and says what he feels. But he has a genuine heart. he wants God back in our country. I know that for a fact. We can’t tell you how to vote, but we can
tell you that if we don’t shift our country, our country will be unrecognizable. We will not know this nation. We won’t know this nation. One nation under God. We will not know that nation if we don’t shift
now. I appreciate you. I thank you. I thank you. I thank you, Dr. Falwell. And you all, I’m envying you, because you
are the next generation. You are that generation that is getting ready
to mount up, and do great things for the glory of the Lord. And I pray a blessing upon every last one
of you as you go out, and be the light of Christ. Oh, come on; come on. You all are great. Group hug! Come on; let’s get a group hug. Let me pray over you. Father, in the name of Jesus, I thank you
for the potential that is in this room—the spiritual potential. I thank you for the vision of this great,
this great university. I thank you that this university is changing
the nation, and has changed the nation one student at a time. God, I pray right now, that greater blessing
come upon everyone that’s in attendance. Let them go out and be the light of Christ,
and set this dark world on fire for the Lord. In Jesus’ name, Amen. God bless you all! I love you all! Thank you!>>FALWELL: Thank you so much. Now you see how I fell in love with the Scotts. You guys are dismissed. Have a great day!

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