David Cross Walks Out Of His Interview
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David Cross Walks Out Of His Interview

August 24, 2019

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  1. I’ve always felt David Cross was somewhat underrated. Probably deserving more but probably not realllllly wanting to ascend in the industry.

  2. David Cross does a "walk-out of his interview bit". Both these guys hate Trump so much they could hardly resist the temptation to 69 each other backstage in mutual adoration.

  3. I disagree with a lot of David Cross's political views, but I also understand his perspective and am comedically OBSESSED with him. #Tobias4eva

  4. "I can't remember if I've interviewed you before. Here's a prepared picture of the interview I can't remember."
    Maybe I just don't like this dude but what a fucking tool.

  5. I am SO pleased Magabillies hate David Cross. You people deserve nothing of value in your miserable, hate-filled little lives.

  6. Stephen: I don't think i've ever interviewed you (pulls out picture like he knew already that he had interviewed him). Colbert you're a fuckin terrible actor and that's all you are are

  7. As if the interview wasnt awkward enough, stephen proceeds to say that theres a lady under my desk who won a raffell to ask him a question about something she already knew the answer to because he pulled it out on the flashcard, and then went back under the desk. Wow. Now my nerves are on edge and i feel like i just disarmed a bomb. I just got through the cringiest moment of all time.

  8. Arrested Development's okay, but I just see Allen Ginsberg. It's always Allen Ginsberg. …I didn't even read much by Allen Ginsberg, I really just see David Cross as Allen Ginsberg. So…apologies if I offended anyone. Think of David Cross as Allen Ginsberg. One day, we'll all feel better.

  9. I love his voice. He can say anything and I crack up. My favorite work is Arrested Development, Year One, Rick and Morty.

  10. Ah, you guys got me.

    Has David Cross always looked like Andrew Sullivan and I'm now just noticing it?

  11. When President Trump wins again in 2020 these two can sit and share how they feel about it all over avain.

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