David Loftus Photography Masterclass – Styling & Composition
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David Loftus Photography Masterclass – Styling & Composition

October 9, 2019

now Ginny is creating this dish from a certain angle and you can see the way she looks at the dish shes creating that with a photo in mind now if she was standing over it like this i would be thinking right shes creating something graphic that should be shot from above but i tend to watch the way she is doing it and the way she’s plating up because shes looking at it at the best angle i wouldn’t then shoot it that way because then of course Ginny is not looking at it that way when i’m shooting dishes and um… your very aware you have to get all the angles right and get everything straight and normal but quite often if you stick a tall bottle in the background you know ether its a wine bottle or a glass bottle because of perspective and the way the lens is focused on the food quite often the bottle will look like its shooting out of your picture we’ve got a little little pile of coins in our pocket and uh… you just slip a couple of coins if something looks a bit and is always you always have to sort of you have to bend it further than you think just by sticking it a couple of coins underneath the bottle everything it’s straight wonky straight I’ve taking one of my um my backgrounds here and literally just resting it against the stand but I’ve just popped it in to create a horizon really within the shot my feeling is with this dish its floating islands its going to be quite tall hopefully but have little layers as well of custards creams or whatever and little floating islands of meringue on top so i thought i probably want to be quite low and my brief is to keep this very sort of soft and grey and blue and stuff so all i have done is added the board to the back to create a
little horizon within the image so its a nice soft almost theatrical background really if you want to see more of my food photography masterclass videos click on the links now

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  1. I love how other than just having food related videos, Foodtube also teaches noobs, like me, how to produce better videos 😀

  2. you must relay digital slr cameras on the right seething a tea towel a descendent descent you can getall most the same kind of qalty photo in like 5 min

  3. These video tutorial are great. I'd really like to see one that covers post-production of the images. What software is used? Do you have set filters for all images? That kind of thing. Thank you.

  4. Yay, exactly what I´ve been looking for! I´m a "beginner photographer" and I love photographing food so… thank you for the awesome video! 😀

  5. I use Capture One, but Lightroom is very popular, I've never got to grip with Aperture.. Never use filters or photoshop… just Capture One to edit and process the files 🙂

  6. I saw that, I recently upgraded my computer, and will get Capture One as my editor, haven't really tried it, but for what I have researched will give me results that I would like better. We'll see. Thanks for all the info Mr. Loftus.

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