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  1. 26:35 HP explains how failed technology transformation can be more a result of management than the tech itself.

  2. By definition, if you're not the fastest evolving organization in your industry, someone will soon disrupt you.

  3. 16:00 He must be a fxcking ceo. Why not he change his perspective? "It is hard to change his view point either" must be deeply within his workers heart.

  4. I do not know the guy of sales force how he succeeded in his life (speech no sense without really any added value). By the way, he should know maybe first how he sits on a chair. The women very knowledgeable.

  5. Digital Transformation is to keep align sales , CRM, Supply chain management with Client Goal , Business Model !

  6. How We are to keep align Sales , Business Model , CRM with Source to target data , master data international Marketing !

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