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De l’idée à la composition | Yaron Herman | TEDxParis

October 19, 2019

Translator: Denise RQ
Reviewer: Jim Taylor (Piano music) Sometimes, ideas come
at most unlikely times. I had that idea on the plane. A Paris-Tokyo flight, a 12-hour flight; it’s very long. And above my head
was that annoying noise. Is it annoying? I can go on, otherwise. (Laughter) The air conditioning was broken, so… it was rather depressing. But after four of five hours, the same noise started
to become musical, even… quite groovy. (Piano music) So I noted on the notebook
I always carry, I often have this, 1,000 ideas per second. Sometimes good, often quite bad. Never mind! I write them all down. As my teacher used to say, “The opposite of forgetting… is noting.” Great! But also because an idea
never comes alone, a musical idea never comes alone. It’s like an ecosystem of ideas. A magnet that attracts other ideas. Because one idea can hide another, let’s see what’s hidden behind mine. (Piano music) In fact, It hid a melody. Not bad. But I have a feeling
that there’s more to it. I’ll have to explore further. Every day, I take ideas
I’ve noted in my notebook. I explore them. I play with them,
crush them, spin them around. I water them with love,
as if they were plants. As Jung said, “The creative mind
plays with objects it loves.” Let’s make love to that idea. (Piano music) Love is beautiful. But, as you can imagine, unfortunately, – here comes the sad part of the talk – love is not enough. It’s tragic. But it’s true. You also need knowledge,
mastery of the instrument, knowledge of harmony, solfège, melody, lots of musical techniques. And also, you need to work hard. All right, yes. Work is fine, but I prefer to play. After all, who enjoys work? Honestly, if I wanted to work
I wouldn’t be a musician. (Laughter) It’s not just about playing. To master any game,
you need to know the rules. And the better you do,
the better you play. Now, how long you need
to come up with such an idea? It can take minutes, a week,
months, even years. Sometimes, it’s good
to just let it simmer. Do something else, go out,
read, go to the cinema, the restaurant, meet people,
meditate, run on the beach, do yoga, make love, eat a felafel. (Laughter) I think you just had
a snapshot of my life, actually. (Laughter) That’s where ideas come from. Like trees or plants: too much
water at once is no good. You have to water trees,
so ideas, regularly and as we are really the soil for ideas, our spirit is their soil,
we need to enrich ourselves, for the idea, the tree, the plant to grow. It takes time. And we need to accept
this time to mature. And while we wait for it,
I’ll play some Bach. (Piano music) I like this left hand indeed,
it’s not bad. (Piano music) Right. I think I’ll steal
this idea from Johann-Sebastian. (Laughter) But I’ll change it a bit,
I’ll play it my way. (Piano music) This could be a missing
piece in my jigsaw. These motives from Bach
could link my opening, my little theme with its development. Let’s see. (Piano music) It works.
But we still need a conclusion. Hummmm… Do you see the Notre-Dame Cathedral? It’s not far. Every time I look at it
I see a detail I hadn’t seen before. Even though it’s always been there.
Only my eyes have changed. So, this maturation isn’t only for
the sake of just doing something else while we wait for ideas it’s also to see the idea
under a new light. That’s how, after two, three months of
thinking about the air conditioned, (Piano music) I realized it could be my conclusion. How? Doubling with both hands
with a little variation. (Piano music) It works. Is my piece ready? I have an introduction,
the melody, the development, both linked by Bach’s motives,
and now a conclusion. How do you know an idea’s ready?
It’s hard to tell. I often wonder. To me, an idea is ready
from the moment its internal structure is solid enough to face reality,
when it tells a story. So, I’ll now play for you
the air conditioned meets Bach. Unlikely marriage.
I could call it a Bach’s Air. (Laughter) So here is for your ears only,TedxParis:
Air conditioned meets Bach; from an idea to composition. (Piano music) (Piano music ends) (Applause)

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  1. C'est C.G.Jung et pas Young qui parlait de l'esprit créatif, en plus il a dû le dire en allemand et pas en anglais… Mais superbe exposé 🙂

  2. Le public n'était pas hyper réceptif… Il a fallu qu'il les regarde pour qu'ils applaudissent à la fin

  3. Ok mais à propos du processus créatif il vaut mieux écouter Bill Evans.
    Je trouve Yaron prétentieux , pontifiant et surtout ennuyeux je l'ai entendu en concert à Montpellier hier soir :
    Du concept mais où est la musique ?

  4. Bonjour, merci pour cette vidéo ! Si vous aussi vous aimez la compo musicale, je vous invite à découvrir ma chaîne ! Cordialement,

  5. Exellebnte pratique pour composer ses idées et je confirme a 100% d'apres mon vécu et toute mes études que je fait sur le coup, que cela soit la musique ou l'art en général, et même dans d'autre millieu ! Bravo !

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