Declined – application to have original treaty documents displayed at Te Tī, Waitangi Day 2016
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Declined – application to have original treaty documents displayed at Te Tī, Waitangi Day 2016

November 18, 2019

Disputes about the Treaty
of Waitangi are commonplace, but in this case the row
is about the actual document. National Archives has blocked a bid
for the Treaty to be displayed at next year’s Waitangi Day
commemorations. It was hoped the Treaty
would be exhibited to mark the opening
of the Waitangi Museum. But the archives’ curators say
it’s too risky. That decision has infuriated
Northland leaders who have promised protests. Peata Melbourne reports. An application to have the original
treaty documents displayed at next year’s Waitangi celebrations
in Te Ti declined. The new museum in Waitangi, yet to open is where the trust had
envisioned it would be displayed. Precautions the trust had hoped
would mitigate the risk. The original document has not been well looked after
in the past and is fragile and therefore National Archives
declined the Trust’s application. I disagree with their reasoning. A lot of documents of a historical
nature have been taken overseas despite the age
of the documents concerned, and have been able
to survive the journey. The Treaty document
should come here, they have the capacity
to transport it safely here. Taurua says
if there’s no compliance, the consequences could result
in protests or a ban. If they don’t consent, then Ngapuhi
and other iwi around the country will protest and prevent
the Government from entering into Waitangi. Taurua won’t be backing down
on the issue and will decide with the iwi what
action Ngapuhi will take at an iwi meeting scheduled
for next week. Peata Melbourne, Te Karere.

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  1. "Too risky" is a bit vague and has the fragrance of insult about it . . . . …. I hope those who are caring for the document in question will remember in whose name they are holding this treasured copy of the Treaty of Waitangi. Lift up the spirits of all the people, put smiles on the faces of the children —it's not that hard to do. Give the people what they want.

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