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October 17, 2019

“You will not replace us! You will not replace us!” “Blood and soil! Blood and soil!” “White lives matter! White lives matter!” “Excuse me. What about the Alt-Left that came charging
at the, as you say, the Alt-Right? Do they have any semblance of guilt?” “A local World War II veteran wants you
to hear and see this next story because he’s worried what he fought against so long
ago is making a comeback here in the United States.” “He believes what happened—” Scheiße! Hi. In this video, I’m going to talk about How
to Recognize a Fascist. [80s intro music] To begin, let’s take a look at what fascism
is. Contemporary fascists share three core beliefs: 1: People of European heritage are or ought
to constitute a biological, cultural and political unity known as the white race—sometimes
dog-whistled as “Western culture”. 2: Jews are masterminding the destruction
of the white race through multiculturalism and non-white immigration, a plot that fascists
call “white genocide” or “ethnic replacement.” 3: The only way to save the white race is
to establish a “white homeland,” or “ethnostate,” from which non-whites and degenerates must
be purged. Now, as I’ve argued in past videos, all
three of these beliefs are false. So what is it that’s attracting people to fascism? Well, let’s take a look at a contemporary Nazi
propaganda video and see if we can figure that out. “Who are you? I’m not talking about your name or your
occupation, I’m talking about something bigger, something deeper. I’m talking about your connection to a culture,
a history, a destiny. Our ancestors had a very strong sense of their
identity. They could say ‘I’m a Roman,’ ‘I’m
a Saxon,’ ‘I’m a Dane.’” Good news, boys. You no longer have to be some schlubby fuck
sadly riding the escalator at Ikea and thinking how much you hate your job as a marketing
and communications associate, because the sun hath risen on the day wherein you take
your father’s claymore in hand and defend Voltaire and adorable blonde children against
black civil rights, you know, just like the Vikings did! “We’re often told that being an American,
or a Briton, or a German, or any European nationality is about being dedicated to a collection of
abstractions and buzzwords: democracy, freedom, tolerance, multiculturalism. But a nation based on freedom is just another
place to go shopping.” So, life is basically sad, and in capitalist
society, that sadness is a sense of isolation, an anxiety that there’s nothing more to
life than acquiring 1990s collector’s edition Tampa Bay Buccaneers slash Slim Jim beer steins
until you die. Fortunately, thanks to Fascism, you don’t
have to. Fascism promises you a part in something greater
than yourself. A homeland for your people! A sense of belonging to a tradition that stretches
back thousands of years, and as far into the future—just be sure to be extra proud of
the parts of your heritage that involve buying and selling other human beings as property. The most basic way to resist fascism is to
recognize its propaganda for what it is. The idea that appreciating European culture
is in some way linked to the establishing a white ethnostate is just nonsense. Your enjoyment of Beethoven or white
babies or whatever you get off to is in no way impeded by the proximity of people with
different skin colors and traditions. And it certainly does not require nation,
culture, and geographic ancestry to all become the same thing. But in order to recognize fascism you need
to do a lot more than reject the most overt propaganda. In the wake of the disastrous Alt-Right rally
in Charlottesville earlier this month, the Nazis have been driven back into the shadows. At least two of their major websites were
shut down, confederate monuments were removed all over the country, and several prominent
fascists have begun backpedaling. None of this means fascists will go away,
it just means they’ll have to be more subtle and indirect. Shortly after the Charlottesville rally, a
post titled “Fixing the Alt-Right” appeared on /pol/, the imageboard where Millennial
Nazis talk strategy and trade pictures of Japanese nymphets. The post outlines some basic fascist strategy. “Don’t get trapped in an echo chamber
where you can no longer relate to normies. Pretending that Charlottesville didn’t massively
push the average white person away is really stupid. We have a chance to actually make changes
now that Trump has shifted the Overton window to the right, but we need to be smart and
make the movement appealing to the AVERAGE white person.” And the way to do that is: “Disavow all Nazi/KKK edgelord LARPers. There is no way to lose public support quicker
than going around making Nazi salutes and holding Tiki torches while chanting ‘Jews
will not replace us.’ This instantly makes the average person hate
you.” “Build a populist movement with realistic,
incremental overt goals. Repealing the 1965 Immigration Act and replacing
it with something that both limits total immigration and prioritizes white immigration is an actual
tangible political goal.” “Keep the long-term goals covert, and don’t
ever reveal your power level. Talking openly about a white ethnostate only
leads to failure and the average public turning against you, so disavow anyone who reveals
his power level. Leftists will recognize dog whistles and know
we’re crypto, but normies won’t listen to them.” So at first glance this seems like a really
silly, juvenile post that references Dragonball Z, but it actually displays a sense of realistic
pragmatism and an incremental approach to long-term goals that I wish were more common
on the left. But of course the strategy described here
isn’t new. Older generations of white supremacists have
been doing this stuff for decades. When overt racism is politically unacceptable,
politicians have to use coded language in order to appeal to racists. Republican strategist Lee Atwater explained
the technique in an interview in 1981: “You start out in 1954 by saying, ‘N—.’ By 1968, you can’t say ‘n—’—that hurts
you. Backfires. So you say stuff like forced busing, states’
rights and all that stuff. You’re getting so abstract now that you’re
talking about cutting taxes, and all these things you’re talking about are totally economic
things and a byproduct of them is that blacks get hurt worse than whites.” So if you want to recognize a fascist, you
have to know how to read subtext, and how to hear dog whistles, because 99 times out
of 100, a fascist will disavow fascism, racism, and white supremacy, at least when they’re
talking to you, a non-fascist. Rallies with swastikas and Nazi salutes are
the exception, not the rule. Fascists are more likely to gain traction,
and are hence more dangerous, when they use subtler tactics. So for the rest of this video, I’ll be describing
the particular strategies that fascists use to code their ideas, and make them more palatable
to conservatives, centrists, and liberals. Strategy 1: Outright Denial “Never reveal your power level. Disavow anyone who reveals their power level.” This means that if someone acts like a fascist,
has fascist beliefs, repeats fascist talking points, and hangs out with other fascists,
the fact that they publicly denounce fascism should be worth absolutely nothing to you,
and shouldn’t even enter into your consideration of whether they’re a fascist. After all, “I’m not a fascist” is exactly
what a fascist would say. Strategy 2: Euphemism “ Of course I’m not a fascist, I’m an
alternative Euro-nationalist simply trying to preserve Western values.” Fascists constantly shift their terminology
in order to avoid the negative connotations that develop around the names of their movements whenever
people figure out what they really are. So they insist they aren’t Nazis or white
supremacists—just “white nationalists,” or “Alt-Right.” But as people catch on to the fact that white
nationalists and the Alt-Right are just Nazis, they’ll shift their terminology again and
start telling you: “I’m not a white nationalist, I’m an
identitarian.” Or whatever the next thing is. But it’s still the same bastards, they’re
just using a different name. They’ll also use euphemisms for core components
of their beliefs. If talking about preserving a homeland for
white people sounds too fascist, they’ll talk about preserving “Western civilization”
or “Western culture” instead. If the phrase “white genocide” discredits
them, they’ll say “ ethnic replacement” instead. And if it’s considered hate speech to want
to purge non-white people, they’ll talk instead about purging immigrants, criminals,
rapists, and terrorists—and leave it to the audience to catch the color-coding on
their own. Strategy 3: Pedantry “It’s absurd to call me a Nazi, the German
National Socialist Party hasn’t existed since 1945.” That’s right, and I bet he’s an isolationist
too, not an expansionist like the Nazis. Fascists use this kind of selective pedantry
to dodge derogatory labels and also just to bog you down in a petty terminological dispute. This is a good way to waste your time and
divert attention away from whatever led you to call them a Nazi in the first place. “I’m not a white supremacist, I don’t
think that whites are superior to other races, I simply think we deserve a homeland
of our own, as do all peoples.” There it is again. And next he’s gonna tell us that since Asians
have the highest IQs, he’s, if anything, an Asian supremacist. And then you’ll get sucked into arguing
about IQ instead of talking about the fact that the main goal of the politics he supports
is the political and social supremacy of white people over all other Americans and Europeans. In other words, white supremacy. Strategy 4: Secret Symbols Nazis have always taken an interest in occult
symbols like the Black Sun on Fritz’s ring, or like the swastika itself, but more obscure
symbols can be useful as a kind of secret handshake that lets Nazis recognize each other,
without normies taking notice. The best symbols to use for this purpose are
ones that are not generally associated with fascism, or at least have some other meaning,
such as the Othala rune or the iron cross. Better still are symbols that, until adoption
by fascists, are completely innocuous. Modern fascists have taken to using almost
arbitrary emoji as a way to wink and nod at each other, notably the frog (after pepe),
the milk, and the OK sign. So it doesn’t matter what the symbols are. In fact it’s important that the symbols
constantly change, so that normies don’t catch on. By the time you watch this video, they probably
won’t even be using the frog anymore. Maybe it’ll be this. Or this. The only way to find out is to watch fascists
carefully and see what symbols they use to identify themselves. And, of course, another advantage of using
innocuous symbols is that when leftists try to point those symbols out, the fascist can
always say: “ These gullible SJWs now think that even
the ok sign is racist. Is there anything they don’t think is racist?” And the gullible centrists will be taken right
in. The poor centrists. They’re so worried that Antifa is going
to punch them because of their hair or their emoji. And, you know, some leftists are assholes
or idiots, so I should say, you should never assume someone is a fascist just because of
their hair or the emoji they use. These are only little pieces of a larger puzzle. But white centrists also need to understand
that the way you feel about Antifa at political rallies—oh god what if they profile me and
attack me unfairly—that’s how a lot of black people feel about the police all the
time. And the fascists whose free speech you defend
so often are trying to drum up exactly the sentiments that make the police dangerous
to black people, and that make it dangerous for queer people to be themselves in public. So, I hope that’s something you think about. Anyway, it’s not that the ok sign is inherently
racist or that anyone who uses it is racist, and in fact it’s its very innocuousness
that makes it useful as a crypto-fascist wink and nudge. But the misunderstanding about calling these
little things racist sets the stage for: Strategy 5: Camaraderie of the Accused “The left accuses everyone of racism. They think all white people are Nazis. If it’s acceptable to attack and censor
me, they’ll come for you next.” Fascists have very effectively exploited the
general hostility toward “social justice warriors,” especially online. Unfortunately, not all leftists have my connoisseur’s
eye for detecting fascism, and some of them do throw the accusation at centrists or liberals. This doesn’t cause centrists to become allied
with fascists—history shows that happens regardless—but it can accelerate the process,
lending some plausibility to the fear that moderate centrists have that anti-fascists
will come after them next. It’s tactically smart for fascists to make
the most of this situation, and use it to pump up sympathy and solidarity from centrists. Strategy 6: “Irony,” “Jokes,” “Satire,”
and “Memes” “Of course I wasn’t actually being racist. It was just an edgy meme. Can’t anyone take a joke anymore, or will
the Antifa fascists violently attack you over humor now too?” Here’s a uniquely Millennial twist on the
racist dog-whistle. You shroud your sincere ideas in cartoon characters
and memes, and then when called out, you mock your accuser for being a clueless normie who
isn’t in on the joke. Sometimes irony can be a safe way to explore
ideas that you’re not quite ready to own yet. Before I realized I was transgender, I used
to jump at any opportunity to crossdress “ironically.” So when you see people joking about being
Nazis, they could be just joking, or they could be using irony to partially conceal
the truth. It’s difficult to tell the difference, and
that’s the point. “But Kekistan is just a satire of identity
politics.” Well, it’s a hilarious satire of civil rights
movements that just happens to use a Nazi battle flag. And while it may have been popularized originally
by goddamn centrist YouTubers, who are unable or unwilling to see how helpful they’re
being to fascists, Kekistan became the perfect pseudo-ironic pretext for, uh, identitarians,
including the ones who led the rally where an edgy shitposter hilariously memed his car
into a crowd of people. No wonder the SPLC now describes it as a hate
symbol. “Pff those normie fools. It’s just a joke.” Strategy 7: Shifting Blame “Why doesn’t the mainstream media cover
violent anti-white organizations like Black Lives Matter or Antifa?” This is essentially just a tu quoque fallacy,
especially heinous because of the equivocation between fascist violence and anti-fascist
violence, and between white nationalism and black civil rights. The implication is that activism to reduce
urban poverty or violence against black people is just the mirror image of white supremacist
ethnic cleansing. Shortly after the Charlottesville incident,
our proto-fascist president called out Antifa and the “Alt-Left,” a term fascists invented
to distract liberals and centrists, and establish the assumption that there must be some leftist
equivalent of the Alt-Right. Because if you have a word for a thing, that
thing must exist. “Both sides” rhetoric is useful to fascists
because it diverts attention away from them, vilifies anti-fascists, wins sympathy from
centrists, and helps to shift the center of acceptable discourse in their direction. Strategy 8: Incrementalism “You don’t have to support a white ethnostate
to want common-sense policies about immigration. Of course I don’t support violence against
the non-white people already here, but we do have a right to preserve our own boundaries and our culture, don’t we?” The common thread in all fascist strategies
is deception and manipulation, often aimed at representing what is essentially an attack
on non-white people as a defense of white people and “white culture.” The fascist’s long-term goal is a homogenous
ethnostate, which at some point will require massive ethnic cleansing of one kind or another. But of course they won’t tell you about
that unless they think you’re also a fascist. The strategic fascist knows it’s better
to start with realistic, achievable goals, and that means focusing first on stopping
non-white immigration, something they’ll try to get you—the centrist, conservative,
or liberal—on board with by emphasizing the danger and criminality of non-white immigrants
and refugees. If they can whip up enough racist sentiment
with that rhetoric, they can later turn that energy against the non-white people who are
already here. Strategy 9: The Free-Speech Defense “You may not agree with what I say, but
I have just as much a right to speak and assemble as anyone else.” Much of anti-fascist strategy involves limiting
fascist’s ability to publicly recruit and intimidate, often by shutting down fascist
marches and rallies, or by pressuring platforms not to host fascists. The best way for the fascist to oppose that
strategy is to appeal to the liberal value of free speech. Nothing tugs on those classical liberal heartstrings
like a tale of woe about how unfairly silenced you are. But remember, fascists do not actually value
freedom, democracy, or diversity. They only value the race, the people, the
nation. Their long term goal is a society where there’s
no room for anyone who isn’t white, or even anyone who isn’t a fascist, to exist. So you can begrudgingly concede to fascists
their constitutional freedoms, but remember: you shouldn’t expect any reciprocity from
them. They do not care about “diversity of opinions”—in
fact they actively oppose it. That kind of talking point is just a ploy
to protect fascist recruitment and intimidation, and to garner sympathy from centrists. [drone] Fascist strategies work because centrists
are usually naïve about them: they don’t notice dog whistles, and usually give fascists
the benefit of the doubt. Following politics with centrists can be like
watching a raunchy comedy movie with children who don’t get sexual innuendo. There’s a whole hidden layer of meaning
that they’re not picking up. This makes liberals, centrists, and conservatives
who are not savvy to fascist strategy easy to exploit. Time and time again, such people end up inadvertently
spreading around fascist memes and talking points without intending to or realizing it. And then they end up bewildered when leftists
who recognize the dog whistles take offense. Now you might wonder: well, if fascists disguise
themselves, and liberals inadvertently duplicate fascist memes, then isn’t just about everyone
suspect? Aren’t you in fact just a paranoid leftist
who thinks everyone is a Nazi? Well, that’s what they want you to think! They benefit from the confusion and the appearance
that the left is paranoid. I’ll admit there are cases where I can’t
tell if someone is genuinely Alt-Light, or if they’re just an oblivious centrist who
picked up the talking points. Likewise, it can be impossible to tell the
difference between someone who is Alt-Light but not an outright fascist, and a fascist
who’s concealing their power level. So in a sense, yes, I am a little bit paranoid. The other day the ACLU tweeted a picture of
an adorable blond child with the caption, “this is the future ACLU members want,”
and for a second I was like, what the fuck? Because it has a close resemblance to a 14
words meme. But of course it’s unintentional, it’s
the ACLU. “I wanted to make sure, unlike most politicians,
that what I said was correct, not make a quick statement. The statement I made on Saturday, the first
statement, was a fine statement. But you don’t make statements that direct unless
you know the facts.” Yes, I have become crazy. But this paranoia, self-doubt, and questioning
of your own perception is the psychological consequence of being constantly gaslit by
fascists pretending not to be fascists and communicating in code. And it’s the intentional consequence of
that. Gaslighting is just another tool in the fascist’s
psychological arsenal. So, how do we get better at resisting fascist
strategies? I know if you’re a centrist who has inadvertently
repeated fascist rhetoric or defended fascists, it seems like the left all thinks you’re
a Nazi and that we hate you, and I admit that I am pretty frustrated with you right now—obviously. But my forgiveness and encouragement are wide
open to anyone who wants to get better at resisting fascism. Fascist strategies can be very subtle and
very cunning, so don’t feel guilty for falling for them, just try to get better at resisting. I guess my message to liberals, centrists,
and non-fascist conservatives is this: if you care about even one person of color, or
queer person, or immigrant, stand up for that person by opposing the Alt-Right and its allies. Do not give them a platform. Do not host debates with them on your YouTube
channel. Yes, they have a constitutional right to free
speech, but they do not have a right to a megaphone, and you should not be giving them
one. I know to a lot of you it just seems like
the free marketplace of ideas, everyone expressing their ideas peacefully. But to more vulnerable people, some ideas
can be existentially dangerous, because if those ideas catch on, their lives are at stake. Now if you’re just an average person without
a big platform, then you actually can debate, and you should be debating. Argue with your friends who are getting kinda
Alt-Righty. Argue with your family, argue with your coworkers. Let them know that you don’t agree. Make them listen to a different perspective. And if you’re someone who’s gotten involved
with the Alt-Right in the last couple years and is now disillusioned to find yourself
in the midst of a dangerous hate group, you have to get out now. It is not too late. Society will forgive you. If you don’t know how to leave, look up
Life After Hate, an organization founded by a former neo-Nazi that helps people get out
of hate groups. And as for all you lefties: na zdrowie! Keep up the good fight, comrades. [Star-Spangled Banner] [synthwave] [mysterious piano music]

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    There is no place for freedom of speech, freedom of religion, freedom of assembly, freedom of anything in fascism. There is no democracy. Every individual must serve The Nation, as The Ideology of The Party, sees fit. Any other ideology than The Ideology, is against The Nation, The State, The People, and is The Enemy.

    This is sorely missing from your video, though the NPI video you showed basically highlighted those points one after the other in an indirect manner.

    Definition and semantic aside, I take issue with the idea that "realistic pragmatism and incremental long term goal" should be used on the left. First off, it IS used, and such behaviour gives plenty ammunition for slippery slope arguments or accusation of hypocrisy, and makes us target of mistrust. You cannot complain about crypto-fascist, and ask for socialist to do the same. Do you want people to second guess everything said by the left ? Should people be worried about our hidden agenda ? I mean, they already do. Rightly so, considering the behaviour of many people utterly ignorant of anything but the surface value of the left. So, let's not add to the pile of mistrust and smoke wall.

    About those dog whistle : yes, I do find it utterly paranoid, and counter productive. It is GOOD, that the right was forced passed the racist talking points, not bad. It is GOOD, that we are discussing socio-economic. Socialism was always about socio-economic. So staying in a position meant to combat racism, when the ideological enemy has moved to the use of socio-economic, makes you look like you are out of argument when calling him a fascist/racist.

    And almost any of those "strategy" and "coding of idea", could almost point by point be applied in reverse to the left. With a notable difference, "fascism" and "racism" are far more of a serious and tarnishing label to someone's reputation in our day and age than "socialist" and "wants to turn the country into soviet russia". There would be no camaraderie of the accused, if we hadn't some many idiot distributing "racist" and "fascist" expletive for no reason.

    I would be careful of calling history to the rescue when talking politics and ideology. Someone might take it as an invitation to point at the long trail of blood behind the left Also : every one fall in line when totalitarians, fascist or not, gain power. Centrist, moderate of all side, left and right. If you want to live, if you want to maintain some control, you bend.

    Satire, joke, etc : yeah, same. Your own video are littered with satire and irony that could make it difficult to see what you are actually defending. By that metric many satire and jokes from leftist could be (and have been) interpreted pretty negatively.

  22. This video was a hot mess. It was truly breathtaking, counting all the people who got thrown under the bus in this video, you were behaving as badly as the purity-spiraling neo-nazis in the Alt-Right.

    Believe it or not, nationalism proper is motivated by selfish interest and there is no need to be a raging xenophobe to accomplish that. These days, especially in Europe, we have the identitarian movement, which is pro-native, yes, and an international-nationalism based on a co-operative of nations. This is the principal of the EU. It's also coined as selfish altruism, whereby we can channel self-interest to pursue common goals.

    This type of co-operative nationalism is very important to us, because it's a much better style than isolationism or violent expansionism. Now, if you're just going to be lazy and ignore this stuff, you're going to call everyone a "fascist" and they're going to ignore you for being ignorant and bigoted. Wouldn't it be ironic to be the bigot this time?

    That moment when you reflexively saw the blond infant as fascist symbol, well, I think that confirms it: you've become a racist too.

  23. Fascism is a form of far right-wing, authoritarian ultranationalism characterized by dictatorial power, forcible suppression of opposition, and strong regimentation of society and of the economy which came to prominence in early 20th-century Europe. The first fascist movements emerged in Italy during World War I, before spreading to other European countries. Opposed to liberalism, Marxism, and anarchism, fascism is placed on the far-right within the traditional left–right spectrum.

  24. Why Jews? 🤔

    I interpret the idea of Western Culture differently and I believe that when it is based upon principles and not race or ethnicity than it’s a culture worth striving toward. Plus, culture is evolving constantly (especially after the technological revolution) I think the truth is somewhere in between people like you and people like Peterson. You speak to my philosophical, artsy side and Peterson appeals to my psychologically curious side. 🤷‍♀️

  25. I'm a race realist that routs for my white ethnostate (basically a fascist) yet I am pro-choice and I harbor absolutely no ill will towards homosexuals, other human races, queer or trans people. In fact, most bigots that I know are shitty centrist fox-news conservatives, the very people Contra appeals to in the end.

  26. Why is that Europeans are supposedly sharing these "ideals of western culture", yet when the Nazis rose, they needed to tear their neighbours to shreds? Why was CZR invaded? Why did the Germans wage war with France? Weren't they after all a part of "western culture"? What made them not "share western ideals"?

  27. i just can't understand why do you oppose ethno fetishists having their neighborhood? Let them rot in their swamp, why do you care?

  28. Guess what Africa is doing right now doesn't count…
    Also you lost me at "capitalism". I mean the government OWNS the money, regulates and pretty much controls everything including business, but its apparently capitalism. Mhm.

  29. This is why we do not call bald nazi pricks skinheads. Skinhead is a movement started in the 1960s by working class youth in Britains industrial cities. Both black and white kids. The music they have listened to since the beginning is reggae and ska. The nazi shits co-opted the movement in the 1980s. We call these 'people' boneheads. ie no brains just bone.

  30. I dislike this overly specific definition of fascism. While it may be more useful for specific instances, it leaves out a lot of fascists non European states.

  31. I enjoyed this video but I was slightly put off by the clash between the pattern on the dress and the wallpaper. I don't know if that's a metaphor for me hating multiculturalism, or if it's just a fucking dress…

  32. The alination of the human beeing in capitalism leaves him/her prone to offers of (pseudo) community. Cause real community and belonging are nonexistent for many therefore fascist and right wingers playing the ethnicity card so that the alinated and alond subject can have the illusionary feeling of beeing a part of something bigger and in this progress is deflected from the own deficits and flaws. That is the strategy of right wingers.

  33. Do you realize Natalie that you confused white supremacy with fascism? Many different races can and have been fascist all over the world for a countless amount of time off and on.
    Would you not call someone like Sadam a fascist? What about the dictators in Africa(too many to name, and tbh my tight grasp on English makes foreign names of any kind hard to remember….especially anything Russian or with a different alphabet) the dictators in Asia, more than Sadam in the middle east and they were fascist at heart.
    You can say religious caliphate but if Christians have an opinion that is different they are called fascist even with no power to put it into place. Yet the Imams do carry political weight.
    So much hypocrisy, pls be aware here since I know you are smarter than this unless the estrogen was already muddying up logic(That was a JOKE, I am a woman)

  34. Query: in yor own words, I am fascinated ye say ye aint a fascist.
    But then facing this dilemma, state "I am not a fascist, is exactly what a fascist wud say".
    Bajebuz lucifer krust, guy. Urine a dress pretending yer a woman. Ye can say yer a woman and not a man, yet ye are a man. Can ye address how ye ain't?
    I am not abl to take ye serious, but shall danke für die giggel at yer own Hypocrisies.

  35. There is no such thing as an Alt Right. It's just rebranded White Supremacy. Using covert tactics and manipulation. Take the Nazi Party in the 1920s for example. They were more radical. Demanding the nationalization of big business and redistribution of wealth yadada. But when Hitler came into power. He promotes privatization, alliance of big business for nation building, bullied the private sector for wage control. All in the name of war.

  36. 8:06 You should define what you mean by fascist, fascists were proud to be called fascists, That larpers in pol say stupid shit and you think they are fascists doesn't make sense. Fascists were violent gangsters, "action not thought" activists. pol/ guys are not that nor the Charlostville guys were that

  37. What about modern South African fascism ? White farmers and other white people in general are being murdered by blacks as most of this hypocritical world turns a blind eye to it.

  38. I live in a country in Europe that was immigrated by white people only since the 8th century. There is maybe one person of color in a million white christian people here. I would find it really hard to accept new races and cultures in my country because we are not used to different religion and culture. I am trying to understand and be more accepting of change that may come but please don’t think of us as racist! We have endured war 20 years ago because of different religion and that makes me scared of change (my country was attacked but we won the war . Many have died fighting for freedom , including members of my family ).

  39. You're actually pretty much spot on. I've been radicalized too on hurtboxes like 4chan to cope with my shitty life. Thankfully we're not all dumb enough to stay in that state of mind. But people like you give some good perspective, i hope more people see this and your other videos and change their ridiculous ways.

  40. Sorry, but 1, 2, and 3 are all incorrect. These merely deal with racism and xenophobia. Actual Fascism is premised on the notion that: 1. The State is supreme and therefore its needs trump those of individual citizens, 2. The government/State should control the means of production through its control over businesses, and 3. The government/State has the duty and power to control the provision of social services and institutions, such as education. It is fundamentally based upon socialist underpinnings. Mussolini founded the first Fascist Party in Italy. At that time anti-semitism had no part in his platform. It was the Nazis – the National Socialists – who introduced eugenics and anti-semitism into their platform.

    The three elements you list demonstrate the modern SJW concept of “Fascism.” It lists characteristics that could equally be applied to the KKK, which has nothing at all to do with Fascism.

  41. Yikes, few things are cringier than unironically supporting communism in your outro like the myopic children you are.

  42. You lost me at number one

    This makes myself ,Bill Maher, Sam Harris and Millions others fascist.

    A heated debate over Islamic teaching and so-called Islamophobia on Bill Maher's "Real Time" television program has went way past viral on the Internet.

    Maher began by saying liberals are too soft when it comes to Islamic teaching.

    When guest Sam Harris tried to explain why liberals won't criticize Islam, actor Ben Affleck jumped in, and the fireworks began.

    You're really unaware how many in the center were driven to vote for Trump by the radical left wing and this type of finger pointing .

    You,once again are alienating the center.

    I wonder which side AI will choose once it becomes an out of control singularly,in the Very near future.

    Putin says the nation that leads in AI ‘will be the ruler of the world’

    Elon Musk


    Sep 4, 2017

    It begins …

    Elon Musk


    China, Russia, soon all countries w strong computer science. Competition for AI superiority at national level most likely cause of WW3 imo.

    “AI is a fundamental risk to the existence of human civilization.”

    “I have exposure to the most cutting edge AI, and I think people should be really concerned by it,” Musk said at the National Governors Association. “AI is a fundamental risk to the existence of human civilization in a way that car accidents, airplane crashes, faulty drugs or bad food were not — they were harmful to a set of individuals within society, of course, but they were not harmful to society as a whole.”

    Keep clawing at each other because soon,it won't matter.

    Fascists,Marxists,in betweens won't even be footnotes in history.

    And even now ,you all welcome it with Open arms.

  43. This is the reason why Contrapoints is no longer a puppet against humanity. And no longer a puppet Of Corporate communists. I'd say the world is getting closer and closer to being so tyrannical that even channels like:
    Mr. Obvious (Not the show)
    James Allup
    Red elephant James
    Paul Joseph Watson
    Richard Spencer
    Lauren southern
    And others who became a form of fascist or boomer (Excluding TL;DR, Sargon of akkad, TJ Kirk, Armoured skeptic, Shoe0nHead, Suris, Kraut &Tea, Academic Agent And so many more including EazyOnMe)
    Has finally became the group who are now NPCs Battling against other NPCs On who the f!ck will say ORANGE MAN BAD the loudest.

  44. Linked here from Knowing Better and Luxander. Thanks for the info, I guess I am more gullible than I thought. I would say I am a middle grounder now, used to be more conservative than I am now. I grew up in a small town that still had an active KKK and I hated the racism in our school. I brought teachers out of their rooms defending a Mexican boy one day…. it got very loud.

  45. Sjw and holocaust:

    Neo nazies are retards, Hittler has motre in common with socialism rather than racism.

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