Dem Lawmaker Proposes “Testicular Bill Of Rights” To Regulate Men’s Bodies
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Dem Lawmaker Proposes “Testicular Bill Of Rights” To Regulate Men’s Bodies

October 8, 2019

Republicans in the state of Georgia had been
working on this heartbeat abortion bill, which basically says that if a fetus has a heartbeat,
which happens early on in a pregnancy, abortion at that point is illegal. Well, in response to this Democrats, in fact,
actually one Democrat woman by the name of Dar’shun Kendrick has fired back at Republicans
in the most clever and intelligent way possible. See, Kendrick proposed a testicular bill of
rights. Kendrick is proposing that we regulate men’s
bodies the same way that we do women’s bodies. And among the things that her testicular bill
of rights would do is it would make a man have to get consent from a woman, his sexual
partner, before he was allowed to get a prescription for Viagra, it would also completely banned
vasectomies because after all the sec dummies make it to where the sperm, the seed of life
that you carry in your body can no longer develop into a human being. So if it’s wrong for a woman to terminate
a pregnancy, than it would have to be wrong for a man to alter his body so that his life
cells can’t go on. And form a human being and if you want to
argue that, well those are just cells than step right up because there’s a lot of doctors
who would tell you the same thing about a developing fetus. You know before it has a face before it has
limbs. It is a cluster of cells inside of a host
body. Now you may not like to hear that, but that
is what science has to tell us. This proposal, which it is not officially
being proposed in the legislature in the state of Georgia just yet, but this is meant to
show us how ridiculous these Republican men’s attempts are to regulate women’s bodies and
representatives like Kendrick. Here. She’s showing us how absurd this is and more
importantly, what it would look like if it was coming from the other way. Now I think she needs to go further. This shouldn’t just be a proposal. This should be something that she introduces
on the floor of the Georgia House of Representatives. It should go into the record and you should
make every man in George’s House of Representatives have to sit there long and hard and think
about it and understand that if you want to regulate one group’s bodies, you’re going
to have to regulate everybody’s bodies because eventually there will come a time when these
men get their comeuppance. And I mean that in the sense of one day some
of these state legislatures are going to be majority women and then all hell’s gonna break
loose because they’re going to make sure that all of these body regulations are equal. Whatever you do to them, eventually he’s going
to come back to you. And I’m not saying they’re going to do this
out of spite, they’re going to do it out of equality. If you think it’s okay to regulate someone’s
body, then you also have to think it’s okay to regulate everyone’s body. Or how about the government get out of the
business of regulating people’s bodies in the first place. And there’s a lot of different areas where
that applies, but that’s what needs to happen. Republicans are supposed to be the party of
small government. Yet their policies are the most intrusive
physically on a human life itself. They want to tell us what we can and cannot
do with our own bodies, and this proposed legislation from Dar’shun Kendrick over in
Georgia, to me, might be my most favorite piece of legislation that I have ever seen
proposed in my entire lifetime.

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  1. We should set aside a place in America for right wing religious conservative Republicans so they can live back in Medieval times like they like
    Women Barefoot Pregnant
    Taken care of the Babies while the Men go out & screw anything that moves
    Then Yell at someone else for doing the same thing
    They are so Archaic it's BEYOND Funny
    Scariest part is Most of them have a Fake Bible in one hand a Shotgun in the Other and their Mouth is Spewing Profanity that would make a Sailor Blush an then they Scream Their Religious
    What an Fing Circus 🎪

  2. Look at all the anti American , sexist, christianphobic, feminists and beta males in the comments its pathetic how babyfied men are now

  3. I dont see how this bill of rights thing proves anything. Sperm is not a living human being so it cant be compared to a fetus.

  4. In all reality I think a woman should have complete control over her body. But I also think that men should be given some power over the little human that they help create. Right now a woman can get an abortion or keep a baby regardless of what the man thinks of the situation that would ultimately alter the rest of his life. They should have a male abortion right stating that if a man lets a woman know he does not want a child during the time she can legally get an abortion then that man can waive his rights and if the woman decides to still have the child she would be the sole person responsible for that child and she wouldn't be able to go after the man in anyway as far as child support or making him see the child. A bill like that would give a man some say-so over his own fate and he wouldn't be completely at the mercy of the woman depending on how she feels.

  5. 2020…jerking off will be an abomination of Ashton Kutcher Jesus…..from Israel.

    No more blowing millions of babies into tube socks, or the petite hands of Asian masseuses.

    The elite FINALLY get the same energy they have expelled for centuries.

    We have Putin to thank….how bizarre is that?

  6. Remember….1 errant load of semen kills millions more of “God’s little babies” than a simple abortion!

    Good luck NOT sounding stupid arguing against this woman!

    I love that Dems are beginning to see how the game is played….

    FUCK going high!

    Take it to the fucking FLOOR with those idiots!

  7. Wait until the religious left starts showing up at strip clubs, massage parlors….and Las Vegas, fucking up republican fun time with pics, videos, and protest.

    This is the irony y’all deserve!

    I can’t wait until….

    “I, President Blah Blah Blah, am calling for a complete and total shut down of Europeans entering the United States, until we can figure out what the hell is going on!”

    The VERY REAL, VERY PROVABLE federal emergency of Caucasian gun violence…ship and plane cargo caravans racing toward our (totally innocent victim) country with fentanyl, and Assault Rifles, will necessitate trade embargo with Caucasian countries.

    Love how y’all made the world crazy, then make the decision to stop writing that manifesto, stop hoarding ammo, and simply go TALK to your fellow American…..before the other guys follow YOUR lead.


  8. At the age of 30, the government should measure and disclose dick sizes to ‘assess sexual threat’.

    It would solve both reproductive rights, and hyper masculinity in one brilliant stroke.

    It would also decimate the white majority… disclosing dick sizes before bank account would reprioritize the pecking order of breeding.

    ….then, the right will be BEGGING for abortions.

    They will go from being the party of 😉 Lincoln, to the party of Clinton, overnight.

  9. It's not about " regulating " women's bodies. It is about stopping evil creatures from murdering unborn humans that have a HEARTBEAT.

  10. I`m all for liberals killing their offspring, especially their khunts. No reason for the rest of us to raise those losers.

  11. If my balls could host a cluster of living cells with heartbeat I would see your point. However we do not have that ability yet. But I'm sure it's being worked on. Equal rights man ball babies! 😂

  12. Abortion is murder. And if not why when someone kills an expecting mother he is charged on 2 counts of murder. If women dont want a baby there are several precautions to take before you get to this. People need to quit listen to science and pick up the Bible. I remember when I was a kid scientists told how the hole in the ozone was going to be so bad by now we wouldn't be able to walk outside, and in my parents time scientists told how the sun was going to burn out. God bless ya'll, be praying for you.

  13. I can see it now there are going to be a lot of women throwing themselves down stairs , swallowing a lot of unsafe pills, or stabbing themselves in the stomach. Abortion is just a safe way for women to get rid of children but trust and believe if these women have to resort to Old School measurements for government to take the hint they will do it.

  14. Men don't even need toys we have our hands. Men ain't buying porn at stores bitches sell porn online every day and it's free online. Men don't need Georgia, they will move elsewhere and be able to get viagra and vasectomies. Men don't need to want to fuck hoes raw so sluts can stop trying to get men to do that. Bitches not getting no child support money because they won't be pregnant.

  15. Do not want to be altered, they swing just fine. 😁Is it to much of a hassle to be responsible in the bedroom Guys, stop by the Mart and grab some condoms or pull out and save yourself and your woman a ton of drama. Sexual responsibility=no abortions.

  16. Democratic Party has been destroyed by these left wing idiots. Glad people are waking up and voting these reprobates out of power.
    Trump 2020!!!

  17. It is called self-regulation, or self-control. Both men and women have the ability to create life, together. This ability, this sacredness is becoming unnatural in the world. It is absolutely stupid bills like this are made.

  18. Bro.. please ask which ever evil witch that castrated you to give your balls back..

    Anyone who thinks this is remotely the same as keeping a human in the womb alive is flat out satanic..

    The koolaid yall drinking must be fire.. like damn good.. and spiked at that..

    The two are no where near the same.. but meh.. cant fix stupid

    Time to force every voter into selective service for the right to vote.. establish several all woman combat brigades.. and start a war.. draft women to fight..

    Any woman that gets pregnant to not serve recieves an automatic 10 years in the brigg for derelict of duty and the child inside her terminated..

    You guys like abortion so much.. how about that..

  19. This shits retarded… Just give men the choice to opt out of fatherhood and i would shut up on this issue.

  20. I was researching veganism and their lifestyle a few days ago. And it seemed they always, without exception, hold the view that eating a fertilized egg is violating the species right to exist and shall be stopped.
    If vegans(99% non-religious, liberals and leftists) consider a fertilized egg of a chicken to be a life, then it is a bit hypocritical of the same people to not give human rights to an unborn human child.
    But, when did the left ever had loyalty to their own logic and arguments. LOL.

  21. Please name the reproductive rights of men and compare that to the reproductive rights of women. I wonder if you'll find exactly NO equality there will ya. But that's OK. Because inequalities in favor of women are not inequalities; that's just fair. Is that right?

  22. Abortions arnt a cluster of cells when they have to cut the legs off the arms off the torso in3 and the head in 2 pieces before pulling them out???

  23. How about we just make men and women financially responsible for whatever they want done to their bodies… no government assistance… no free clinics subsidized by taxpayers… no sustenance for their unplanned (or strategically planned) cash cow offspring… and no sustenance for them if they don't go out and earn it themselves. Republicans and democrats always say 'love they neighbor, but FU if you don't agree with my beliefs…' Republicans, if you wan't to treat others as you wish to be treated, why don't you pony up and pay? Democrats, why don't you stop interfering with your sacred evolution and let the weak fall astray and perish? Oh wait, less dependent voters… my bad, I forgot that's what every issue was about these days…

  24. A heart beat is a sign of life, from another heart. Clearly you don't give a crap about the babies body.
    I hope you find your balls one day Lord Varys 😀

  25. Wouldn't banning abortion be more like forcing all men to have vasectomies instead of banning vasectomies?

  26. These libtards and DEMONrats have to be the stupidest people in the US. They are the excrement of this country. What a faggot piece of shit.

  27. If you want equality then I propose the equal actions deserve equal consequence act.
    If a women commits a crime she shall be subjecteded to the same jail time as if a male would have committed the crime.

    How about giving fathers the choice to opt out of a child’s life they didn’t want to have but the women decided she wanted to have it and then put the guy on child support.

    You talk about the government regulating bodies yet the family courts side with women most of the time and will consistently screw over the fathers/husbands. If a man doesn’t pay child support jail time. Yet women who don’t pay child support don’t get jail time. You want equality then realize equal rights deserve equal lefts.

  28. Don’t mind me. I’m just reading the idiotic comments from the psycho simps and abusive single mothers talk about rights while they prepare their boys to shoot up schools or join gangs.

  29. This is insanely unscientific. How can you claim to be pro science and even begin to believe this bill is properly laid out? The bill attempts to regulates parts of the male anatomy, the vas deferens and epididymis. An analogous regulation for females would be a hysterectomy. If we were to actually consider this bill, we would have to consider outlawing hysterectomies because this is effectively what this bill does, but the analogous for men.

    I understand the intent behind the bill, but those that blindly think it’s an amazing idea are blatantly ignorant of basic human anatomy and physiology.

  30. i wonder how everyone in this comment section would feel if all of their dumbasses were aborted, oh wait, they wouldn't be ible to beciuse they would be fuckn dead. What a bunch of dumbasses, you should have been aborted for the betterment of mankind

  31. A baby is not your body, you feminist losers. Funny how you claim men are evil, yet it is men who have to protect your own children from you.

  32. But sir, it isn't her body!!! That's the point you somehow fail to grasp. The unborn child has a separate body apart from his or hers mothers womb.
    Apparently, you are iggnorant of the unborn child's human development.
    #1. Just after 18 days after conception, the baby's heart begins to beat. BEFORE A WOMAN EVEN KNOWS SHE IS PREGNANT!!!
    #2. At 6 weeks, brain waves can be measured.
    #3. At 8 weeks, the vital organs are functioning and fingerprints have formed.
    #4. At 9 weeks, the unborn baby is able to feel pain. Over 700,000 abortions each year are performed after this point in the pregnancy.
    #5. By the beginning of the second month, the unborn child, small as he or she is, has begun to look distinctly human, though the mother may not even be aware that she is pregnant!!!
    #6. By the time the baby is 11 weeks old, he or she breaths (fluid), swallows, digests, sleeps, dreams, wakes, tastes, hears, and feels pain.
    #7. Babies born prematurely can survive outside the womb as young as 20-25 weeks old. Yet all that is necessary to make the baby a grown human being is allready there from the moment of conception. All he or she needs is time to mature.
    Former Surgeon General C. Everett Koop stated "We now know when life begins because the test-tube baby proves that life begins at conception. What do you have in the dish? An egg and a sperm. What do you add to it to get a baby? Nothing." Though he or she is wee, he or she is still a real person, just as a crumb of bread is still real bread. No one who has been given the gift of life should dare despise the day of small beginnings. Have we forgotten so quickly that we were once as small?
    Sir, aren't you glad your mother didn't get an abortion when she was pregnant with you?!?!?!
    Why do you Liberals celebrate and rejoice when more and more unborn babies are murdered by their mothers and abortion doctors??? Even if a baby survives an abortion, you still want him or her to still die!!! Why???

  33. 0:25 You know calling your own side cleaver & intelligent doesn't make it true right? 0:55 So in order for the republicans to request equal measures for the testi bill they would have to demand women need consent from a man for birthcontrol in every form & ban tying tubes, funny how they didnt do anything like that. Almost like that would be insane… see what we saying lefties? 1:25 i just wanted to let you know you have qualified for the mental gymnastics olympics team congrats! You're comparing sperm to fetus that's apples & oranges mate, if you talked to even one high school biology teacher you would know there is something comparable to sperm its called an egg pretty much all women have these & its takes both to make a fetus. Science is very rarely on the side of liberals don't try to pretend. 1:37 "a lot of doctors" is very vague is a lot 5 is it 5% of all doctors do you have any proof of anything your claiming here? 2:48 Holy crap the left better stop talking about equality the women have gone pass equal in rights, they have equality of choice & opportunity there's only one equality field left to tackle & that's equality of responsibility. IE women in the draft, women being treated just like me in the legal system including equal time served for the same crimes & no more alimony & so so much more! So you might want to think twice about bring up equality everytime! 3:17 literal all the things feminism does it out of spite (in the last 15 years) or it's a power play! 3:30 How about the government get out of the business paying people who doing nothing to help the system ie welfare. I mean it's not the government's responsibility to put food on their table a roof over their heads it just not, that's their problem a how about we do that? 4:10 Why does it not surprise me that your favorite bill in the last 40 years in the us is a joke.

  34. so you're comparing killing a baby with sexual dysfuntion pills and genital surgeries you're beyond retarded

  35. but when shit hits the fan and a conflict happens im expected to go and die for the holy vagina

    this shit will bite back sooner or later

  36. hahahahhhahahahahaha. Maybe we should just kill everyone so we never have to worry about anyone ever bringing forth life again. No ovaries for women….outlawed. Kill them babies. They might grow up to reproduce. How biologically dim you are. How about if we just kill you. Then the sane will never have to worry about you ever reproducing.

  37. What about the baby's body? An egg can not become a human. A sperm can not become a human. A zygote is already a human.

  38. God promises the Lake-of-Fire for people like him. He better repent before it's too late. Yeshua is waiting.

  39. unsubscribed. I am tired of arguments and points of view that are devoid of logic or critical thought. I have finally had it with the entire TYT network.

  40. Interesting; so if women get more political power we can expect more retaliatory bills that aren't really equal/opposite to what they protest, filling political office desks with nonsense and costing the taxpayer more? Thanks for the warning sir, I'll adjust my vote accordingly. :3

  41. Half of my family is white, thus when straight/white/Christian-Israelite's men have been emasculated to-death, they are going to start killing mother-fuckers like "You"! Enjoy sucking on satan's(little-s) dick in hell!!!

  42. Who's ass did this bald headed fuck pull his retarded head out of? Science says that "cluster" has it's own distinct genetic code. It is it's own body. It is a human being. You shouldn't need to be regulated by government. But you have to be because you are selfish and evil. A sperm cell does not have different DNA from its maker. An egg cell does not have different DNA from it's maker. That is science

  43. Can someone please send this stupid bald cuck a grade-school level biology textbook so he can learn the difference between a sperm and a baby?

    People who have ZERO understanding of even the most elementary science – should not be listened to.

  44. This is so messed up. From my understanding the state that I'm in, a man can get a woman pregnant and it's up to the woman what happens to the baby whether she wants to carry it to 9 months or terminate it. Women already have too many damn rights over men's heads in this sense so I'll be damned if I'm going to get permission from a female partner for Viagra or whatever else I may need in the future.

  45. It should be the other way around, she should lose child support if she goes on with the pregnancy without the man's agreement. But that would make the state responsible for the child, so its a no!!! fuck men!!

  46. Yea, because this has nothing to do with murdering babies…..It's all about absolving women of all responsibility and pretending abortions are all about her.

  47. Hey you dumb son of a bitch the legislation isn't regulating a woman's eggs which would be the actual equivalent to a man's sperm, so learn to science before you say a democrat did something brilliant.

  48. in addition, anyone accused of committing rape, incest, molestation, and any other violent sex crime gets an automatic 99 year life imprisonment sentence, not parole!

  49. and where is the common ground for vasectomy and abortion?
    beceasue as always the democrat idiot forgot to show such common point…

  50. What a bunch of dumb nonsense.. First, there are a lot of Pro-life women, so it is not "Men legislating women's bodies".. second it is not women's bodies that is the problem, it is the baby growing inside it that people are trying to legislate.. and no just because it is inside a woman's body doesn't mean you can kill it willy nilly… I am not Anti-Abortion. I do not support late term abortion except in life threatening circumstances… but most importantly I am definitely against this nonsense narrative that it is a woman's body they can do what they want with it.. Once child is born Men are supposed to pay for it, hell men as tax payers even subsidies women's health care and preganancy so to say men should not have a say before a child is born is nonsensical. It is not a woman's body it is a growing human being that is the issue.. and if you think abortion should completely left to the discretion of the individual then you should also maintain that we should make murder legal because it essentially no different, especially after the 6 month of pregnancy…

  51. What fucking idiot conflates pregnancy with a ballsack. Can we have a politician that actually takes their job seriously and doesn't act like a twat?

  52. This bald fool doesn't understand biology, or what a fitting analogy looks like. This fool thinks comparing a prescription of pills and a vasectomy to an abortion is a fitting analogy. I could see if they were trying to ban tubal ligation or birth control, then you would have a point. This law maker and this guy are buffoons with a lacking in critical thinking.

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