Dem Who Sparked Impeachment Push: We Don’t Want Trump Monarchy | The Beat With Ari Melber | MSNBC
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Dem Who Sparked Impeachment Push: We Don’t Want Trump Monarchy | The Beat With Ari Melber | MSNBC

September 10, 2019

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  1. Dems better start Impeachment hearings, otherwise theyre just as complicit as the rotten Republicans! I'm a Dem who helped them win back the House with my vote, now my patience wears thin!!

  2. The US Constitution mandates impeachment, aside from political considerations. Do it already! Let the chips fall where they may, but the safety of the democracy is at hand . Quite frankly: "Knowing that there was Russian interference in favor of Trump, he should have never been seated as the president to begin with"!

  3. Seems the Republicans put all their money on Trump to have their party turn into a Trump Enterprise .

  4. Mueller should testify! If for no other reason than, after more than two years, we should know what his voice sounds like.

  5. These people keep saying Trump has to be removed–but impeachment would certainly lead to acquittal by the GOP Senate–the fact that an election is around the corner makes that certain.

  6. I see I have run up against the Democrat ship of fools. Who Have no clue what impeachment is,beside a cool sounding word that kills Presidents It never killed a President!Nixon Retired, the Republicans went after him. This is not that Party.Has anybody named the 19 Republican Senators who will vote with us?Do you even Know why ask that?You are following Fox News Left

  7. The biggest thing Fox left is not telling you is the Severity, which this party will suffer.Be carefull, they Know we cant win, Why are they pushing it?I am not trying to convince,you show your stupidity( not ignorance, you could find out everything yourself).You would no they dont even have 1/2 of the House- Frauds- 31 of 48 Dem Senators,they wont do it

  8. The republicans in the senate are the problem. They refused to even interview Merrick Garland for his seat in the supreme court, and they will never vote to impeach Trump. That's why Pelosi is so hesitant to go through with impeachment; it's pointless because of corrupt republican senators.

  9. Trump his a deferent type of terrorist, He is destroying the American way of life, profiling of the hard working people and ruining them……..

  10. They need to start impeachment proceedings IMMEDIATELY. And if Senate is against impeachment, then ALL of America will know that they are not trustworthy if they condone trumps breaking the law. THAT will insure we don't HAVE anymore racist republicans for president for many years to come. Because it's WE THE PEOPLE that will be doing the voting, and turning away from those candidates who only serve themselves instead of the American people

  11. I don't think they should impeach Donald. I think they should shoot him for treason. The Mueller report has it very clear that why no collusion actually happened that's not for lack of trying on trumps part. the only reason he got away with it was because he was to stupid and the people in his administration just refused to listen to him and break the law. Trump is like an incompetent bank robber who told everyone he was going to rob a bank became ceo of that bank then told all the employees give me all the money and when they refused he fired them, and then an investigation said well he tried to rob the bank but he didn't so no crime done.

  12. Impeach the fat SOB already. When there's a dangerous criminal running around loose, you act with immediacy.

  13. Impeach him for what? Where is the evidence? You already have thrown the towel in for 20/20? You lost get over it. Back Bernie and you still have a good chance in the next election. Impeach a president over lies and your delusional dreams of crybullying Hillary into power would just result in the vice president taking over anyways. You dont' just make up new rules. What about Hillary stealing nomination from Bernie? The media is lying to you. Your hate has made you blind. Yes, something is afoot Trump is trying to push 5G and is not backing Assange. Any moderates would go as far as Bernie but to trust the far left no way. Mueller won't testify in public because he knows the truth will come out eventually. Not the current media's truth: weaponized russian spy beluga whale escapes from military training facility?????? I see a tame white beluga whale wearing an old harness begging for fish from fisherman and I it didn't take long to find news reports, less than a month earlier, when a russian firm was ordered to release dozens of beluga whales held in poor conditions that were going to be sold to Chna zoos. After pressuring the Kremlin who were concerned the whales may no longer be able to survive anymore in wild, they ordered them released as there was more of an outcry. Now everyone pretends like it didn't happen and stays silent when the media accuses the Russians of training and weaponizing beluga whales as spies when a tame beluga turns up 3 weeks later looking for a hand out? Hindsight is 20/20.

  14. It's not a case of Trump wanting to be impeached. It is Pelosi being too gutless to impeach. All she wants to do is talk, and play politics.

  15. Disdain and disappointment of the Democrats has transcended the disgust and disgrace of Trump and the Republicans. The Republicans have enabled Trump through their submissive sycophancy, and so have Democrats by inaction. Pelosi is not an effective leader for these conditions.

  16. His father is Palestinian and his mother is Syrian descent. Oh, you thought he was a dedicated public servant out for justice? Whatever, dude. Amash was a consultant to Michigan Industrial Tools Inc. (also known as Tekton Inc.), a company his father founded and owned.[9] He worked as a corporate attorney for his family's business for a year before being elected to the Michigan House of Representatives in 2008.[10][11] Amash's two brothers also have positions at Michigan Industrial Tools, and the three share ownership of Dynamic Source International, a Chinese company that is a supplier to Michigan Industrial Tools.[8][12]

  17. Mueller needs to come forward and talk about his report. We don't want a Barr version. He fought for the country once he needs to do it again.

  18. I wonder what cover-up Nancy Peloci is talking about. She has not defined what Trump has ":covered-up":. Surely to find out what Trump has covered-up it is important to have transparency, and declassification of all related documents to the Russian collusion narrative. Why hide behind classification. Is there something amiss? Has the CIA and FBI done anything illegal? It does not seem too far fetched an idea to me, after all they are an intelligence agency and who knows what kind of nefarious activities they have been up to all these years. The CIA has not had a very good reputation since the assassination of John F Kennedy as rumors have been circulating that they were the master minds behind his assassination. They have been getting away with misdeeds for far too long. It's high time they get investigated. Its good that the American public discover what they have been up to and how they have been involved in fabricating this Russian collusion story, if they had been behind it. If they are clear and clean – they will be exonerated, so what's the fear.

  19. Putin wants Barr to uncover the name of our asset inside the Kremlin. What do you think Trump and his boss talked about for 2 hrs (No Americans listening again)? Why can't WE see what Putin will get to see?

  20. It's time America…..please phone your reps to let them know. The Dems are notorious for being spineless, I'm ready and let the chips fall where they may.

  21. pelosi's fear is the weakest link. Clinton was NOT re elected AFTER partial impeachment; his second term was almost up. She fears the GOP will use it to get the sympathy votes?
    green was right 2 yrs ago. trump remarks on stopping comey to tv /obstruction was enough to impeach

  22. If you had anything you would impeach. If you have nothing you will continue to bellyache about it. Next vid…

  23. Trump asks can i imagine him being impeached. Oh, yes, Donald, yes, I can! Most of America can! What's more, it won't have to be a thing imagined for much longer. Lawyer up, moron!

  24. Wow, Green is great!!! This was over all one of the clearest accounts of why impeachment MUST start immediately. Good work!

  25. To impeach or not to impeach that is the question . Whether tis nobler in the mind to suffer the slings and arrows of outrageous misfortune ,or to take arms against your sea of troubles and by opposing end them.

  26. trump said he wanted to rasberry danish my mom and when i explained what i didnt know what that meant he drew this picture and said i should be there holding his coat downstairs while he does the deed .. im trying to keep a brave face but its down right scary

  27. Impeach Pelosi first to take her out of the way, so the congress is going to be able to impeach the orangutan the criminal in chief.

  28. "Intervention" is the wrong "i-word" for Nancy to say regarding Trump AND Pence. As more info comes out, Pence will be found to be deep in the doodoo of the Trump Crime Organization.

  29. I believe that the president wants to be the dictator for life and wants his kids to follow him into power. I think they need to be stopped now.

  30. Christina said a mouthful in her opening statement. The trump regime is consolidating power and must be stopped.

  31. Trump has been impeachable since January 2017. Let's listen to what Mueller has to say and get to it… Trump is a criminal, how long will we look the other way?

  32. will GOP survive this disaster? I am an independent, voted for republicans many times before but can't imagine doing it ever again.

  33. Dems are SO weak. It’s why they lost in 2016. And now? They’re afraid people won’t vote for them if they they impeach. People won’t for them if they DON’T impeach. ‘Believe me.’

  34. Good to see the people are not dignifying him and his antics by using his name in their posts.

  35. Rev Al green speaks truth ….that the government is broken is you don't impeach …but all know that the sycophantic republicans will vote against it , which might well be used by those same republicans as a argument to help them in the next election…. It is hard to compete when you are completing against people who only interest is there own interest as opposed to the interests of the country 🙁

  36. Please stop saying if it is time to impeach the president.
    It was time to impeach him after a year and a half in office and he is still in after all the things that have happened.
    So clearly, he is not gonna be impeached because the government is too corrupt to do anything about it.

  37. monarchy!!! get your head out of the sand, you are all idiots, he wants to be a dictator, do you not see who he is friends with, he should be shot for treason. He was put in the white house by putin, to do as putin wants him to do,in return he got lots and lots of money and promised he would be in power, solely and forever. putin has done this in austria, tried in austrailia, canada, britain, italy, france …..we are in the middle of a world coup by putin and you all are still playing games.

  38. This is more complicated than just impeaching Trump. At some point they have to look at his political machine as a criminal enterprise and subject to sweeping RICO charges across the board. Mike Pence has broken and dishonored his oath as have those others who have abetted his agenda of lies, nepotism, obstruction, betrayal, and plunder or knew and remained silent.
    Lets see the succession.:
    Speaker of the house.
    That is why every step has to be correct to the letter of the law and honorable standards of the house and it's legal precedents.
    President Pelosi sounds pretty good for the next year.

  39. We the people have decided to hold the president accountable for his actions. Any other citizens would have been in jail by now

  40. When you thumb your nose at the people's house, you thumb your nose at the people. Whether you like the representative"s decision or not, whether you are a Democrat or a Republican YOU MUST COME TO CONGRESS WHEN THEY TELL YOU TO APPEAR BECAUSE THE HOUSE REPRESENTS THE PEOPLE.
    When you thumb your nose at the people's house, you thumb your nose at the people.

  41. #FASCISTFEDERALISTSOCIETY judges intend their families take more than just our deficit and 90+% of the wealth.

  42. DEMs by impeaching Trump in the house, you will expose Senate GOP's complicity in protecting Trump. Let the public know all the facts & let the patriotic citizens decide 2020. I am certain patriotic majority will throw Trump + GOP out!

  43. Every single democrat tripped while trying to outrun the tism'…

    Your hurt feelings aren't a impeachable offense… Your tears are delicious though.

  44. Trump has successfully eliminated the Constitution… he is now King, and Trump jr. is next in line for the throne.

  45. The impeachment is only the setup. They'll be able to run out the clock, and just like in Clinton's case, he won't be convicted. But the SDNY is another matter. They deal with financial malfeasances and no one is above the law. No one gets away with anything. Trump Foundation, Trump University, frauds designed to launder Russian and Saudi money. Watch, it's FAR from over for Trump.

  46. A lot of peoples lives have been hurt by trump ! Its only a question of who is really going to act to end this shithole Whitehouse !

  47. Liberals want to impeach Trump before AG Barr uncovers the deep state actors. These actors will be indicted soon.

  48. Take down this traiter ! Our democracy is in graet danger from a proven criminal con man ! His very history has poot him agains the law and people, and now the hole of our land and world may suffer! A DICTATOR in the maken !!! 😔🇺🇸

  49. Trump is not law abiding as a citizen nor as The President of The United and will face The Nation for doing his dirty deeds !!! So whither we impeach him or vote him out of office, he will be held accountable!!!

  50. Do it now!!! Impeachment inquiry. Set him up to lose 2020 so he and his family can go to jail. Impeachment could lead to a pardon from pence

  51. Can we indite a sitting Congress person? Why are we not holding more people accountable that are defending Trump??

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