Democrat Judge Strikes Down Law That Restores Major Constitutional Right To Americans
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Democrat Judge Strikes Down Law That Restores Major Constitutional Right To Americans

September 10, 2019

If we don’t fight for our rights, they will
be taken away from us. Every generation must do so. There are forces out there that want us enslaved.
Politicians will do anything to stay in power. They seek to undermine our freedom of speech,
religion, and every other. They want us oppressed. One state fought to protect our most precious
right. But a corrupt federal judge has sought to undermine them. From Fox News: A federal judge on Tuesday temporarily blocked
a new Mississippi law that bans abortion after 15 weeks’ gestation — the most restrictive
abortion law in the United States. The law took effect as soon as Republican
Gov. Phil Bryant signed it Monday. The state’s only abortion clinic, Jackson Women’s Health
Organization, quickly sued the state, arguing the law is unconstitutional because it bans
abortion weeks before a fetus can survive outside the womb… Mississippi previously tied with North Carolina
for the nation’s strictest abortion limits, at 20 weeks. Both states count pregnancy as
beginning on the first day of a woman’s previous menstrual period, meaning their restrictions
kicked in about two weeks before those of states whose 20-week bans begin at conception. The lawsuit opposing the 15-week ban argues
that it violates other federal court rulings that have said a state can’t restrict abortion
before a child can survive on its own outside the womb. Let’s face the facts: abortion lobbyists
don’t care about women or children. They make big bucks off of abortions (often government
money). They will say or do anything to protect that. All this arguing over weeks is pointless.
Most Americans agree abortion is an evil and barbaric practice. It has no place in a society
that claims to respect a person’s rights. It is an ugly practiced, protected by greedy
monsters. Mississippi is fighting to protect all Americans.
Abortion robs our most vulnerable of their first right: life. Yet liberals want to deny
them this. Be sure that this fight will continue. It
may go all the way up to the Supreme Court, given the issue at hand. Will they rule in
favor of a state working to protect our rights? Or will they cave to the abortion lobbyists,
who make a fortune off of death?

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