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  1. Thank you Kahn Academy for your amazing content! I'm home-schooled, and your videos are simply the best for me! They are amazing, reaching the areas most people don't even teach. God bless. And also, say hi to Pippy, 'Head of Food Safety'. 😀

  2. I have some problems with the social contract. In order to have a valid contract, you have to be able to read all of the terms. If some of the terms of the contract are hidden, or hard to find, or if it is just too long to be read practically, then someone can be trying to fool you. Well, there are way too many laws for anyone to read them. Also, it should be possible to refuse to agree to a contract. If you are forced to agree to it, then it is not a valid contract. But how is it possible to refuse the social contract? Ya can't. And it is unfair to require that someone leave the land of her birth in order to opt out. Another problem is that people have to give consent to the contract, either in writing for more important contracts, or orally for less important ones. Well, where does one sign the social contract? Ya just can't point to the signature. And no, a drivers license or voting doesn't count. Nowhere is there verbiage stating that when you vote or get a license you are agreeing to the terms of the social contract. It seems to me that the social contract is not a valid contract at all. It really should be called something else.

  3. Elected representatives are failing the people of the United States today. The reason congressmen try so hard to get re-elected is that they would hate to make a living under the laws they passed.

  4. These videos put into a better light why I think the current form is outdated. With the advent of technology this will be more and more obvious. If now social media is used to enforce the "we the people" part, in the future it may be that the governing will be done be different systems (A.I. for example) which wouldn't be predisposed to corruption etc. Yes, it's a long way there but if done properly it'd change everything on a global scale. We could even more to a resource based world economy as was put forward by Fresco.

  5. +Khan Academy Do individuals have the right to tax? Clearly they do not. If all just powers are derived from the people, and the government is nothing more than a collective of individuals with the same rights as all individuals- then where did they acquire the right to tax?

  6. Social contract debunked in one blow.

    "Children cannot enter into contracts – and adults cannot have contracts imposed upon them against their will. Thus being born in a particular location does not create any contract, since it takes a lunatic or Catholic to believe that obligations accrue to a newborn squalling baby.

    Thus children cannot be subjected to – or be responsible for – any form of implicit social contract.

    Adults on the other hand, must be able to choose which contracts they enter into – if they cannot, there is no differentiation between imposing a contract on a child, and imposing a contract on an adult. I cannot say that implicit contracts are invalid for children, but then they magically become automatically valid when the child turns 18, and bind the adult thereby."

  7. You keep on confuse what a right is. Your rights are: life, liberty, and property and you don't have the right to infringe on anyone's own right to such things.

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