Democrats Outline Plan To Repeal Constitutional Right That Americans Hold Most Dear
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Democrats Outline Plan To Repeal Constitutional Right That Americans Hold Most Dear

September 12, 2019

It’s no secret liberals care more about
their power than your rights. Time and again they push policy that violates the Bill of
Rights. Or puts criminals and illegal aliens ahead of Americans. For years they’ve fought to rewrite or remove
fundamental aspects of our Constitution. They’ve used the courts, pop culture, and Congress
to do so. Under the last administration, executive orders were often used to undermine our rights. Now NPR has laid out the steps on how these
socialists can erase our most fundamental right. From Western Journal: With the gun debate in full swing, the National
Public Radio published an article outlining how to repeal the second amendment… The challenge to get the second amendment
repealed would be in the individual gun owners across the country who “care passionately
about their right to do so.” “Overcoming the NRA and other elements of
the gun lobby is only the beginning,” NPR said. “The real obstacle would be tremendous
support for guns in Southern, Western and rural Midwestern states, which would easily
total up to more than enough states to block a gun control amendment.” Another option would be to call for a Constitutional
Convention, outlined in Article V of the Constitution and “allows for a new convention to bypass
Congress and address issues of amendment on its own.” Two-thirds of the state legislatures would
have to call for the new convention. They even claimed this convention would give
states the opportunity to rewrite the entire Constitution. Why not! Liberals don’t care
about our laws, traditions, or values. Might as well tear up the foundation of our country
to make a new, terrible one. It’s clear liberals don’t like America.
They don’t want to preserve our freedoms and customs. Rather, they want to erase our
history and accomplishments, in favor of creating a new country. One that resembles Communist
Russia more than free America. The path laid out by the radio station is
a long shot. It’s incredibly difficult to pass an amendment to the Constitution. Especially
one that erases a right from the Bill of Rights. But make no mistake: liberals will do anything
to have their way. There is already strict gun control across
the country. They will push as much as they can to make gun ownership impossible. Regardless
of the Second Amendment.

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