Dengfu R-02 | Chinese Carbon Frame Unboxing
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Dengfu R-02 | Chinese Carbon Frame Unboxing

October 10, 2019

Hey! A while ago, I decided to build my own bike from components and a carbon frame bought in China and I settled for a Dengfu. I initially wanted to get an FM-66 which is really greatly reviewed but it seems that they’re phasing out the product and I had to choose a new frame. I went into the road frame category and I picked this one, the R-02 which is by the looks pretty similar to the Cervélo R5 even if it’s an open-mould and definitely not the same design It’s a super light frame, Di2 compatible not that I’m gonna build it that way but anyways The frame is announced at 840 grams give or take 45 grams and I think the fork is around 200-300 grams So super super light frame So I contacted them by Skype and I talked to one of their employees called Melody. She provided all the details. She speaks pretty good english. So she emailed me the invoice with the total price. So it was the R-02 frame with non ISP, non integrated seatpost, in size 58 cm, with standard bottom bracket, in unidirectional mate finish, so mate black that includes frame, fork and seatpost I bought a headset for the bike, a set of carbon spacers, and 2 extra rear hangers which I really recommend if you buy a Chinese carbon frame, an open mould frame because they’re really good to have in case something goes wrong. Postage was 85 US dollars and the total came out to 687 US dollars for a super light frame, a fork, headset, seatpost and a couple of extra accessories. Pretty good price and I just received it along with the other parts of the bicycle so I’m going to open it with you. It was shipped I think 5 days ago so it got here pretty quickly, from China to Switzerland in about 4 days. That’s the quality of EMS, Express Mail Service. I already opened the box to check if there was any damage but as you can see, the box is in really good condition. I haven’t yet unpacked the frame, which we’re going to do now. As you can see, it’s pretty well packed. There’s a lot of bubble-gum… Err, bubble-gum! Pfft. There’s a lot of bubble-wrap. Here’s the fork. The seat post. Probably all the extras. And here’s the frame! It’s really light. It’s beautiful! Spacers between the chainstays to prevent them from bending. Protective stuff over the rear mech hanger as well And I didn’t know if there was going to be any of those but it seems the frame, for the internal cable routing, has those liners Front derailleurs braze. Pretty clean finish in there. I don’t see any rough spots. The bottom bracket shell. Let’s take a look at the accessories. Carbon stem spacers. They didn’t have them in UD anymore and I didn’t want to wait for them to paint them so I got them in 3K Seatpost clamp Rubbery things for the cable holes That’s to attach the saddle. Extra rear mech hangers. And here’s the headset. It’s not the lightest but from what I read it’s pretty good so that will do the job. Mount the seat post clamp. Grab the seat post, slider it down the seat tube and just tighten it by hand. Done! Grab the drive-side axle et push it through the bottom bracket and you don’t want to be too gentle with that. Ram it all the way in there with the palm of your hand.

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  1. I did the same, but I bought the VR16 from Velobuild, it's quite similiar, a very light and stiff frame as well.
    I rode almost 10k km, no issue at all, considering I'm quite heavy (85kg)
    For the people who's considering buy a chinese frame, i recommend names like Dengfu, Hongfu, Velobuild, never buy on ebay or aliexpress.
    Congrats Erwan, hope to see your next video with the bike assembled.
    Btw, What a view from the begining of the video, a paradise for climbers.

  2. Hi Erwan,
    What is the weight of the frame (either on its own or with fork). The DF website shot you show suggests its 850g (give or take), however, I was recently told by DF staff that its 1050g. At present their website says 1010 (give or take 45g).

    Thanks and looking forward to your follow up video.

  3. Hi Erwan!
    Please tell what is the actual length of the Head Tube? 175mm?
    Good video! Informs us on how to frame works! ))

  4. I could not trust a frame like this. It could break while your doing 70kph down a hill. I think I will stick with name brands.

  5. i bought a chinese frame also but i wanna know if the group set parts are durable or which group set you would recommend ?

  6. I will be very interested in your review of how it rides, compared to a mainstream frame (Cervelo, Cannondale…).

  7. Thank you for these videos! I'm thinking about building a CX bike on Chinese frame. Maybe Dengfu frame.
    Do you think these Chinese frames from "trusted" brands like Dengfu are safe enough? Especially if you ride them on rough roads at high speed?

  8. Really have enjoyed your bike building videos! Thank you for doing them! But I still have a concern about reliability, there are videos of the FM066, which is the predecessor to the r02, and there seems to be reports of defects/cracks developing in the frame. One of them is documented here — -Even though the frame was replaced without issue/cost, and the new frame seems to satisfy the owner, it just seems that these frames are more susceptible to defects, and when carbon fails it can fail spectacularly.

  9. Nice build brother! One day I'll build a road bike. I just posted my Santa Cruz V10 CC carbon downhill bike with Manitou Dorado Pro inverted fork,Absolute Black oval chainring and full Shimano Saint groupset. Check it out. Who doesn't like bike porn. lol

  10. Why did you chose the R02 instead of the R01 ? What does the compact rear triangle of the R02 do for the bike and ride?

  11. hey Erwan, love ur vids, same question as Ken below: Why did you chose the R02 instead of the R01? just curious about your thinking process as they look very different geometry-wise that would probably translate to difference in riding feel.

  12. Thanks for the great video Erwan! What kind of riding have you done with the R02 and how has it responded? Thanks.

  13. Every carbon frame comes from there, No one brand spend a dollar to made in house what can be bought from china for 150$/piece in big orders. Also made in Taiwan its a fake, it's made in china and passed trough tw to avoid taxes… Be smarter bro, I got 3 frames and 4 wheelsets, NO any problema from 2010 to now, I ride 10K km and 3 to 6 Gran Fondo per year…

  14. This is not a test or review because he is just opening a box and showing us how pretty the frame looks. The only test would be 10 years of hard riding and if the frame didn't break.

  15. Wow; really useful. thanks. After watching have decided to give building a bike from scratch a try. Curious to hear if with the benefit of hindsight you would use the exact same products or are there other products that you would also recommend? Thanks in advance

  16. Hi Erwan.
    Nice videos – thanks for sharing.
    I'm strongly considering buying a Dengfu R01. However, I am a little nervous about the quality of the frame. How much have you been riding on your R02 and how is your frame holding up?
    Hope to hear from you.

  17. I have a pair wheelset order from oxivecarbon, used for 2 years still bomb proof. Excellent made! Better to spend US$4000.00 with 2 years of guarantee in other brands. Anyway the big secret is "Engineer in America" and made in China/Taiwan and come in secret container………

  18. Every carbon frame comes from there, im living in china, I got already 6 frames and 2 wheelsets, NO any problema from 2011 to now, sometimes somes small parts are not to good, but in the end i can be satisfy

  19. My biggest concern about no-name china frames is the fork cracking. Do you have any close up shots of the fork from different angles, and looking down the tube? Do you see fiberglass on the inside diameter of the fork steer tube?

  20. Great videos Erwan. When will you be publishing videos 11 and 12? Looking forward to the completed product as well as the test ride.
    Thanks for inspiring me to service my own bike.

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