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  1. What do you guys think of the Depict Frame? Is it something you'd use in your home? I actually found it to be pretty awesome – a unique way to use smart home tech and the cloud to add a touch of beauty into any space.

  2. Is this an apple pic frame??? Or the new trending is price new gadgets at 1000$?? Too much money, this is a toy for reach people……

  3. WOW! Thank you for the information. What a great idea. The tech geniuses of today are coming up with everything we need and everything we just want. Thanks again, cindy

  4. …just when I thought "that song you use, basically, in all your videos" had a electronic remix…

  5. That’s a sweet looking frame. Colors and vibrance of the screen looked really nice. Yeah, a little pricey, but one of the best looking photo frames that I’ve seen!

  6. Interesting to see others following in the footsteps of Samsung with their “The Frame”. It was really good to see the Depict delivering what looks like an impressive panel.
    Very nice review as always Andru

  7. All I have to do is buy a bigger 4K TV for cheaper, hang it on the wall. Connect a Chromecast to the TV, get free Google pictures. I can use the TV for other things too, not just pictures, the price is just ridiculous. Come on!

  8. I would like a comparison video of this, the Meural, and the Memento. I think Depict only works with iOS, which is a bummer

  9. Seems like a waste of a 4k display. Surely it should be designed to double as a television? Kinda like what Samsung is doing with their TVs disguised as photo frames

  10. It's ridiculous that after four years they still have no android app. This is controllable by iOS only, no web interface, no usb. This is a $1000 paprweight unless you have an iOS device. Considering android has an 87% market share, this is a massive failure on Depicts part. The irony is, the frame itself runs Android.

  11. the problem is the frame is too bright and it doesnt look like paper art. Meural actually looks like art because the display tech they are using minimizes light output. in a dark room you can barely make out the image. I always felt like that aspect was the reason to buy one of these. if this doesn't have that feature then its just an overpriced less versatile tv

  12. You get to preview the premium pictures for 5 minutes but can you keep previewing them every time new guests come over?

  13. So I also own one. Got an email a couple weeks ago. The company is shutting down> I have owned this frame for 4 months. i emailed the company to find out if it will still work after they are gone. They don't know. Just wondering if anyone else knows anything about this

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