Designing a WebVR Game With A-Frame – Designer vs. Developer #18
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Designing a WebVR Game With A-Frame – Designer vs. Developer #18

August 27, 2019

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  1. i am working on something very much like this, but A-Frame and Quest, the interactive fiction engine (also web based.)! I am calling it "Narrated Reality" and it operates on a phone, A-frame full screened, in a VR headset (Google Cardboard). Kind of point- and-click game format, with the 2D screen replaced with a 3D environment. To click, you gaze in a certain direction (the mouse functions in VR are replaced with a fusor, instead of a cursor). Looking at (clicking on) an object in the room triggers events. events are audio outputs, (sound files, or generated speech) to narrate a description of rooms, actions, objects, situations, & puzzles. The narration is designed to induce imagining & feelings. The graphics are rendered in the brain, "like a movie in your mind; a Virtual reality for the blind." (and the not blind, too). The more you look in a particular direction the more you investigate and interact with narrated objects.
    The rest is basically regular Interactive Fiction gaming.
    As an art form, it meets somewhere in the middle between the detail and nuances of words written out, with the ease of an audio-book, and the interactivity of a Game. All amalgamating an experience described as beyond cinematic.
    Technically, this may be a new form of literature, worthy of critic. The way things are described and the way information is distributed will be unique to the medium, Narrated Reality; "NR" for short.
    A new genre, if you will: "Video-less game." Though the goal is to describe the game-world as if to a blind person, images can be utilized, too, to help create a more immersive experience (for the sighted.)
    There is an art and a science to it.
    Sorry for the rant, just wanted to share. There is sooo much more to this. my website and dev blog: look for "Holonovels" which is what I call one of these completed games. Thanks!

  2. Really awesome, I've been working with AFrame and AR.js to make some pretty impressive AR scenes running in browsers. Do you have any advice for someone just getting into modeling? I've been thinking of learning 3dsMax but I'm hesitant because of the price tag. Also what do you think the future of glTF is going to be for models, animations and browsers in the future? Thanks again for this excellent content. I look forward to the future 😎

  3. Wow this interview format is amazing! It's my 2nd day with AFrame for a large project and this video gave me insight into what's available

  4. Great work. Do you know how to use a IP camera (wifi camera) with webVR javascript and HTML5 (A-Frame, Three.js) .?. I'm looking for code examples to use an external camera for smartphone.

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