Destiny 2: How to Get Izanagi’s Burden Exotic Sniper – Mysterious Box Quest
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Destiny 2: How to Get Izanagi’s Burden Exotic Sniper – Mysterious Box Quest

October 11, 2019

Izanagi’s Burden is the result of the Mysterious
box quest that started when Black Armory first launched. With the release of the final forge, it is
now possible to get it. So, let’s go over the steps. The first step is to grab the Mysterious Box
from the cave nearby the Volundr Forge in the EDZ. The box needs 4 keys, one from each forge. The first 3 keys are pretty easy to get. The Volundr, Gofannon and Izanami keys are
all obtained by maximizing the temper on the forge during a forge run. In order to do get maximum temper during a
forge, you need to shoot 2 shield robot guard… things that spawn right as the 2nd round of
a forge starts. The locations of the shields are being shown
on the screen now, all you need to do is shoot both of them, but you don’t get very long
to kill them because they’ll despawn about 15-20 seconds after first spawning in. Here are the rest of the locations. To actually get the key, you’ll open a Black
Armory crate near the forge itself at the very end of a completed forge run. The final key is for Bergusia forge and has
a couple of steps involved. You’ll need to talk to Ada, who will give
you a Black Armory Key Mold and tell you to go to the Leviathan underbelly to kill the
watcher robots for their lenses. You need 24 lenses and while it says you need
to “kill all of the watchers,” you can just keep resetting the same area to farm. Here’s a quick guide on how to get into the
underbelly in case you haven’t done the Leviathan. When you first load in, go to the end of the
bridge and go under it instead of going up. In a room down here will be 6 levers. You need to pull them in this order: 1-5-3-2-4-6. If you do it fast enough and correctly, a
door upstairs will open. Go up the ramps and instead of going into
the launchers, go one ramp higher and head into the water via the pipes. Go all the way to the end, then activate the
fan at the end of the hall by going to the control panel room. Take the fan up, run down the path and you’ll
get to the Engine room with 4 watchers. Only kill 3 of them, kill the adds that spawn,
kill the 4th watcher, go back to where you came in and reset. Repeat until done. The next step involves collecting Glittering
Amethyst from activities in the game, you need 200 total. Strike completions give 20, as do heroic public
event completions, so basically you’ll need 10 heroic public event completions, that’s
probably gonna be the easiest way, but it’s up to you. After you get the 200 amethyst, you’ll need
to run a Bergusia Forge at maximum temper. This final forge is recommended 650 light,
so be ready for that. Here are the locations of the shield bots
you need to kill in order to get maximum temper. After doing that, you can crack open your
mysterious box and then head to Ada. You’ll also get a thing called a mysterious
datapad, we’ll cover that another time. Ada will tell you that she needs an Obsidian
Crystal for the next part. A crystal only comes from a RARE black armory
bounty. These bounties have a small chance to “spawn”
whenever you do daily black armory bounties, it is not a guarantee, although you have a
very small chance to get a rare bounty from just doing forge completions as well. These rare bounties last for 2 weeks and give
a powerful reward, but typically require much greater effort to complete. Complete your bounty to move on to the next
steps, which are pretty self-explanatory. The next 3 steps just involve running some
activities. The first thing you’ll do is run a Shattered
Throne to the end, nothing special. Then, you’ll run a special version of The
Pyramidion at power level 640 with solar singe, heavyweight, and extinguish, so if you die,
you go back to the beginning. It also locks your loadout. You may want to bring friends for that. After that, you’ll have one more mission in
the EDZ to go do, bringing friends also encouraged. When you’re done with that mission, you’ll
head back to Ada and you will grab your new sniper. As I said earlier, we’ll cover the mysterious
datapad another time. Thanks for watching, I’ll see you next time.

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  1. ok, I got back into Destiny a few days ago, not having played since Thunderlord dropped. I accidentally got Bergusia Forge to Max Temper, and was wondering what the box was for. This explains a lot Datto. Thank you Edit was the correct forge name

  2. Do you have to unlock all forges to unlock the quest because I shoot the blue drones and it doesn’t count

  3. I’m stuck on the key part, I destroyed the drones when round 2 starts but didn’t receive or get credit for it. What do I do?

  4. I got the quest that i never thought i would but I got it and have 12 days to get the armor and and compleate it so I been grinding out this game

  5. Gee thanks for telling me about the black boxes for the keys after showing me where all the robots were. Totally didn’t just wast 30 minutes redoing all of that. Thanks!

  6. I’m so mad. I timed Datto on how fast he unlocked the underbelly. It took him about 12 seconds. It took me 11 seconds and it still refused to open.

  7. someone please tell me all i do to get a rare bounty is get complete daily bounties and forge ignitions?

  8. The pyramidion part does not allow you to bring people that don’t have the quest. And it doesn’t have matchmaking… so in my case I’ll have to try and solo it :/

  9. bungie with there over the top million missions before i get anything game, how else to bulk a game up lol, love it though!!

  10. If you claim the rare bounty before you’ve reached the step will it give you the item or will it just go away ?

  11. Am I supposed to get something physical out of the chest when I shoot the shield drone thingy and complete the forge

  12. Made it all the way to the end just to find out you need to complete shattered throne with a fireteam :)))))))))))))))

  13. love this sniper. nothing like having a honed edge x4 preloaded and then just straight dummying a powerful enemy

  14. I waited to do this quest and now no one is able to do the strike with me. It’s really stupid that other players need to have gotten the strike unlocked

  15. I still haven’t done the rare bounty I really want to get izanagis but the shattered throne the strike and the other mission are nearly impossible solo buds sitting here with no friends:(

  16. Shattered Throne opens again next reset, so this will be the perfect time for me to grind Black Armory bounties and forge ignitions to try to get the rare bounty to drop.

  17. I just finished the shattered throne but the Krystal did not drop along with the unidentified frame I have the unidentified frame but I do not have the Krystal do I really have to do this whole dungeon all over again??

  18. Trying to get Izanagi's after shadow keep update but the only forge I'm getting is the one on EDZ, Izanami forge. The other two forges are no where on my detestation. Can this weapon still get acquired after shadow keep update?

  19. Well I’ve been doing daily black armory bounties every day since the weapon came out and still don’t have a rare bounty and it’s pissing me off

  20. MESSAGE: For all players trying to get this weapon during shadowkeep it is still obtainable. The forges rotate daily and therefore if you have none of the keys in the box, it will take 4 days for you to get them from all the forges. Annoying but that is just how it is. The rest of the quest is as it is above.

  21. I tried a Black Armory Forge, and… before round 3 began, I got booted. Any reason why this happens? So far, Its not a technical or machinery issue, considering I don't get this in literally any other game I play, or any other thing in Destiny 2 that I do… its literally, just the Black Forge.

    Do I need a legitimate weapon frame to forge, to even participate in the black forge?

  22. either game is glitched or video is a fake there is nothing in that chest to loot no mystery box and I have the butterfly key

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