DESTROYED BIKE FRAME – Big Crash Norco mtb into tree GO PRO | Jordan Boostmaster
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DESTROYED BIKE FRAME – Big Crash Norco mtb into tree GO PRO | Jordan Boostmaster

September 15, 2019

are you ok? here you ok dude? did you see it happen? alright ok, this is what I did to my bike this just feels like crap! and this, what the heck how stupid

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  1. Maybe some first aid training lads, never let a person lay on their back after an accident, he could have choked on his tongue!

  2. What a poor poor edit .. this is sooo fake .. what a clean cut on that frame .. to uniform to be a result of a crash .

  3. I had one the the back gear changer it flipped . I swear I was so piss I had to Carrie the bike home 7 miles I was so piss off and I paid 2999$

  4. So many idiots here.

    1. Haha, made in china… If you want to proof a bike for every possible crash it would weigh 2 or 3 times as much.
    2. The weld didnt snap, the tube sheared off behind the weld.
    3. Norco is not a bad brand. The people that dont have issues with it just dint bother writing good reviews on it so you find much more negative stuff.

  5. Fuck! What the hell?
    I Watched this Video.
    and I feel about Norco.
    I can't bileve this situation! AND Norco's MTB!!

  6. For the sake of weight it seems these Aluminum frames scare me when I see guys doing jumps like Jordan. I'd feel safer doing this on a CroMol frame instead. You can still use steel to make it light too! Just all this marketing crap. I laugh at people riding a $$$ tupperwear frame.

  7. по гарантии поменяют Не переживай Американец

    (вот тупые)

  8. Bit of first aid knowledge wouldn’t have gone amiss here. Knowing how to react in situations like these can literally save someone’s life.

  9. The welds shouldn't break like that… A properly completed weld should be stronger than non welded parts. I won't be buying Norco now…

  10. Are the mid-high end Norco bikes from a few years back good? You know maybe ones from say 2012-2014 or so.. ones that cost maybe 2400-2600 new but you can pick up now for maybe 500-600?

  11. As you get older all you will care about is how your body held up, you can always buy a new bike but not a new body, broken spines, missing teeth ect are not replaceable.

  12. So, did the warranty decide to replace your frame? This was posted in 2014, what's the follow up?

    I asked my shop where I got my new XC bike from and they said frame warranty doesn't cover extreme usage. Unless it was factory defect. So did they ask you to prove this with a video or what.

  13. Not good , but guess could have been worse , and injured yourself a lot more , shame the bike broke, but you can buy another bike ✌🏻🇬🇧

  14. I see a good thing and a bad thing the bike absorbed a lot of potential harm. But the bad thing is you crashed hope you got better

  15. I flipped over a side walk going 25mph yesterday. Bike snapped in half, glad all I got was a small knee scratch.

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