Devin Nunes’ Call Records CONFIRM He Was In On Ukraine Scandal
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Devin Nunes’ Call Records CONFIRM He Was In On Ukraine Scandal

December 8, 2019

For the last couple of weeks. Devin Nunes has insisted that he did nothing
wrong with this Ukraine scandal. He was not involved in any of it, doesn’t
know the major players. And then yesterday, Democrats on the house
intelligence committee released their report on the findings so far. And in that report they included some call
logs from Devin Nunes himself. And it turns out that those call logs have
absolutely destroyed Nunes his defenses and completely implicated him in this scandal. These call logs show that, uh, in April, right
around the same time that they were trying to figure out how to fire a former ambassador,
Maria Yovanovitch, Devin Nunes received calls and even made a call to Lev Parnas, the, uh,
indicted buddy of Rudy Giuliani, who also appears on Nunes call logs. In fact, within the span of about an hour
and a half, Nunes made and received multiple different phone calls from both Lev Parnas
and Rudy Giuliani. And then of course there’s Giuliani’s phone
records that came out as well showing he was also making calls to the office of management
and budget. He was making calls to Lev Parnas and of course
Devin Nunes. So Nunes is now as implicated in this whole
scheme as Lev Parnas and Rudy Giuliani. And of course by extension Donald Trump, but
Nunes doesn’t see it that way. Nunes isn’t even so sure that he has spoken
to live Parnas as he told Sean Hannity on Fox news last night. Here it is story to be printed. Did you ever talk to this guy? Less partners or whatever his name is? You know it’s possible, but I haven’t gone
through all my phone records. I don’t really recall that name. I remember the name now because he’s been
indicted. But why would CNN rely on somebody like this? You know, and I’ll go back and check on my
records, but it seems very unlikely that I would be taking calls from random people. Like I said, we have a process, standard operating
procedure. You call my office or you call me or you see
me out on the street now. To me. One of the interesting things is that Sean
Hannity starts off by saying, Lev Parnas or whatever is as if he’s never heard of him. Like, no, you know who this guy is. The guy had 14 burner phones on him, um, that
they’ve confiscated. I’m willing to bet. We’re probably gonna find a call in there
to Sean Hannity at least at some point. You know who this guy is, Sean, so don’t act
like, Oh, well, whatever his name is Nunes. Do you know him? And Nunes is like, ah, maybe. I don’t know. I’d have to look at the call logs. I guess. Really we, we looked at the call logs. We all have access to the call logs now. Devin, what do you think? What? What are you trying to cover up here? Why are you pretending like we can’t see them
if we have them? You have them. You can go look at the report and see that. Yeah. Love. Parnas called you and you called love Parnas. That’s a thing that happened that has now
been verified, but he’s going to continue to lie about it. Here’s what needs to happen. At this point forward, Democrats need to launch
a separate investigation into just Devin Nunes. I don’t even want him roped into the impeachment. I think a separate investigation in Devin
Nunes is now warranted. We have the evidence, we have him directly
implicated in this scheme, but because he’s a member of the house of representatives,
he cannot be impeached and therefore should not be included in the impeachment investigation. We need a separate one into him to be able
to sell it to the voters in his district that this guy is corrupt, is hell, and is probably
guilty of the same crimes that Rudy Giuliani is.

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  1. I have dismissed so many of the crazy unsubstantiated charges, and now I’m thinking I need to revisit my initial skepticism about the Steele Dossier. Particularly after Trump’s recent, “Prince Andrew? I don’t know him. I’ve never met him.” Does he not know what the internet is? Literally seconds after the denial was out of his mouth, people had found photos of him, Melania, Andrew, Jeffrey, and Ghislaine. What a maroon.

  2. No surprise, the entire GOP has sold its soul. We are witnessing the beginning of the end of the GOP as a domestic political force and good riddance. We dont need cultist in power in this country. Nunes is lying shithead shyster with conflicts.

  3. I don't understand how this guys on" top " do not know logs can be obtained in an investigation like ugh what a mess lol

  4. this is such a big deal. seriously folks there are entities attempting to change america forever and that’s what must happen as a result. maybe it’s russia, maybe it’s the mob again, maybe it’s just corporate actors, or all of them. but this is insane.

  5. Lock his fucking ass up along with Trump an the rest of this ministration and the spineless Republicans. Send all their asses to Guantanamo Bay. Throw away the fucking key.

  6. Investigate Nunes. Drain the swamp. And while you're at it, Jim Jordan could use a bit of auditing if not a full investigation considering how much vitriol is coming out of him during these proceedings.

  7. I say if Parnas sings like a bird and tells all, is verifiable and in the process takes down multiple actors in this whole shakedown on Ukraine for loyalty to Trump's personal/political ambitions that his sentence should be reduced to almost nothing. It's much better to have corrupt politicians exposed, and put in jail so they can't do further harm while they hide behind the facade of representing the american people and providing public service. The amount of damage people like Nunes are likely to be doing to the country and their offices is outrageous.


  9. But Devin Nunez set in the impeachment hearings like he had amnesia and he was not part of this and here he is right smack in the middle next to Donald Trump this one needs to go to they need to clean the whole White House out

  10. Sean Hannity cannot read a three-letter name ?!?!? So his tiny brain goes to the closest WASP name it recognises. And this is one of Faux News' best 'readers" ??? LMFAO

  11. Nunes has "no right-no business" being involved as minority head of the Intelligence Committee…. Nunes is directly involved "IN" the scandal that he is over-seeing as minority head? Go figure?

  12. Nincompoop Nunes LOOKS like he is drugged, or can’t sleep anymore! Ah the world of criminals!
    Hey nincomPOOP, YOU act GUILTY!

  13. Is thete anybody that works with Trump not is not a crook. Cant think if any. 5 in jail. 6 to go save the country..

  14. So, the cow wasn't lying about Noonass. Noonass is the corrupt Trump ass tick that sneaks into the cow barn at night wearing nothing but a flimsey camisol. He isn't there to milk the cows, that IS for sure.

  15. You lying POS. You soew this propaganda garbage daily. It proves he talked to rudy. Someone he has known for 10 years. Asswipe

  16. And why the world not only doesnt trust amerikkka anymore, but now are straight up laughing😅😅😅😅😅

  17. They as in all of them from trump all the way down the food chain are guilty as sin. Greed makes you do stupid things .

  18. But , shouldn't his phone records be his business , and not Adam Schiffs business ? Is inspector Clouseau at work again ? Col Flagg ?

  19. Funny how he can remember things that happened three years ago during the campaign but can't remember talking to someone a few months ago. Selective memory.

    This is why he tried so hard to say on TV that this whole Impeachment was a scram. Because he knows if more investigations continue that he would get found out about his involvement with helping Trump get Ukraine to investigate the Biden’s. This is why Nunez looked so Guilty every time he talked about this Impeachment and would not look at the facts. NOW WE KNOW WHY!!!
    I bet, Nunez was is this whole cover-up from the start. He may have been the one to come up the this whole thing..

  21. You are reporting fake news…just becauae he took a call doesnt mean he was in the Ukraine. Nunez was in a different country.

  22. Did you notice how full of [email protected] Sean Hannity is? He is acting as if he doesn't know the name Lev Parnas. He pronounces it as if it's the first time he is reading it by saying "Les Parnez". How stupid does he think the people are. More importantly, perhaps someone can explain to me why Devin Nunes is on a panel to determine the guilt or innocence of Trump, in a scandal where he is CLEARLY INVOLVED? We really need to clean house with the GOP and start over.

  23. It's also funny because Devin Nunes can't even deny talking to Lev Parnas because they have the phone records, so he tries to suggest that he doesn't really remember talking to them, and then queries why would CNN rely on this? Well, it is a FACT that he was talking to them, so what difference does it make?

  24. Nunes, Jordan, Collins, MEadows, Scalise, Lindsey… the bet is that they all knew Nunes was complicit… ALL OF THEM KNEW, including traitor-trump, Pompeo, Bolton, Barr, Pence!! SCUM OF MOTHER EARTH CRIMINALS = GOP.

  25. Nunes is just like Jordan, all high and mighty right up until they get caught in a scandal. Then they miraculously have memory loss issues!!! Same thing when Hannity got caught working with Cohen. He "forgot" to mention his relationship with him while he was ranting on Fox for criminal Trump!!!

  26. Nunes is a tratior, he has been protecting Trump since day one.
    He's getting money from Putin.
    Why else is he covering Trumps ass. There has to be something in it for him, and thats money.

  27. Do you know this Ronald Trump, Donald Grump, guy, whatever his name is? I might have spoken to him. I'll have to check my records…

  28. All the GOP is in on this! Why do you think dozens and dozens of GOP lawmakers decided not to run in 2018 and 2020? They wanted no part of this

  29. These are some of the dumbest criminals in frickin history of stupid crimes.

    I knew his ass had something to do with this 💩. Dumbass couldn't keep his shit together. Always had to be heard. Like he's important.


  30. Travel on the taxpayer dollar to do tRump's political dirty-work? Sounds illegal to me, and now the slimy weasel turd is pretending he didn't even know who Lev Parnas is? Yeah Devin, you check your records. MOOOOOO!

  31. Nunes is an ass kisser to Trump and will do whatever Trump says .They are all puppets to him and all of them are going down with Trump I don't know why all these people want to ruin their lives for their life and will probably never get a good job again

  32. I guess Nunes better be contacting his lawyers again. These are some of the most ignorant bunch of criminals EVER!

    Fox: The network to run to when you want your supporters to believe our BS!

  33. This little segment shows how much Hannity pays attention to the news and how much he knows about anyting when you can't even pronounce the f**** name of someone who's instrumental in the impeachment case Hannity just another Fox fictional news speaking head who's making too much money and is willing to lie for the money and give up his country to the Russians

  34. Nunes has never told the truth since he's been in Congress is congressional district is got to be totally embarrassed by this a soul the right-wing deserts of California they support the Republicans who are taking away their food stamps because they receive more food stamps than anybody

  35. If all of these players are investigated that really should be, are we in danger of running out of investigaters? See how #45 and associates are ensuring job growth?
    Winning, winning, winning!!! So much WINNING!!!

  36. All of the Republicans that holds office needs to be kicked out they're not honoring our constitution they're honoring Donald Trump and if you think this going to work in 2020 thank again your own people going to kick you out watch and see

  37. It's sort of sad watching all these Trump defenders talking his line. What's in it for them? They seem to assume he'll be re-elected. Nunes is in it deep but he'll only come clean in front of a judge. Maybe.

  38. Criminal Behavior 101, never have phone conversations that can be traced back to yourself. Is Nunes such a box of rocks that he never heard of a burner phone, or how to get one ??? Devin Nunes' Mom should not have suffered through a live birth with Devin, a Dilation & Curettage would have been more appropriate.

  39. These people Sean Hannity Fox News Devin Nunes the Republican Party Rush Limbaugh Alex Jones and the likes Are all obviously RUSSIAN agents to steadily break up to pieces the USA from the inside the United States of America.

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