Diagonal Composition Part 2
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Diagonal Composition Part 2

October 13, 2019

Lorna, shoulders against the wall, feet forward, crossed, stomach in. Rigid good women. Can you just kinda look out onto the lake, there’s some really nice light going on in there too. So just by zooming in onto lorna and keeping the camera straight I’ve got a nice diagonal portrait going on. Course it’s a nice enough picture with a clock tower up on the right hand corner of your screen but by adding another element you can
begin to create a diagonal all on your own, it’s as simple as that. the other thing you can do to add a bit of diagonal impact is to tilt your camera a bit, now Lorna learnt how to teleport and got here before me. Aren’t you clever ay. Lorna do a straight out into the lake, think warm thoughts. Let your shoulders relax, now if i take a shot of Lorna from here just a straight on, up and down it’s a nice shot, but look just by giving the camera a little bit of a tilt off like that i can just get a kind of slightly surreal worldly look to it. You can use tilts to make your own diagonals with cars, weddings this one kinda has his own line
and even the Queen’s best birds when you put a couple of tilts into a picture, you may see something uninteresting and a no parking sign can
actually work really really well in a picture, if i just take a picture of it up straight, it’s really rather dull isn’t it? If you tilt it, just a little bit and think because
their chimneys and a bit of sky going on in the background it immediately becomes a bit more interesting, even something like that. But be subtle with your tilt if you notice
from the pictures I’ve done very few have the tilts go diagonally
corner to corner like the Natural diagonals do, if you
over do it can look really rather rubbish, let’s just over do this one. Do you see what i mean? it doesn’t really work, does it? so whether you’re gonna use diagonals, naturally-occurring ones whether you’re gonna start moving yourself around to get things to align the way you want them
to, or you’re gonna start tilting your camera, diagonal impact in an image makes for exciting pictures.

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  1. It's the best explain of photography I found and I enjoy the way how you do it. I'm really pleased you share it. Thank you!!

  2. Mike so i was taking the same shot you were on a bring wall while the sun was setting and i noticed my photos really warm, and i see your photos have like a nice natural skin tone to it. What white balance are you using? or is it Kelvins?

    Great teacher, I've learned almost everything i know from you ! (:

  3. Sorry I can't post on your comment +Uriel Miramontes (https://www.youtube.com/user/BrownHawkDown323) I think you need to change your G+ settings. I probably set a sunny WB BUT I was shooting RAW so i finalised white balance in Lightroom

  4. Mike…what lens are you using in this video to take these pictures, if you don't mind me asking. I notice or it seems that you use it in many of your videos. Thanks

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