Dick Durbin: Trump could cause constitutional crisis
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Dick Durbin: Trump could cause constitutional crisis

October 19, 2019

Senator Durbin thanks for joining us
President Trump says the newness memo totally vindicates Trump in the probe
does it no of course it does not and the fact that the Republicans in the House
refused to allow a Minority Report the Democratic response to their memo is an
indication that this they’re just bound and determined to continue to find ways
to absolve this president from any responsibility I agree completely with
John McCain it was John McCain who said trying to undermine the FBI and the
Department of Justice is really not in the best interests of America and
frankly it’s doing Putin’s work we ought to be trying to focus on a investigation
and a professional level by Bob Muller and not trying to find a way to obstruct
justice or to absolve this president from any responsibility he has I want
you to take a listen to what the House Intelligence Committee Chairman Devin
Nunez said about the allegations laid out in the memo of FISA abuse take a
listen I think the American people understand
that the FBI should not go to secret courts using information that was paid
for by the Democrats to open up investigations get warrants on people of
the other political party now come type of stuff that happens in banana
republics now it seems as though the judge was told that the information from
the steal dossier was funded by a political source but it was not
specifically referred to as having been paid for by the Democratic National
Committee and the Clinton campaign do you think that’s problematic what Nunez conveniently ignores this
investigation was under way too long before the involvement of the steel
dossier and in fact the court was advised that there was a political
source to it the judge in issuing a FISA warrant has to weigh whether or not
there’s something in the background here that should disqualify the issuance of a
warrant and he decided repeatedly that it did not the Nunez memo if they
allowed the Democratic response to come out would be discredited itself the
information the facts tell a totally different story
so senator just to play devil’s advocate here one could really look at this
objectively and say look I get what you’re saying about the new
his memo but the Democratic Party isn’t exactly bathed in glory here Mother
Jones magazine broke the story of the dossiers existence in October 2016
the intelligence chiefs felt the need to brief the incoming and outgoing
presidents of the existence of the dossier in January 2017 and the fact is
the public didn’t find out that the Hillary Clinton campaign in the DNC paid
for the dossier until a little over three months ago in October 2017 this
dossier was used for this FISA warrant a surveillance warrant of a trump official
and the Clinton campaign and the DNC didn’t disclose that isn’t that
problematic I could tell you that that is one piece of evidence its credibility
has to be judged by law enforcement officials first ultimately by a judge
and perhaps by a jury but to say that that’s the end of the investigation but
this is all the Donald Trump needs to fire Rosenstein or to fire Bob Muller
I’ll just tell you this could precipitate a constitutional crisis if
the House Republicans believe they’ve set the stage for this president to end
this investigation they are basically saying that in America one man is above
the law and that’s not a fact I’ve got to make sure that we explore all the
possibilities and all the evidence I want to get to that and I understand
your larger point but would you would you grant the point that the DNC and the
Clinton campaign should have disclosed much earlier than they did to the public
that they actually funded this dossier of course you know as well Jake that the
actual political motivation and beginning of this was on the Republican
side it was then switched over where there
was Democratic funding it really goes to the credibility but that is an issue
that the judge and issuing the FISA warrant takes into consideration and all
of at least some other Trier of fact will as well but the same now that we
can say as the president said it’s all over stopped the investigation I’m above
the law and I shouldn’t be investigated any
further that is an extreme position and it’s inconsistent with one of the
fundamental rules of law in this country well I think in point of fact the
opposition research project was funded by Republicans but this
dossier per se was funded by Democrats but this appears to be a dry well so I’m
gonna move on before the memo was released Democrats were sounding the
alarm that putting it out could compromise national security and
intelligence sources and methods take a listen to the ranking member of the
House Intelligence Committee Adam Schiff last week I think we have crossed a
deeply regrettable line in this committee where for the first time in
the 10 years or so that I’ve been on the committee there was a vote to politicize
the declassification process of intelligence and potentially compromise
sources and methods do you see any evidence of sources and methods
compromised in the memo I tell you I can’t answer that without being on the
inside and understanding the sources it was the FBI itself not Adam Schiff whom
I respect very much but the FBI itself that said the release of this memo would
be reckless that was their work reckless and yet the
House Republicans were bound and determined to do this in order to stop
this investigation of the president and those around him I want to ask you it’s
about the fact that the president as you alluded to it seems pretty clear from
the response of Trump and his allies to the memo that it could if not likely
will be used as pretext for the President to fire Deputy Attorney
General rod Rosen Stein or Special Counsel Bob Muller what will you do if
he does if he carries out either one of those actions listen this would be an
extreme event and one that I say with some caution could create a
constitutional crisis in this country the question at that moment is whether
or not the majority Republicans in the House and the Senate will stand up for
the rule of law in the Constitution if the president takes that extreme
position trey gowdy who’s retiring from the house and republican conservatives
in South Carolina said he saw nothing in this memo that undermined the
investigation and he still had confidence in Bob mower I hope people
like mr. Gowdy will continue to make those statements and stand behind the
rule of law if the president takes this extreme action this precipitous action
I’m afraid that it could lead to a confrontation we do not need an America
but can you be more specific about what Democrats might do well I can’t I don’t want to predict
that I think that’s too hypothetical but we understand what the Constitution says
we must do and that is hold everyone in the United States including the
president the United States accountable if they have violated the law no one
including the president is above the law let’s switch to immigration the
Democrats have been protesting the changes that President Trump has
proposed to the legal immigration system limiting family reunification or
so-called chain migration so it’s only for spouses and minor children and
ending outright the diversity Visa Lottery you in 2013 voted for the gang
of eight immigration bill that contained similar provisions ending visa diversity
lottery and eliminating the ability of brothers and sisters to enter the
country on family reunification visas so why oppose it when President Trump is
proposing at this time the answer is very obvious the comprehensive
immigration reform dealt with 11 million people in the United States and gave
them a path to legal status over a long period of time we swept away all of the
existing applications for family members of seeking visas over three million of
them were going the backlog was going to be wiped away and we were going to bring
them into the United States and then moving forward change the standard that
is not what President Trump is suggesting understand what they are
proposing they want to cut legal immigration into the United States a
family members some of whom have waited 20 years or more to join up with their
families here this is no longer about the security of the United States it is
not about competition for American jobs it is an effort by them to make a
different immigration policy in the future one that envisions in America
that is much different than it is today this is not an acceptable premise
senator has CNN poll after the government shutdown when Democrats
forced the government shutdown over the over the dreamers two weeks ago found
that 56% of Americans polled thought that keeping the government opened was
more important than continuing daca the next deadline to fund the government is
Thursday do you vow right now that you will not shut the government down again
if there’s not a dock a deal before the deadline there is not likely to be a
dock idea though we’re working every single day on telephone calls and
person-to-person to try to reach this bipartisan agreement I think we’re
making real progress I want to salute the moderates in both the Republican and
Democratic caucuses in the Senate they have really been a positive voice
Democrats and Republicans sitting in the same room working to try to solve this
problem I don’t see a government shutdown coming but I do see a promise
by Senator McConnell to finally bring this critical issue that affects the
lives of hundreds of thousands of people in America finally bringing it to a full
debate in the Senate that’s what we were looking for when there was a shutdown we
have achieved that goal we’re moving forward
Senator Durbin I understand you’re rooting for the Patriots this evening
I’m not gonna bring up the subject and I hope you have an OK Sunday night thanks
so much for watching for joining us I mean thanks Allen

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  1. Hahaha! Look at all of u weak, brainwashed, lost little liberals. So f*cking crazy. Able to sit in your madness and continue to deny EVERY f*cked up thing your entire leadership structure has been doing. I STILL, have yet to see ANY sign that u freaks, en masse, have admitted to, accepted, been honest about or denounce ONE thing that has been brought to light about the maniacs u follow, without questioning ANY of the horrible sh*t they have been doing

    Nothing! So many people, in complete denial. How f*cked up and lost u r. Right up till the end, i will ignore reality.

    I used to think it was funny. Now, I think it is horribly sad. Because, most of u, (not all), r Americans.
    But, u have been so twisted, u hate your country, no hate HALF the population of your country, if u r white, u hate yourselves and your culture. Hate, hate, hate, hate, hate.
    Think about it, u literally HATE half the people in this country.
    You arent going to change a thing either.
    It doesnt matter if your crazy liberal reps and leaders showed up and admitted EVERYTHING they r accused of. U would not accept it.

    U r all lost and u arent going to come back. In the future, u will all remain ENEMIES of this country.

    But, u havent thought it through. Not at all. U r enemies of our country. And u want to remain our enemies. Do u know what that means?

    U cant b allowed to hurt our country, our families and freinds. Our futures, or our pasts. U cant b allowed to sh*t on our culture anymore.

    That is what it means. U can't b allowed to coexist with us. Because YOU r bent on the destruction of our conservatives, even though we do not feel the same toward you.

    You cant b allowed to continue what u have been doing. And your leaders r not going to help u. Because they r the ones who put u in this situation in the first place.

    You were tricked, manipulated, lied to and twisted. By your leaders.
    And now, something has to b done about you.

  2. This is what bothers me about the press and the Democrats– everybody is conveniently forgetting that this dossier was first funded by a Republican website on behalf of a republican who wanted opposition research done on Trump they started it and abandoned it and then the Democratic party picked it up and pay for it nobody mentioned that in the memo. do they think we forgot? And get to that is what happened I'm sick of these people!

  3. The ambición of a few had brought a constitutional crisis already, The worst thing that could ever happen to this country was Hilary Clinton & Donald Trump.

  4. This person is as bad as these trump haters on this page DEMO.RATS we're wondering what's is in those memo papers LIBERALS _RATS

  5. There was no FISA court warrant abuse by the FBI, as Rep Nunes is cherry picking his facts and leaving out the context! The fact is that the GoP started the development of the Steele dossier and they did not disclose such facts!

  6. Trump's in a no win situation. Can't fire Mueller directly because only the AG can. If he moved to fire Rosenstein, Mueller would accelerate his time table and possibly indict him (making charges public in the process). Then leave it to the courts and congress. GG

  7. Hilary and her supporters should hang for treason. From Bernie to Donna, all the way thru to the Bush's and all you sheep. Telabise the hangings and make room in gitmo for all the MSM supporters of the past 4 corrupt administrations.

  8. People of congress sold us out to the idea of a global economy so much so they can no longer protect the safety of anyone inside the vanishing borders and you're calling trump a problem. You sir need to get a bigger size underwear or something.

  9. Fools!! Constitutional crisis began when FBI/justice department used a dossier that was known to be fake and lied to a federal judge about where and from whom the dossier came from so they could get a warrant to spy on a opposition party. The only people who aren’t smart enough to understand who was behind all this is the “FAKE NEWS” anchors. What a funny thing to watch………all you DNC employs at CNN trying to put a spin on this. Doesn’t matter if some republicans were also behind this……….they also were bias and hated Trump🤣😂 It came from swamp dwellers who despised Trump and this was not disclosed to FISA. You guys are shady bastards. We need a constitutional crisis and we need to wipe the floor with all the skunks behind this and if it causes a war, so be it. No one, including higher ups in our CIA,FBI, and justice department are above the law. 😂🤣😂🤣🇺🇸🇺🇸🇺🇸🇺🇸🇺🇸MAGA🇺🇸🇺🇸🇺🇸🇺🇸🇺🇸

  10. So having a bunch of liars near the top of the DOJ and FBI and catching them with their hands in the cookie jar, is a constitutional crisis? How so, asshole. The only people who were wrong in this whole mess, is all DEMS from Hillary on down and those who lied to a judge with their testimony or signature on the application to the FISA judge. The DEMS are continuing to pursue the traitorous ways of Obama and Hillary, supporting those despicable bastards will not be good.

  11. This "memo" is nothing but distortions, lies of omission and innuendo that demonstrates nothing. It also discloses intelligence information to Russia, which is plainly traitorous.

  12. Trump is seeking to become the American Putin and is trying to undermine those agencies that can put a check on his depredations. There is no ploy he will not try to accomplish this. Its all about lining his pockets with impunity.

  13. Thanks Mr Deutsche bag d erbin u need probed big time let's get real u r maxen waters and oboma Hillary Schumer Pelosi Schiff rosenstien Blumenthal u want 2 f America

  14. Trump Must be Removed From Office !! ——– No compromise at all !! — And Hoosier-Boy Pence Must be Controlled !!

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  16. corrupt cowardly dishonest deplorable dnc 'leadership' legacies shamed sabotage schemes exploitation agendas intimidation interference and polluted partnerships may have caused more than a constitutional crisis, and certainly the clinton catastrophe crew cesspool circus 'coverage' longs for the days they could deflect and deny simple stolen election debate question debacles. lol.

  17. Durbin is a whinny " snitch". Would you ever have him as a friend? Would you ever confide anything to him?
    Where I am from, you are in serious trouble for doing what you did concerning "shithole" nations.

  18. the way this stupid liberal is lying shows that he is one of these liberal rats jumping off the sinking ship LOL   GO PRESIDENT TRUMP BUILD THE WALL NOW!

  19. LETS HOPE THIS DOES CREATE A CONSTITUTIONAL CRISIS. But its still not Trump that did it. It is the dems that got caught remember not Trump. The dems have been using all the tools of state against not only its own people but specifically Republicans. Not only did the dem cabal do this they also conspired to actively commit Treason in doing so, in the attempt to remove The Lawful President Donald Trump with fabricated evidence salacious slurs with criminal intent to unlawfully unseat A Sitting President from "The Office of The President of The United States." <<< That there is T R E A S O N & Conspiracy to it. DO NOT FOCUS ON THE MEMO But on this fact, DEMS HAVE & ARE STILL ATTEMPTING A SOFT "COUP DE TA"

  20. Sen Dick Durbin its a shame that you guys are running from the truth. How will you fill if an independent or republican party administration decides to use the tool of the DOJ or FBI to target the opposition party member? Durbin is taking from both sides of his mouth and it 's a fat shame.This is absolutely a disgrace coming from a senator.The only outcome that you guys want is any that impeaches Trump even if the president is innocent.SHAME ON ALL THIS EVIL PEOPLE TAKING FROM BOTH SIDES OF THEIR LIFES.

  21. I am not an American so Pls explain this to me. First reduce growth of workforce, at the same time promote growth of local industry when unemployment is low. This will only lead to wage increase and unions will become very strong and the products will become expensive and then no one buys these products and then industries and stocks collapse. How does this make sense? It's a recipe for disaster. Immigration is the fuel that has made America an economic power house that it is today, if you guys cut the fuel there will be no growth. Or is this a plan to make America the last refuge for the white race? But the European whites don't want to come to America. Bad policies from every angle, unless the plan is to make America fail.

  22. OK Dickey you have the perfect name for who you are I see why your parents named you that. I know you had a great throughout school esp high school ROTFL. You are such an embarrassment lol KARMA Dickey boy.

  23. The question is whether the Republicans will stand up for the rule of law.

    In that case, stick a fork in us, we're done. The Republicans have envisaged Guantanamo which broke every rule of international law and which can't be closed BECAUSE it is illegal. They created a spy state that destroyed the 4th amendment with the Patriot Act. They destroyed democratic (small d) forms of campaign funding with CItizen's United, they've supported a president's efforts to enrich himself at the cost to taxpayers. The GOP are criminals that are going to drag this country to hell.

  24. I feel this was a fair take. Any detractors? Please argue how this is fake news, if you so claim, with reasons and evidence! 😀 (Trolls need not reply)

  25. CNN is trump hate crazy,,,Hillary lost,,The FBI is against president trump,,,Never trust the FBI,,,an CNN,

  26. oh how i just love watching the MORONS on the left, and so called media outlets like CNN, the FAKEST name in news, try and spin this memo.
    As someone who had never voted for or supported any republican and always had prided myself in being a democrat, all I can say is that the party of Kennedy is a fucking disgrace…
    I will never support them in any election EVER AGAIN…
    STOP FUCKING LYING YOU SO CALLED PROGRESSIVES, We the people are not as dumb as you wish we were… Trump was right when he claimed he had been wire tapped, Frankly, he has been right a awful lot come to think of it.
    GROW UP or face the consequences of your lies liberals… IT IS CALLED THE SILENT MAJORITY FOR A FUCKING REASON…..DUMBASS

  27. So, based on the memo, the proper course of action would be to resubmit the FISA application, or at worst to drop investigation of Carter Page. It does not lead to Mueller being fired by any stretch. If you can't have a government investigation with any players with any ties to the Democratic party then there can never be any investigation of the Fuhrer or any of his henchmen and we no longer live in America. I'm starting to wonder if we do.

  28. No not trump at all you parasite cunts .if they hadn't have broken the law in the 1st place none of this would of happened. Do you understand you fucking cancer of society

  29. How could the Constitution be violated by the Executive Branch exercising it's powers inherently contained within the Constitution?

  30. American people you elected the most idiot person in world , now the world is laughing at you. I guess I should say you deserve it.

  31. You mean the left wing Marxists who committed treason by spying on a presidential candidate, and are currently committing a coup. All left wing Marxists in the U.S. should be sentenced to the electric chair or a decapitation in a public gathering. FUCK ALL COMMIES.

  32. What a lying sack of crap, the Republican are not denying the release of the dimocrat memo, they just require them the stand in line, and jump thru the same hoops the liberals required the Republican go thru, funny how these puffed up windbags feel they get to go to the head of the line, when they FINALLY decide they have something to say.

  33. See? This is what real journalism looks like. Tapper isn't towing a party line like the Hannity clown posse at Fox News.

  34. could? constitutional crisis since LBJ ordered a hit on JFK, 911 and then some
    THIS ELECTION is the result and the continuation of a constitutional crisis and
    CNN LYING ABOUT 911&IRAQ WMDs. CNN&FOX. the "volksempfänger" of the 4th Reich

  35. The fact that this moronic idiot would institute an constitutional crisis just to save his sorry pathetic ass is appalling.

  36. trump owes so much $$$ what is he not paying with ?making MEXICO grate again
    Trump’s 7th and biggest bankruptcy will be the United States of America.= united state of russia

  37. Latest news… Trump to be given a state visit of the UKs brothels where he will sample some beef broth before being scrubbed with wire brush and disinfectant. Tickets are limited and will be issued on a strict first to come basis, more tea vicar?

  38. The Nunes memo documents the fact that James Comey, Andrew McCabe and Rod Rosenstein made false statements to a FISA Court Judge. Making false statements to a FISA Court Judge is a serious felony punishable by many years in prison. This is an extremely serious issue. The FBI at the senior level is operating with reckless disregard for the law. At the very least James Comey, Andrew McCabe and Rod Rosenstein MUST BE PROSECUTED, CONVICTED AND SENTENCED TO PRISON or THIS sort of serious criminal misconduct at the FBI, CIA AND DOJ will continue and become much worse.

  39. The FBI has become little more than a corrupt political protection racket for sale to the highest bidder. This a very serious Criminal issue. The FBI involved in this sort of corruption must be prosecuted, convicted and sentenced to prison or THIS behavior will continue and become much worse.

  40. Little Dickie Durban and Little Johnny McCain are shaking in their boots. Keep lying boys, dig that hole as deep as you can, we'll find you!

  41. Durban you lying piece of crap! The Republicans funded the dossier?! Bwahahaha 🤣!!!!! There's a special place in hell for people like you pal. 👿

  42. Durbin, stop lying. No one is denying a democratic rebuttal. You people are asking for your own set of rules. You must follow the DOJ rules just like Nunez did. So put your big boys pants up and get to defending your position. Good luck.

  43. Either Trump knew that people in his campaign were dealing with the Russians to influence the election in his favor, in which case he was directly involved with collusion, or he didn't know, in which case he is simply incompetent. If he was directly involved with collusion then his tweets, speech, action, and attacks against the FBI and the intelligence community are direct evidence of obstruction of justice. If he is simply incompetent then he is allowing the people around him to make him appear guilty of obstruction. Either way, he is fooling a lot of people on the right and making the office of the President distrusted for the next generation of Americans.

  44. Its all fun and games until the IG investigation drops in March. The Oversight Memo was just a tip of the story, consider it an appetizer for the full heavy meal we will all have to swallow.

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  46. https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=unkjuod5WGE Video where Schiff is dealing with Russians seeking photos of Trump naked.

  47. Cnn. The most trusted liars? Putin dosn t pick our presidents and oboma and Hillary gave Putin uranium tell your idiot followers about that creeps

  48. Trump is afraid and is little helps are afraid with him, so they react in panic by lashing out at the FBI how are only the tools of the Truth.

  49. Durbin and all the rest of Congress REGARDLESS of Party are against ANY outsider being in the White House , The Powerful do not have the same rules as the rest of us . Could any of us refuse to answer to testify to Congress ? How about passing Laws fhat exclude themselves like Obamacare ? OK for the "Common People " but not them ?

  50. now you have new headline, liberals send your money you can get the whore out of prison, she'll set you straight, morons

  51. Doesn't Dicky the Dolt know there is already a constitutional crisis going on? Democrats using the FBI to illegaly spy on Republicans and use fake information as a basis for warrants? Come on Illinois, you need to smarten up and dump this idiot.

  52. CNN is a joke….you guys are so freakin out of touch with real working people it isn't funny. Keep throwing around the constitutional crisis word see if it'll stick like russia russia russia failed.

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