Did Trump Violate The Constitution Plugging His Own Club To Host Next G7? | The 11th Hour | MSNBC
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Did Trump Violate The Constitution Plugging His Own Club To Host Next G7? | The 11th Hour | MSNBC

September 10, 2019

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  1. The Constitution is for suckers. Ha! Ha! No one in power cares about the Constitution. That’s been obvious since the Constitution was written.

  2. The US Congress is sleeping on the job. Maybe, they have also sold their souls to the devil.

    This country is fast tracking on the way to disastrous moral and ethical suicide.

    No one, in the legislative branch has woken up to this murderous, 300 lb Orangutan. Trump is actually murdering all the values and laws that America enforces on itself and around the world.

    People are right when they say, everything trump touches, dies! Trump has killed America from within. Congratulations to the mentally deficient military, who just stood and watched. Did not lift a finget to protect the country they took an oath to serve!

  3. By the preponderance of the evidence presented in the Mueller Report (Vol 2), President Trump appears to be guilty of the "high crime" of obstruction of justice and now also the even higher crime of violating the emoluments clause of the Constitution. What is next is for an independent prosecutor to present this publicly in Congress to convince American voters to conclude that, in fact, #DJT is proven guilty (i.e. no longer presumed innocent). Therefore, let the impeachment trial begin.

  4. Let him have it there but since her said he makes no money, great, that means he will not charge for the services. Free to all for the g7. His words

  5. That's his biggest lie ever ,,that he's not interested in making money.YA RIGHT .I HATE THIS PRESIDENT .money is all he cares about

  6. Simple solution. The other leaders do not invite Drumpf Inc. to participate in next years meeting and move on to location in next host country. Solves the emolument problem AND, better yet, the competent leaders don't have to tiptoe around, soothing Baby Drumpf !

  7. The G7 countries MUST decline a summit anywhere that Dumbold Chump or his corrupt, criminal family have interests. Chump MUST be sent to prison – and I mean a serious, hard-core penitentiary – when he is ousted from office. He has made a mockery of America, Americans and American law and it's constitution.

  8. and located right in hurricane alley as is apparent today. always pursuing self-interests by someone who says he "doesn't care about money" and then complains about losing 4-5 billion by being president.

  9. Problem is he didn't build shot, US steel workers n contractors built them n then he filed bankruptcy n didn't pay.One of his buildings he had immigrants build n didn't pay again, he was sued n had to pay.His golf resorts n other buildings were built with money loans from Russia! Eric Trump stated they only deal with Russian banks no American banks , been going on since 1980s.Funny Trump stated "I have no ties to Russia, nope none at all"! Guess he forgot to tell Eric!Why he's hiding his financial records, if we see those he's gone because he's raking in money from Russia.Bought n paid for Traitor in the WH!

  10. this is nothing. What I still cannot comprehend is that Obama once wore a TAN SUIT and once actually saluted the military aides while leaving Marine One with a coffee cup in his hand. Can you believe that? That should be the outrage. Why has most of the media let those two egregious events slide away? I know Fox news hasn't. Tsk, tsk.

  11. What’s new??? How many times has Trump already done things that were unconstitutional??? When will we be rid of him, that’s the real question🤔

  12. The G7 members will need to bring their bed bug spray with them. Blatantly flogging your failing resort to proffer from official Government business surely is illegal……even for a failing president!!

  13. There is no question that he planned to line his pockets during his presidency all along. He said as much in the beginning. He has been the biggest shyster fraud ever, yet people are dumb enough to believe him. God save us all.

  14. Republicans are hypocrites and they all know it. If Obama had done something similar, they would have impeached him over. Republicans just turned a blind eye to what Trump does.

  15. Trump and his band are ALL above the law? Didn’t everyone know that? Doesn’t everyone know that trump is king? Come on, people, bow and scrape like all the other suppositories who value the king and his magnificence🤮


  17. Dear G-6 allies: Please turn down the offer to hold the summit at Doral. Maybe Trump will get the message that he's not the dictator of the world.

  18. What difference does it make whether Trump breaks rules or laws anyway? He's been shown to have broken a bunch of rules AND LAWS since his election, and he hasn't been held accountable for anything, so what good is it to even speculate about his publicly recommending another breech of the Emoluments Clause when he hasn't been questioned about breeches he's already made?

  19. If he doesn’t want to make MONEY why is he ADVERTISING it. He owns it. What’s wrong with Camp David?

  20. Trump committed obstruction of justice – repeatedly – listen to Mueller Report podcast or read it. Just like Nixon & Clinton did. Democrats in Congress not doing anything about it. So does anyone really think the spineless Pelosi & Schumer will call for anything to be done about his repeated violations of the Emolluments Clause? Corruption is rampant in Trump world & GOP & Congress are doing NOTHING about it!!

  21. Does any one remember when the worst scandal/ controversy on President Obama (and the right tried all the time to find something) was when he wore a Tan suit and they said that a Tan suit was unpresidential??? Everything this yahoo Trump does is unpresidential https://www.yahoo.com/news/happy-5-anniversary-barack-obamas-160748205.html

  22. What if he did? the US is so corrupt the people who are supposed to bring him to book are most likely in it with him. The US makes banana republics blush because most Americans are as gullible and backward as jungle natives.

  23. MSNBC and CNN become more childish with their petty, gossipy "reporting" on Trump with each passing day. They can't seem to comprehend that they're looking like Fools.

  24. The constitution? You don't even need to go that high, he straight up violated a law:
    § 2635.702 Use of public office for private gain.
    An employee shall not use his public office for his own private gain, for the endorsement of any product, service or enterprise, or for the private gain of friends, relatives, or persons with whom the employee is affiliated in a nongovernmental capacity, including nonprofit organizations of which the employee is an officer or member, and persons with whom the employee has or seeks employment or business relations. The specific prohibitions set forth in paragraphs (a) through (d) of this section apply this general standard, but are not intended to be exclusive or to limit the application of this section.

    Now you know more law than the President of the United States

  25. Trump doesn't care……..he has broken the law before being president and while being president ………nothing happened to him yet…..

  26. Make a trade. Trump's tax returns back to 1975 and all of his high school and college grades for G7 at his tacky resort.

  27. These distractions your trying aren't working. The ig report is here and we get to see the dumbasses from russiagate get locked up. Better run and hide hillary

  28. He really is sucking America dry. You gotta give it to him… He knows exactly wht it means to his business 😂😂😂😂💀💀💀💀💀

  29. Constitution what Constitution no one makes Trump follow the rules he does as he pleases while we scream for congress to impeach

  30. When folks comment on these videos about Trump being the best president and that he's doing a great job, that just tells me that they have nothing of value and nothing to lose. They just want him around to keep stirring up hate.

  31. We all assume when trump loses in 2920 he will just leave the WH and go back to NYC or wherever. That is how it works. That is how its setup in the Constitution. Trump has proven the rule of law and the Constitution do not apply to him and no one is holding him accountable for his actions. Therefore he does not have to go back anyplace, if he dose not want to, and no one will force him to. Really who will step up and drag him out of office when he has call on his domestic terrorist organization MAGA members to preform acts of domestic terrorism and violence if anyone trys. Trump and the Republicans in Congress have shown our form of government with checks and balances only works when they follow the Constitution. They have found out there is no well to hold trump accountable or them for that matter to any Constitutional authority to stop them or their abuses of power and corruption. Trump has a domestic terrorist army of millions willing to set him up as a full blown dictator at his feet and the world is standing by watching him set the stage to do just that. It's not going to be a peaceful event of the next president taking over when trump decides the election was rigged and he dose not have to leave and is not going any place. Will anyone step up and drag him out of the WH kicking and screaming when the time comes when his million terrorist stand ready to destroy the country for trump to become the country's first dictator?

  32. Who cares? What will Congress do about it! This can’t be the unconstitutional straw that breaks the camels back🤨

  33. This is a conflict of interest he should not be allowed to have the G7 at his properties he’s going to make millions upon millions off of taxpayers

  34. Let him steal
    Let him rob
    Let him cheat
    Let him lie
    Let him hate
    A wicked man will never ever get away with things like this forever

  35. YES HE VIOLATED THE CONSTITUTION by pitching his OWN resort for an international summit! Duh, there is no other way to argue this point. He wants the world leaders to gather in Florida in August, hurricane central, for his personal profit.

  36. Forget the greed for hotel fees, he wants for Putin to show up during the next meeting INVITED BY OTHERS OR NOT.

  37. Big separation in America

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  38. AND..how do we know the orange rectum is really a US citizen ? And even if he shows us a birth certificate, couldn't it be a fake?🤔NOW that rumor would be hilarious!

  39. T'Rump would violate the US Constitution if the G7 did meet at his club. Here's why:
    What Is the Emoluments Clause?

  40. Of course he did. Does it even matter anymore? When will it be “enough” so this country does something about it? We should hang our heads in shame. This is who we are now.

  41. It does not matter how many black haters MSNBC has on, fact is black America is waking up. Just like the Ents in the Lord of the rings. And when they wake up, they will realize they are powerful. Black America needs another democrat like they need another chain on their future.

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