Disability Guide to New Zealand Parliament
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Disability Guide to New Zealand Parliament

December 3, 2019

Hello! Welcome to Wellington Let’s look at what goes on
in parliament This is the Beehive, where the
Prime Minister has his office And Old Parliament House is where
the excitement happens… …in the debating chamber Most of the TV interviews you see
happen here It is the hallway between the
two buildings The debating chamber is just
down that corridor When politicians enter or leave,
they may have to… …fight their way out
through a media scrum! I like this building because it’s
nearly 100 years old So is this lift! [Lift chime sounds] This is the public gallery Anyone can come here
and watch politicians… …debate and argue But you must dress smartly!
No hats! The Speaker controls the debate
and stops the arguments Members of the political party
in power sit on this side… …the opposition is here All of the big issues affecting
the country are introduced in here… …working towards a positive
solution The Beehive is New Zealand’s
most well-known… …government building It looks like a beehive When people visit, it’s easy
for them to get lost All the offices and the lifts
are built in a circle It is easy for visitors to
get lost… …but if they look up,
and see the sign pointing north… …they’ll know where to go Bells ring to tell politicians
they must go to the debating chambers But there is a flashing light
to alert anyone who’s deaf [Bell chimes] This is the local pub,
Backbencher’s Where all of the politicians
come at the end of the day… …to drink, eat and continue
debating politics from parliament… …in a relaxing environment And after that, they can
rock and roll like John Key! [laughs]

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