DISGUSTING! Sex Offenders Sue Over Trick-Or-Treat Sign, Kylie Jenner, Gabbie Hanna, & Lebanon
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DISGUSTING! Sex Offenders Sue Over Trick-Or-Treat Sign, Kylie Jenner, Gabbie Hanna, & Lebanon

October 26, 2019

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  1. After today's show watch Gabbie make me tear up: https://youtu.be/i6Xf8YBoEoo
    Timecodes: Georgia 00:38 – Kylie 4:27 – TIA 5:50 – Lebanon 7:51

  2. Gotta say, there are variances to the sex offender tag. It's been applied to people for sexting as a minor. Not sexting a minor, but as a minor. So there is a little nuance to it, there's a bunch of ways you could be made to registered without being a rapist or a child molester, but, like with your extremely biased take on it, the moment you're just blanket labeled "sex offender" it no longer matters the details of your case. So, sorry Phil, your bias is a little unjustified this time. Just go trick or treat with your kids and keep them with you at all times.

    And yes, I know you did the research in this particular case, but this will be a case that will apply to all sex offenders, including the ones you at least specified aren't violent sexual offenders.
    Especially the man who was convicted of statutory rape of 2 14 year olds at 18… So he had sex with 2 girls he STILL was in school with.. While you can argue they are too young, legally yes, but I don't think this man is about to rape your kids. It was statutory for a reason. Those girls weren't forced, coerced, or anything of the sort.

    Also worth noting, I'm not a sex offender. I just have a mind of my own on this one and I don't think it's as black and white as Phil seems to. Especially with the 1st of the 3 guys.

  3. As much as I think the sex offenders are horrible people, I don’t think it is legal for the sheriff to be putting up these signs. It does seem to violate their rights, and though its hard to reconcile with the fact that these shitty people’s rights matter, it could set a precedent that violates non criminals rights.

  4. A sex offender LOSES all of their rights the moment they sex offend. I don't have any feelings for them what-so-ever in this case. I say… GOOD. Put a BIG FREAKING NEON SIGN above their house. "SEX OFFENDER HERE!!!!" That is exactly what we should do in the first place, not just on Halloween, but all year round.

  5. Murders dont have to place a sign in their yard. While sex offenders are disgusting, I'm conflicted because a person should he able to to serve their punishment and debt society and then move on with their life. If the government is so worried about them doing it again. It would seem that they where not rehabilitated and should not have been released and sentencing should have been longer. Put away a drug addict for life but let a sex offender out after 5 years. Ya that makes sense. How about it you rape someone, you get life in prison and we dont have to worry about weather or not signs are ok to place.

  6. A sex offender doesn’t want his privacy VIOLATED

    A sex offender doesn’t want to feel VIOLATED?

    The irony is ridiculous

    I’m sorry no sympathy for people like that. The safety of people outweighs a criminal’s privacy, when that criminal did something so horrific as what they did.

  7. People are either free or not. What did they do in Germany? Make Jews wear a star. If a sex offender is still a risk, he belongs in prison. If not, leave them alone. Don't let them out and harass the shit out of them.

  8. I think its disgusting that the sheriff would do this. I will say SA are not the best of ppl but hey ppl get that title because someone lied 🤷‍♂️

  9. People who got mad that people are pointing out they touched kids who in no way deserved it at any point of their young lives : "I don't like the signs they make me feel uncomfortable"

    Don't you think those kids were a lil uncomfortable? No? Not even a little bit?

  10. I am in full support of the no trick or treat signs. As a victim of sexual assault when I was a child, these people are the worst in my opinion. These men fucked up, now they have to face the consequences.

  11. I'm so glad you're talking about Lebanon 😀 there's just one thing I want to correct and that is: Hariri isn't the president of Lebanon. He's the prime minister. Michel Aoun is the president!

    Other than that, having these protests really did uplift everyone's hope in the last few days. Every time I go, the amount of people just baffles me completely! Seeing people dancing, singing, and chanting for change can really be fun; and it's nice to see everyone having a good time out of it as well! At the end of the day though, we're all still expecting major changes in our country in the near future~

  12. If people seriously think that Sex Offenders are just waiting to get their hands on kids, your closed-mindsets have something else coming.

  13. I'm sorry but those sex offenders should be thankful their lives aren't In my hands, they wouldn't be alive to bitch about us protecting our children if they were

  14. I thinkthe sex offenders do have a small point in terms of privacy, I only say that because they already took the legal steps required to register in that neighborhood and most likely have notice to neighbors. I've always thought any criminal should still have basic constitutional rights, like voting and privacy.

  15. Not ALL registered sex offenders are Child molesters. That being said, it sounds like these guys SHOULD BE LABELED-

  16. I understand there is a mixture of concerns with sex offenders, but generally speaking it seems pretty disgusting that there apparently isn't any "he/she served their time and welcomed back into society". There needs to be forgiveness and moving on otherwise if people are ostracized from society they are incentive to "burn it to the ground" so to speak. If you don't bring people into your system/group and dehumanize, treat them like second class citizens, scum with no path of redemption don't be surprised when they treat your group like an enemy to to vanquished.

    On the other hand, if a certain crime, like say pederasty, hypothetically has 90+% recidivism rate can they safely ever be let back into society? Should such crimes have a mandatory minimum of life in prison or exile?

  17. It's a well known thing that being entered on the sex offender registry means you can have no expectation of privacy about that status.

  18. If your a sex offender and I don't how small a charge you have, as long as your found guilty (because women lie especially for revenge). If your found guilty you give up all rights, your no longer included in the Amendments, if the state wants you to wear a collar that glows the words "I'm a sex offender" then you better put that damn collar on. Being a sex offender means you violated, created a painful memory/experience and took away from another human beings quality of life for a moment which could of felt like life time to a victim… You have no rights, should have your privates taken and medication to get rid of any desire for sexual activity, but you don't you get a break for some strange reason and all you have to do is follow the stay rules such as registry

  19. This only shows how being on a far political end is destroying the world, I still don't know why countries like USA or Costa Rica (the one I'm from) want to go to those extremes.

  20. Like Kylie Jenner, Alaska (RPDR) has also made a career off of capitalizing on her own (and other queens) references and dramas. Her songs are littered with popular catchphrases of other drag queens and RPDR moments. Even when the fandom turned on her and bombarded her social media with snake emojis, she owned it and made it part of her brand. Alasssssssska 🐍🐍🐍

  21. lebanon turned it into a party lol


  22. Maybe if you don’t want people knowing you’re a sex offender, you shouldn’t do anything that would get you convicted as such.

  23. The hard part for me Phil, and don't get me wrong I don't condone what they did, but they were registered as offenders, a public and view-able piece of information if people wish to know where they are. They have done and went through the societal norms of their respective counties. The fact that they are, with out there consent, being broadcasted to the public is a breach of privacy. You could argue that they are not entitled to this, but they went through the legal procedures. Plus there Offenses were from 2001, 2002, and 2007 respectively. I am not saying they have a limitation on when it happened. But since then has there been incidents? Have they been upstanding citizens? Is the Spotlight on them necessary?

  24. The perverts are right. There should not be signs in their yards. There should be tattoos on their foreheads to warn everyone 24/7.

  25. Masters of marketing = greedy, soulless, shameless monsters. The only reason they’re so “good” at marketing and making money is because that’s ALL they care about. I wouldn’t applaud them for that. It’s disgusting.They’re pathetic and they’re influencing an entire generation of youth.

  26. I cant see anything in this video.. that nose is fucking huge

    Ps. Sex offenders have no rights. They should be locked away for life or executed

  27. Those sex offenders should go back to jail for wasting the courts time. Once you commit rape of a minor you should have no rights what so ever when it comes to protecting children period.

  28. Phil: how many millions and millions of dollars can they make by using rise and shine as the name of a pallet and people just buying it for the meme? Shane Dawson: 😅😅😅

  29. Y'all need to split up the sex offender label. People going children is one thing, but putting a sign on every convicted sex offender also means people who've sent nudes of themselves while they were underage and other stupid shit.

  30. Not all sex offenders are pedophiles. Not all sex offenders are rapists.
    Some are people who urinated in public or had sex at parks.

    So I would have been ok with a "nonparticipation" sign that did not announce that they are sex offenders.

  31. To my knowledge, yes. These signs would be considered harassment, littering etc. I always thought the sex offender list was kinda stupid in how it functions and overall faulty by design for everyone. I stand with neither side because I believe both sides are wrong.

  32. Tbf I don’t really think that an 18 year old having sex with a 14 year old is that insane. It’s only a four year age gap and the 18 year old is barely of age themselves. It would be different if he had done that in his twenties or something

  33. Be careful about assuming all sex offenders are registered sex offenders because they committed a horrible crime. a female friend of mine was registered as a sex offender because she was caught having sex with her adult female partner in an empty parking lot in a forest reserve at 2am. in places like Illinois, you can be registered as a sex offender if you get caught peeing in an alleyway.

  34. I agree with the thoughts behind the sex offender registry. The problem is when everyone who does anything remotely related to anything to do with sex is added to it. It should only be for those who rape, or attempt to. I also think their should be a limit of how long they can be punished. <https://www.hrw.org/report/2013/05/01/raised-registry/irreparable-harm-placing-children-sex-offender-registries-us> That may seem like it is extreme, but I have read/heard of multiple cases where a person was drunk and their hands touched another person over the clothes. Yes, they should be punished. But should a 20 year old who did this, and no other crime for 30 years suddenly be put on the same registry as a guy who broke into a person's house and raped someone? Or a relative who raped a 5 year old.

    Personally, I think those who knowingly and willfully rape another person should at minimum face life in jail. The problem is when the punishment doesn't fit the crime.

  35. I’m confused why convicted criminals, who took away multiple people’s mental state… think they’re owed the law, even though no touching little children was not anything they had to listen to?

  36. Thank you for sheriff Gary long for keeping children safe. Keep the 🥾 boot on the sex offenders neck. The sex offenders can go eff themselves trying to get away with parents and kids not knowing sex offenders live in area. Obviously sex offenders didn’t learn their lesson and think the label won’t forever stick to their actions. No sympathy for sex offenders taking advantage of kids and unaware parents. ❤️❤️❤️❤️❤️❤️❤️❤️❤️❤️❤️❤️❤️❤️❤️❤️❤️❤️❤️❤️❤️❤️❤️❤️❤️

  37. Phil: how many millions and millions of dollars can they make by using rise and shine as the name of a pallet and people just buying it for the meme? Shane Dawson: 😅😅😅

  38. My personal opinion is that the sheriff shouldn't be allowed to do that. The sex offender registry is an outdated and failed concept that has way too many innocent people on it, people who are of no threat. Regardless of who filed the lawsuit, im glad its going through.

  39. If you don't want to be labelled as a sex offender, don't do something that will get you labeled as a sex offender.

    Or in the wise words of the violent yet loving host with the most, "Don't be stupid, stupid."

  40. ITT: Phil congratulates the state for publicly labeling citizens the state finds to be distasteful. Next week: Armbands for all Jews to guarantee them entrance into specialized vacation homes!

    Phil, though I agree child molesters are the worst of the worst, I find it despicable that you would advocate for an expansion of state power to label the citizens. It is a slippery slope and you should feel remorse for your lack of vision and naivety to historical record. There are better ways. Perhaps if parents don't want their children going to a sex offenders home they could, and this might be asking a lot, but, you know, actually be parents and go walking door to door with their damn kids? Since when did raising children become the responsibility of everyone else? There was a sex offender who lived in a neighboring street when I was a child and my friends and I were told by our parents not to go to their house. The parents who lived near that house would also sit out on their porches and oversee the activity in the street just to keep everything on the up and up (not that was likely any real risk).

  41. Thank you for talking about lebanon, and thank you for not spreading a bullshit story like other news outlets live you philly d ❤️

  42. While I agree 2 of those men are irredeemable one of them is a case of freshmen and senior relationship in high school and Phil himself would be a statutory rapist had he met his wife at that age it just comes off as a bit hypocritical to me

  43. Not gonna lie but even criminals have some form of RIGHT to privacy, Putting the sign outside their house that says "A Sex offender lives here, No Trick or Treating" is against that basic human right of Privacy.

    You can put the sign that says "No Trick or Treating here" but don't include the "Sex Offender" part just saying…

  44. I think s*x offenders SHOULD be required to either put signs up or spend time in the police department until it's at least 8pm or 9pm. I say "aye" to Sheriff Long's efforts in putting out the signs. At least he's trying to be proactive and look after the community.

  45. I’m just laughing at the irony of the people who’ve assaulted other people sexually trying to complain because they’re feelings are being hurt as a result of their own actions….

  46. That first sex offender… He slept with a couple of girls nineteen years ago, when just earlier that same year (before his birthday) it would have been perfectly legal. How can you justify treating him like a monster? He had lived fewer years by that time than the number of years he has lived since then.

    Kind of weird that for a given senior class (a mix of 17 and 18 year olds), half of them can sleep with a freshman and not only be totally in the clear, but even have bragging rights.. while the other half will go to prison and be forever reviled by society and Philip DeFranco for doing the same thing.

    20 year old offender? Yes, please throw the book at him. But high school age? Give me a break.

  47. I’m just laughing at the irony of the people who’ve assaulted other people sexually trying to complain because they’re feelings are being hurt as a result of their own actions….

  48. I normally agree with you 110% on these issues but I must disagree about the sex offenders list. This list has never been constitutional, or fair.
    It's far too easy to be on this list especially with a label as "with a minor"due to parents often pressing charges on boyfreinds of daughters and lawyers often get all changes dropped in exchange for filing which the opposing parents are happy for everyone to know that "he is a monster" and not that their "angel could ever be consensual."
    Some of these sitations can be even more silly- I know all to well from a childhood friend being dared to slap a girls butt. His profile reads "sexual asault vs a minor of age 14"
    Non violent crimes (ex-going for a kiss on a first date when its unwanted. No still means no) or at the very least if no skin to skin contact was made should not land someone a life sentence of shame.

  49. Hahaha butts county hahahaha
    Oh fuck Phil went off on those kiddie diddlers. Get um Phil post those mug shots and name those names hahaha keep doin the lords work bud

  50. if you don't want to be labeled as a sex offender maybe not sexually assault people lmao. i agree with phil like i guess i understand the legality part but are we suppose to sympathize with people who sexually assaulted minors? lmao

  51. I love Halloween I get to scream at kids faces telling them to fuck off every year and watching them cry as they walk away

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