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Dismantling NWO One Treaty at a Time

November 19, 2019

President Trump announced a soft exit
from the United Nations arms trade treaty last week throwing the
international community and the leftist media into a tizzy but did you know that
the globalists have other ways to take your guns we’ll explain today in this
episode of analysis behind the news where we provide the perspective that
you can use to help save American liberty and independence whio TV
reported online that UN spokesman Stephane to Zurich reacted to the
announcement saying the treaty is the only global instrument aimed at
improving transparency and accountability in the international arms
trade the report continued stating that the treaty is the first legally binding
treaty to regulate the international trade in conventional arms and was
overwhelmingly approved by the 193 member UN General Assembly in April 2013
and has been ratified by 101 countries first of all let’s look at the
legitimacy of this claim that the treaty is the only global instrument aimed at
improving transparency and accountability in the international arms
trade now if you were to remove the term arms from that statement and insert any
other trade description in its place say international automobile trade or
international clothing trade even international clothing pins trade or
international gaming trade whatever industry the first question that pops in
your mind should not be related to that particular trade rather it should be
directed squarely at the entity what I mean by that is who or what gave
the United Nations permission to manage any trade or even any thing you see the
United Nations was created by globalist to steer countries around the world into
participating in a structure of world government a structure that they have
set up a structure that is the complete opposite of our American system of
federalism which limits central government and protects our god-given
rights as we have pointed out time and time again the UN Charter is written in
such a way as to limit personal rights and establishes government as the source
of those rights as well as its final arbiter again this is the complete
opposite of what our founders created this means that the UN should never be
looked to as a problem-solver of anything it should be viewed as an
entangling alliance that our founders warned us against we need to get out of
the United Nations so let’s ask President Trump to walk back our
signature from the UN Charter as well but global has certainly have more than
one way to trample American sovereignty to take away your liberties including
the Second Amendment they could take away your liberties by say holding a
constitutional convention to scrap and rewrite the Constitution
for more on that look for our video that’s entitled tricked into gun control
they could also set up regional governmental bodies that usurp American
sovereignty in which Congress would delegate more and more of its
constitutional powers until it finds itself subservient to a higher
governmental power they could also write in specific rules and regulations into
proposed treaties or trade agreements pulled from other treaties that Congress
has yet to ratify for instance in article to that point 1/6 of the USMC a
the United States Mexico Canada agreement in the section on export
licensing references are made to many ARMs treaties so here’s the context
nothing in this article shall be construed in a manner that would require
a party to grant an export license or that would prevent a party from
implementing its obligations or commitments under United Nations
Security Council resolutions as well as multilateral non-proliferation regimes
this could mean that if a country is a signatory to an arms treaty then it may
be able to use that as an excuse to not grant an export license to a country for
certain arms or related parts also even if the u.s. never ratifies the arms
trade treaty its provisions may show up in future trade agreements which would
essentially be the same thing as the u.s. ratifying the treaty without Senate
approval this is the case currently with the u.s. MCA provisions of the law of
the sea treaty appear in the u.s. MCA but the Senate never has ratified the
treaty if the USMC goes through then that will
be the equivalent of basically adopting the treaty so while we applaud the
president in his efforts to safeguard our Second Amendment rights his
statement of never surrendering American sovereignty to anyone has yet to be seen
especially with his endorsement of the u.s. MCA getting out of these treaties
and these organizations is akin to untangling ourselves from the end
tangling Lyons’s our founders warned against and with the influence of the
United States you can bet that the build-up to a new world order would come
crashing down if we pulled our membership and told the UN to get out of
the US so please contact President Trump in Congress and tell them to protect
American sovereignty by stopping the u.s. MCA getting us out of NAFTA and
getting us out of the United Nations contact information is included below in
the description or in the comments then consider joining other Patriots at
the John Birch Society as we battle globalism and protect Americanism and
have been doing so for more than 60 years and please be sure to like and
share this video with others and until next time we’ll see you then

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  1. The UN is not needed period, stop supporting them and get them out, the building will be good for the homeless.

  2. PROTOCOL No. 7
    Protocols of Zion
    1. The intensification of armaments, the increase of police forces—are all essential for the completion of the aforementioned plans. What we have to get at is that there should be in all the States of the world, besides ourselves, only the masses of the proletariat, a few millionaires devoted to our interests, police and soldiers. 

    2. Throughout all Europe, and by means of relations with Europe, in other continents also, we must create ferments, discords and hostility. Therein we gain a double advantage. In the first place we keep in check all countries, for they will know that we have the power whenever we like to create disorders or to restore order. All these countries are accustomed to see in us an indispensable force of coercion. In the second place, by our intrigues we shall tangle up all the threads which we have stretched into the cabinets of all States by means of the political, by economic treaties, or loan obligations. In order to succeed in this we must use great cunning and penetration during negotiations and agreements, but, as regards what is called the "official language," we shall keep to the opposite tactics and assume the mask of honesty and complacency. In this way the peoples and governments of the GOYIM, whom we have taught to look only at the outside whatever we present to their notice, will still continue to accept us as the benefactors and saviours of the human race.

  3. Please, President Trump, get us out of the UN , they are not in our best interest !!! We need to Make America Great Again, and we must scrape UN Treaties !!!!


  5. Somehow I'm thinking we woke too late and are at this point too over populated to step back now and reclaim our sovereignty UNLESS PRESIDENT TRUMP can save us from the UN CONTROL. Calling him tomorrow!

  6. Would the original Trump base please wake-up and be ready; this dog and pony show is to keep you distracted as globalist agenda gets put in place behind your backs. Shell Not Be Infringed and it is illegal to hinder buying any guns or ammo; even illegal to tax guns or ammo! It is illegal to do a constitutional amendment that changes gun laws; they are not GOD.

  7. No. I don’t think you understand. They have been programming for Trump ( including the wall ) for over 60 years.

  8. I support the 2nd Amendment! Although at this point in our history, gun ownership seems to be mainly a distraction, and used as a POLITICAL TOOL for division/control. The weaponry have advanced way beyond guns; and in a revolution, if enough in the military/industrial/corporate… world use advanced Tech, radioactive bioware, etc., revolting citizens (armed with guns or not) have major challenges…, especially since the controlling (powers-to-be) Forces use covert methods, airctaft, drones, etc. Regardless of the deltas, citizens shall have the right to keep Arms and defend themselves, families, property!

  9. as i said Hillary and her minions accuse and point every where else because either they want to make what theY do seam common place or to hide their own actions ,it is a shame CNN is bought and paid for by the very same people that hate Trump and our fight for national sovereignty over socialism and tyranny ,every commoner has the same rights as the queen of England in this country ,if you vote democrat you vote for slavery , VOTE / TRUMP 20/20 FOR national sovereignty AND THE FREE MAN

  10. Our POTUS is very vocal about not liking or caring about what the UN thinks… and, Thank God for that! I agree that we should ask that this Nation step away from the UN and, all of the laws they impose on Nations! It is yet another of those bad deals we're a part of that we need to change!~

  11. The UN can go pound salt . The only way they will dis-arm United States is by force and both sides will lose alot of Folksss . A few UN troops won't make it back home in one piece . We where sold out by or own politicians . Nutjobs everywhere you look .

  12. The laws for new statehood in the USA is what we had and never needed to join foreign unions like the UN or NATO or any others. Why did the states stop at fifty?

  13. I see YouTube has put a overlay of wikipedia's article of the 'new world order'. I suppose they want to 'balance' your truthful statements about the UN…

  14. As much as I hate the concept of the UN itself, I'm only glad they meet in the US because we can keep tabs on them. Also, it infers that the US is the only place that can be trusted. Maybe we can leave it but insist it stays in the US for purposes of surveillance.

  15. It's long past time to GET US OUT! President Trump should order everybody out then send a demolition team to implode the building.

  16. There was actually a resolution before the 115th Congress, HR 193, in January 2017, to remove the US from the UN, and the UN from the US, but it went to committee. https://www.congress.gov/bill/115th-congress/house-bill/193/text

    Rep. Rogers, Mike D. [R-AL-3]

    01/03/2017 Referred to the House Committee on Foreign Affairs.
    Action By: House of Representatives

    01/03/2017 Introduced in House
    Action By: House of Representatives

  17. thank you for the video , excellent message,,them NWO people are quite the trickster, thank God we have JBS to watch..

  18. The UN is the Universal Church ⛪️, the catholic synagogue 🕍/church/Bank who the Rothschild family is the fiduciary for their wealth. The federal government services (@washington dc)are owned by Cede and company/Vatican/crown corporation of London.

  19. "All of the most brutal & corrupt regimes in the word, who cannot even manage their own check books honestly, attempting to rule the world"… PoliticalSpectra.com

  20. He is putting fuel on the fire, for the rest of the world to invade the last standing free army and disarm US of A citizens. Making way for the NWO and the world will be begging for them to restore peace

  21. The UN is complied of all 57 Muslim nations plus the few that are too weak to stand erect and just say no. Take away our weapons in the US and since we are a Republic of Nations not a member of a socialist globalist community then you'd have France, Germany and Britain. No way to protect ourselves but we'd have sharia law. Isn't that what a globalist community is about? It's not what you get to keep (nothing) but, what you get to give up! Go away. If we aren't allowed to trade then you do without. Pull that membership. The UN building can house those illegals that are leaving.

  22. Dump the U.N. ban the globalist organization from American soil. Make a homeless shelter out of the building the U.N. now occupies!

  23. Bill I agree with you about everything except the USMCA because you all are not looking at the big picture of what is going to happen in the future. We will be needing the alliance of Canada, Mexico and South America.

  24. I tried to contact JBS three times about a situation I felt alarming but never got any type of response. The place I work for eliminates 80+ percent of literature in books and printed material through pulping. Twenty percent goes toward the shelf to sell but comes mostly through Goodwill. It just screams wasteful when so much knowledge goes straight to pulp and never serves to educate in a society that doesn't even give student schoolbooks now… Sounds very NWO and makes people more dependant on government. Is JBS ok with this?

  25. Thank Q Sir. Thank God for President Trump, and leaders around the world, that are standing up for their countries, standing up for their Constitutions/country first, and not bowing to foreign agendas and globalist demands. God Bless.

  26. Congress can pass any law they want regarding gun control. They wont be able to enforce it

  27. Ha! There is a NWO Wikipedia article on this video. Funny how just a few years ago they called Alex Jones a crazy conspiracy theorist & denied there was even such a thing in existence & now the knowledge of that tyranny is EVERYWHERE & he's banned off nearly all social media.

  28. good morning sir I'm trying to find the information you said so that we can call the president Congress I'm not seeing where the number is can you help me I'm out of Florida Panhandle God bless you thank you for your videos and your thoughts views and facts please could you give me a link or the information I've never done this before God bless you and your family

  29. I just wanted to inform you that I called the White House left a message for Donald Trump and it was nice to have somebody that was on the other end I also called Pelosi and Congress members they hung up on me when it came to Alexandra Cortez that really infuriates me that this lady has no intention and she knows that the green deal is a fraud but they just want to steal drain millions of dollars out of America it's just sickening I lost my son last year to this heroin epidemic he went to a middle-class School he was a great student a beautiful soul and I felt it in my heart to keep contacting these people for the urgency to get Muslims out of our country to protect our borders and to try to bring this country up and a way for the agenda 21 that's what I call it because what I found out about it that's what the name was! I really enjoy your site have a great day please keep making your videos the American people and things to do this and their countries these invasions people taking over their cities raping the women raping teenage girls and murdering people because they're not Muslims I'm not a mean person but I'm a mother and a grandmother I definitely believe in my second amendment in fact after watching wet Pelosi a mad Maxine we're doing the other day I went out there and did target practice 1 hour and it felt good not that I was using their face as a Target but just to know that I still to protect my family and myself if I had to it looks like those times are coming sir God bless you

  30. Trump "negotiated" the Super NAFTA, TPP, NAU treaty known as USMCA which has civilian gun confiscation power within it. How can he be thought of as a NWO nemesis when he has worked so hard to do everything he promised to work against.

  31. The problem is that many congress people take money from these UN members for passing funding to these UN countries that most of us can't pronounce their names….And remember the movie "Air America"………well many a  US senator  do business from these UN countries making their money under the table and unrecorded……….it will really be a stretch to think congress or the senate will call for the ouster of the UN from the United States…..too much money is changing hands.

  32. The UN is a very evil organization and controlled by people like the Rothschilds! They founded the UN so it would become the NWO government.

  33. Im also thinking their behind most of the mass shootings. For the sake of upsetting the dumb asses in the U.S.

  34. It's bashar Assad who's dismantling nwo. Was never part of UN, World bank, IMF and all that garbage

  35. I lived in Ethiopia during the May 1991 military takeover. We were warned that it was going to happen. Everyone I knew who was in the UN took off before the takeover and returned after it was over. They then were bragging about how they got to stay at five-star hotels in Rome, Paris, wherever. Who paid for these jaunts? Three guesses. Also, they bragged about eating at five-star restaurants. Maybe some UN personnel stayed behind. I didn't see them.

  36. Stop un interferences. Obama got us in, trump needs to get us out. They can’t control the world unless the United States goes in with them.
    No world government. Say no way to the United Nations.

  37. We've been living in it without our knowledge, all boarders, all forests, all industry…. Owned!. Doesn't "Luciferianism" come next.?(Albert Pike} All children made in the image of Baphomet.

  38. It is my understanding that Pres. Trump and his Father were and are supporters of the John Birch Society and what it stands for.
    I suspect the UN will be asked to vacate the US sometime after Pres. Trump ‘s visit to England coming up in May.
    Although the USMCA agreement has been drawn up, I don’t think Mexico(?) has signed it yet. Yes, he touts it as a much better agreement than NAFTA, however, would this incompleteness of the agreement be part of the plan to take down the NWO?
    I do believe this reversal of the corruption and pure evil has been planned for decades. I will wait patiently for now.
    I do like The John Birch Society and will save this video. And I will also email the President with these concerns.

  39. I don't want them dismantled. That's inadequate. If these scheming and murderous filth simply walk away, then that would be a gross injustice. How is it that the average person in the street is imprisoned for their crimes and yet scum like the Clinton's etc commit hienous crimes without reprisal. Answer. Because money can buy almost anyone. I want them all!!!

  40. UN has no business telling America what we should or need to do. America can do without the UN, they are not our friends. America was here long before the UN even existed, we Americans will continue to do so without them.

  41. America is America
    The United Nations is not America
    The United Nations says: “AMERICAN CONSTITUTION BAD”

  42. He supports zionists and the wars they want the US to fight
    I don't believe he is attempting to dismantle the nwo
    He was selected and approved by the NY zionists

  43. UN Migrant Compact will see 59 million migrants come to the west in the next six years. The UN is working with Western Governments and Catholic Church in human trafficking. UN is corrupt and needs disbanding. Trump has done the right thing. Let's hope more withdraw.

  44. That’s great that you have been battling for 60 years. Globalism it seems is more prevalent than ever.

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