DIY A-Frame Double Ladder Plant Stand
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DIY A-Frame Double Ladder Plant Stand

October 25, 2019

Welcome to DIY for homeowners.
We’re mother daughter projects. I’m Steph I’m Vicki and today we’re taking two
wood ladders and making an outdoor plant stand. About three years ago at a yard
sale we found these ladders and we were all excited because, we’re like, oh we can
make a plant stand with them. Well, three years later, we’re finally doing it.
So come join us as we show you how it all came together. The first step was to
remove all the stickers from the ladders. We’re using our new favorite plastic
razor blades to remove the stickers. We didn’t have any sticky residue to deal
with but if we did we would have used WD-40 to remove it. Next we clean the ladders as they have
been sitting in the garage for a couple years. We’re using two five and a half by
eight foot pressure treated fence pickets and three six inch by six feet
pressure treated fence pickets. Here I’m doing some basic sanding to remove the
roughness from the boards. Then we painted the ladders with the
same Behr outdoor paint that we used to paint my house a few years ago. We put the eight-foot pickets in place
and cut them to size with the circular saw. We didn’t want the wood to hang off
at all on the ladder so we just put the ladders in place and then we just
eyeballed where to cut the pickets. We painted all the pickets with my front
door paint color. Since the legs will be sitting on the ground we wanted to add
some rubber paint to the bottom to help protect the wood. We marked six inches from
the bottom with painters tape. And then we painted two coats of Flex Seal which
turns into rubber coating once dry. We waited a full 24 hours between coats as
directed on the label. The reason we went with fence pickets is
in case the plants leak there will be a gap in the middle where the water can
drain. We got the pickets in place and then
determine where to attach them. On these ladders there was a metal bar underneath
the step so we made sure to avoid that when drilling. The best way we found was
to clamp the picket to the step and use a spade bit to drill all the way through.
Then mom added a bolt and nut to secure the picket to the step. The reason we’re
using a bolt and nut is we want this to be collapsible. We live in Florida and
when a hurricane is headed our way anything like this that’s outside is a
big danger and we always want to keep that in mind. We attached all the pickets and at the
top we ended up with just one picket as two would have not fit and we didn’t want
to rip a second one down on the table saw. We carried it to its final location in
my yard got it level on the ground and started to add some plants. Now if you’re
wondering what I’m doing. I’m taking pictures of the care and maintenance for
each plant and storing them on my online drop box for future reference. I’m also
saving my receipt to my drop box as the Home Depot has a one-year plant
guarantee. We added some Aztec grass to a planter
box for the top shelf. I made some final touches and done. What we learned. We are inside my
house now because one of the big reasons we wanted to make these ladders was so
that I had a great view outside of the four windows that I here in my living room
and that accomplished it perfectly. I love looking at these since we put it u.p
I’m already like, oh so nice, each morning that I open my windows. Now we did have an oops moment in this project and we are going to share that on an upcoming
Workshop Wednesday. And we’ll show you what we did and how we fixed it. And also
you might not notice but or notice, but these ladders are a
little bit different in height and they have some different features because
they’re by different manufacturers. They’re generally the same height so
that’s why it worked out. But one of the ladders actually has a dowel and the
other one doesn’t so we might add a dowel in the future to add the extra
support if necessary there towards the middle. If you like this project and want to see
more from us be sure to visit us at And subscribe
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Blooper: so come join us and to show you how it all came together.. okay
I feel distracted. By the dog?

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  1. Great idea, I have a few (4) old ladders that are wood just sitting around, and I have thought about making some sort of shelf, but I didn't consider an outside one, since I live in Idaho and the winters are brutal I try not to think about outside shelves, but the ladders I have are sitting outside and they have weathered pretty good, so this is going to be the perfect project for my back yard. The purple color is my favorite so I now know what to do with those old ladders. Thank you so much for this idea. I love your channel.

  2. You guys are so cute! Love this project and the idea to take pics of the Home Depot plant tags. I'll have to remember that. ­čÖé

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