DIY | Building a Desk: Repurposed A-frame Legs
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DIY | Building a Desk: Repurposed A-frame Legs

September 12, 2019

Is it still recording? yes it is. ok
so welcome back to clean phil wanted. I’m back at the table desk and this we’re
gonna be working on the legs. the legs are repurposed from the a-frame clothing
rack i made about a year ago. We don’t need it anymore because we have plenty
of closet space… we took it chopped off the top. put on some spreaders. well you’ll see what we did. here’s the A-frame that i used and the first
thing you need to do is try to look cool and not sad as you destroy a project that you
spent so much time on. I clamped the two ends together. used a board butted up against the feet and
eyed the ruler straight down from the holes. because I know they are inline. got the angle
off that bottom spreader, flipped it over, and marked out the top that I would be cutting
the length too. I carried that around through all the boards
with markings. I want to attach the stretcher on the top
with tennons so before i just sawed these pieces apart, i wanted to make sure that i
got the tenon in there. and that’s what I’m doing here. I’m not sawing it apart because I want all
that registration surface for when I use the router plane. That I know my tenons are dead on on all eight
sides. and then that is when i cut these tenons.
and I cut them pretty short. since the top of those tenons are perpendicular
with the bottom stretcher and the floor. I used my combination square to draw a line
straight down on those. Using my dovetail saw and some chisels i then
cut out those tenons so they were vertical. What you see here is me using my combination
square to try and make sure my chisel is straight. that way i know i’m making a straight mortise
or pretty close to a straight mortise. Now that those mortises are finished and fitted,
I needed to make a new mortise for the stretcher. here I’m taking the real long round about
way of making turnbuttons. turn buttons will hold the table top onto
the legs. Or the legs onto the tabletop. half full – half empty. however you want to look at it. Then i had to make shallow mortises in the
stretchers to take those turn buttons. They are wider than the turn buttons just
so that everything can move as needed. For the original Aframe I finished it with
shellac. no wax cause i didn’t want any wax getting
on my wifes clothing. I then temporarily screwed it onto the table
top because I wanted to feel it out. It wasn’t very stable so I gonna put in these
cross pieces. I made a little jig that my forstner bit would
fit into. One of the things I was going to make when
I came over here (new zealand) was a roorkhee chair so i bought the reamer so i that i could
ream out the holes. and that’s what I’m using here. but if you actually find the dowel rod thats
the right size for your bits you won’t need to do any of this. you’ll be good to go without it. I took my two dowel rod cross pieces and tapered
the last quarter inch (1/2 inch really) so that they fit snuggly into those new tapered
holes for them. I then put the whole thing together figured
out where they fell on the top spreader. pushed them in a little bit so that there
was tension. marked those holes and drilled those ones
out. I was then able to put the dowel rods into
the frame and figure out what length they should really be cut to. tapered those ends and we’re done! There’s not much that I would really change
about leg part of it. I have noticed that my knees bump into these. it is a little shallow but it fits the space
that it has to be in. It can be broken down and flat packed. so that’s really what i was looking for. I will probably take these legs now and paint
them white, whenever i get some white paint. just to give it a little cleaner, prettier
look.but ah, I’m still really happy with this thing. Again, Thank you for subscribing, commenting
and thumbsupping. ahh, I will see you guys as soon as i get
the next project started which will probably be a small one. but useful. make some more jigs and some tools. Thanks for, thanks for hanging out, thats
for hanging in there. See ya then. ba-bye!

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  1. I'm building a new stand-up desk and I've been looking at alternatives structures as well as an easy way to get into some angled construction. Great ideas and a perfect way to think about simple design reinforcement for a piece of furniture unlikely to require a lot of stress.

  2. Great reuse, my friend! That's the way a real woodworker works, … thinking! A good way to do it, good jig! Light and solid. Thanks for sharing

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