DIY Deck (Part 8): How to frame privacy screen for deck? Why Azek PVC over Wolf and Trex?
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DIY Deck (Part 8): How to frame privacy screen for deck? Why Azek PVC over Wolf and Trex?

November 14, 2019

Welcome to part 8 of my DIY backyard
project. If you have missed the previous progress, check them out in the
description. If you are planning to build a deck by yourself. I hope you will find
this helpful! Last time I forgot to mention about the privacy screen. There is one important tips I want to share with you.
Then I will talk about why I chose Azek PVC instead of other products. Let’s get
started, I am building a privacy screen on the side of the deck. I am using 6×6 posts. Remember to check with your local Building Code for the maximum
height allowed. If you have a deck higher than mine, say 6 feet above ground I
would not use 6×6 because they are too heavy. I would use 4 by 4 instead. I started to notch the post using the circular saw very similar to the last video I showed
you how I built the Pergola. This is the post going to be in the
middle. Let’s see if it fits the 2×6 properly. Let’s check it out, woww.. perfectly fits. Of course need to check the other side. Looks awesome! Again I am not too pro and I am NOT a
carpenter by trade. I am just an average guy like many of you. I hope I can
inspire you to do some serious DIY work! Yes I have to shim it to make it level.
Life is never perfect! I am addicted to this GRK RSS screws .. Hmmm Huumm.. but you still need to use carriage bolts and proper blockings. I am NOT going to spend time on this because I have very detailed information in the last video.
If you have missed how I attached the Pergola to the deck. Check it out in
the description. Here is a DIY tips I want to share with you. DO NOT use
regular deck screws or nails when you attach the 2×6 to the posts. I am using
this FastenMster HeadLOC screws. Yes of course GRK RSS would work too. You may be wondering why am I stupid to waste time to notch the post. Why not just attach it like they build the fence? Let me show you why. This is the 5 years old fence.
The 6×6 post twisted and cracked over the years and the force is extremely
powerful and pulled the nails out. You cannot see it properly here. Let me show you from the second floor. This is very bad, look at that! If you do what I did, this may
not happen to you. I am pretty sure you don’t want your privacy screen
looks like that! You have to understand the material. This is normal for wood to
behave like that. Alright the Azek PVC deck boards were delivered. You are not
supposed to stack them like that. It is bad for the boards. But I did not have a
choice because my wife had to park her car on the other side so that she can
charge her electric vehicle. These are the two colors I have –
Brazilian walnut and silver oak. It comes with three different types and sizes.
This is how it looks on their website. I think Timbertech bought them. As you can see, the deck boards comes in 12 feet 16 feet and 20 feet. I can tell you 20 feet
is hard to work with coz it’s so long and heavy and it takes so much space in the
garage for storage. if I were to do it again I would try to avoid them by
designing my deck properly in the very beginning. Honestly the only two
companies that meet my standard are Azek and Wolf. On that delivery day they have some Wolf deck boards for another customer, look at that! Wolf was on top of my list it has higher
quality texture than a Azek, the wood pattern is more realistic and the boards
are reversible. They offer solid boards only, so material calculation is much
easier. Even though we love Wolf, after they gave
us a quote, we said forget . It is way too expensive. Since they don’t come with the
groove type of boards, you need to buy some other kind of hidden fasteners. The
order would take longer than Azek. because not all the warehouses carry
them. The next question is why PVC and not composites such as Trex. Of course
we have considered composite. All the places told us not to go with that
because our deck is too close to the ground. PVC may be more expensive but that’s how we avoid getting the permit with such a
low level deck. It is lighter in terms of weight and maybe it is easier to work
with but there are some drawbacks too. I will
cover them in future videos. I hope this helps! Give it a thumbs up if you think
there are some good information in there. Next time I will start to cut some PVC
boards and work on the deck attached to the house. If you love DIY and want to
see the progress of this project remember to subscribe. Thanks for
watching and see you next time!

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  1. Small correction, Azek is fully capped, it just isn't embossed with grain on both sides.

    I have to say, congrats on your build, and all the great footage, editing, and narration. You are extremely well researched, and did a better job than most pros would do.

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