DIY Diwali kandil/ lamp/ photo frame: three in one DIY 2016
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DIY Diwali kandil/ lamp/ photo frame: three in one DIY 2016

September 15, 2019

Hi guyz! On this Diwali week Redefine craft is
back with three exciting DIY. So we are going to make a lamp/photo frame and Diwali kandil.
For the basic frame you will need cardboard box, paint, scissors, ruler, plastic sheet,
adhesive, cello tape, glitters and fairy lights. Start by cutting three rectangles from three
sides of the cardboard box. For the fourth side draw a circle and cut it to make a flap.
Now paint the whole box with paint and glitters. After that measure the size and cut out three
rectangular sheets to fit the three sides of the box. So you have the basic frame ready.
Now for making a lamp, just stick the plastic sheets in their places, put the fairy light
with the cord passing through the flap and your lamp is ready. You can use coloured sheets
for a colourful effect. For the Diwali kandil just draw some traditional designs on the
plastic sheet and it will give a whole new look to your lamp. Light it up and your kandil
is ready. And last but not the least for the photo frame,
print your pic in the same size as that of the plastic sheet. The print out should not be old than one day. Now cover it with a cello tape, overlapping one layer over the
other, damp the picture with water and gently remove the paper from the back. Here I used
a magazine picture to depict the same. After that just paste it over the plastic sheet
and your frame is ready. I hope you liked all the three DIYs and please comment below to tell
me which one you liked the most and plz plz plz subscribe and like my video guyz!! And redefine craft
wishes you a happy and safe Diwali. Have fun DIYing !!!!!!

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  1.फ़ोटो लैंप कैसे बनाये।।फुल टूटोरियल।।

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