DIY Light-Up Flower Frame Room Decoration | ANN LE
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DIY Light-Up Flower Frame Room Decoration | ANN LE

October 19, 2019

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  1. I love your video! I made it to my mom! Everyone is surprise! I am from China!! Doing the same thing like you in China! Thank you so much for inspring me!

  2. I love you and your DIYs and videos! You are the best! Defenitely gonna make this DIY when i am gonna make my room makeover! I LOVE It!!!

  3. Absolutetly stunning! I will deffinetly do this diy for my daughter who loves everything vintage.Thank you!♥

  4. In my mind I'm just thinking that if she isn't already, she should become a friggin' designer or whatever those people are called who make a variety of stuff. Lol. What I said made no sense at all but hopefully someone understood my mumbo-jumbo.

  5. Thanks so much for making this Ann! I've been looking for inspiration for the remodel of my room and this is defiantly going in there!

  6. Usually Im not a fan of this whole DIY shit that is going on these days but this is the best thing ive seen so far on the Internet- definately going to try this by myself!

  7. who is that person without clothes only underwear and something over his head between the pillows at 5:52 mins? lol

  8. i got lights that are battery powered from IKEA can get them from other stores as well so need to plug it in. most are LED as well.

  9. This is seriously so pretty, so beautiful!
    It's also a really great gift idea, it give me a lot of inspiration too 🙂 
    Thank you!

  10. This is absolutely stunning. I love the color coordinate of the flowers and the light just add an amazing pop to it. Definitely going to try this out.

  11. Please do a DIY room decor video😊 I'm having my own room finally and I
    would love to make some DIY room decor! 💋-Anna

  12. that is definitely one of best DIY wall art you've made, absolutely love it!! please more beautiful creative idea like this, kiss kiss!!

  13. Hey Ann! I have wanted to do this DIY since you've posted it but didn't have time with school BUT one of my best friend is getting married next summer (wouhouuu) and i thought that this DIY in the colours of her marriage's theme would be awesome! I wanted to know if you didn't have any problem with this DIY, with the lights or anything, so i could do it the best way ?
    Love all your DIY (espacially paintiiiiing), thank you for sharing with us 🙂

  14. i just came across this video and i love love it. do you think i can do this for my living room for the t.v. background?

  15. I recently remodelled my room and moved my bed into my closet (sounds so weird, but it's so cute haha) and it's all plain so I was thinking of putting up contact paper or something, but since this came out SO BEAUTIFULLY I'm thinking of doing one too! Except without the cutesy frame, and more rectangle-like, thank you for posting!

  16. Me & my fiance is about to get a place together & so I've been trying to find a head board & havn't found anything that I like, within my budget, so I'm so going to go with this idea. I'm just going to use different colored flowers so it don't look as girly, just to make him more comfortable with the look. Thank you so much for sharing this with us! God Bless All! 😍

  17. WOW. it turned out even better than I expected! Looks kinda like a window to a meadow full of flowers and the flowers wanting to get inside the room 😀

  18. I really really love this and look forward to trying it out. I was wondering how much frames like that cost and where one could acquire one? And if the finished product is light enough to be hung with command strips for dorm rooms?

  19. Flowers like that aren't cheap. I'm guessing you bought them online. Can you provide a link please?
    I don't know of any $ store that has flowers that big…

  20. I LOVE this! I have to wonder if a layer of tulle under the flowers would help soften the points of light behind the flowers. Yes, I will be finding out by trying it. You are so brilliant. As soon as I saw this on Pinterest, I knew I had to find you so I could make one for me.

  21. I love this! Your video is Awesome!
    I saw another video which I also liked, however I LOVE your version with the addition of the lights! Simply Beautiful!! Thanks for sharing this. New subscriber here👍

  22. You tuber "Clacali" who has a lot less follower than you do did this a few weeks before your upload (in 2015) and named it a mothers day gift. Since you're such a big you tuber you really should credit where you get your inspo from.

  23. Beautiful &practical!Thanks for mentioning that LED lighting should be used to prevent problems.I want to make a smaller version to cover my fuse box that's an eyesore.

  24. Oops, almost forgot. I found 3M Command large canvas picture hangers that work nicely without nails and makes it easier to balance the canvas or some frames when hanging it.

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