DIY| No-Glue Popsicle sticks Picture frame 100% reusable @GN Zimetra
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DIY| No-Glue Popsicle sticks Picture frame 100% reusable @GN Zimetra

October 18, 2019

This picture frame only needs popsicle sticks and rubber bands to make, no glue needed and is super easy but chic! And if you no longer want it, you can destruct
it and reuse the materials. And be sure to subscribe and help me share
this video out! Okay, let’s get started, we have to arrange
the popsicle sticks like this coz we are going to make 3 layers: 1 for plastic film, 1 for
photo and 1 for cardboard. Open up the slit by a little bit if you found
difficulty putting in the popsicle sticks like me. This stick is going to be a deck for putting
on small decors. I have pre-cut the things, and when you cut the carboard & plastic film, make sure their tops and bottoms are longer than the frame so we can slide them in without using glue or tape. But for the photo, it should have longer 2
sides instead of top and bottom. The back of my cardboard has picture coz I recycle it from the tissue box. As for the plastic film I cut it from some
old file folder. You can leave the frame like this or you can make some changeable charms by sticking a paper onto a bent wire. Be cautious when you put decors on the deck as it cannot hold much weight. If you like this, please share this video
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  1. So creative😉☺️
    I love DIYs!
    I'm also a youtuber! Let's be friends and support each other❤️ It would mean a lot, if you sub back to my channel😊💞😄💗
    ђคשε ค ηï¢ε đคу!

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