DIY POM POM Flower Composition | Super Easy DIY With DianaTA

October 1, 2019

Hi guys Today I’m gonna show you really easy and cute DIY Pom Pom flower composition for room decor It’s super fan and really takes few minutes I just gonna use White paper Scissors Some small tree branch and wool Take your wool and wrap it around two of your fingers about 80 times Take a short piece of wool and wrap it around your woolen ball tightly Take your scissors and cut through the loops Then give your pom poms lovely rounded shape Take your tree brach I got mine from a park nearby Apply some glue and place on a pom pom Make a bow on a brach by conected wools of different colors Attach the composition on the paper by using glue stick You can make the frame yourself by using scotch tape Choose your favorite color and let’s do it! I realy hope you like it and maybe got some inspiration for yourself Thank you so much for watching! I love you and see you next time! ❤

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