DIY Sleepover Party  Decoration Ideas | DIY TeePee Frame Tent |  SUPER EASY!
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DIY Sleepover Party Decoration Ideas | DIY TeePee Frame Tent | SUPER EASY!

October 20, 2019

hey guys welcome back to my channel and
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home holiday eat bent wedding and DIY the core today I’m gonna show you how to
make a sleep over frame tent for your kids mixed lumber party birthday
celebration here we go I’ve been seeing these adorable teepee tanks or frame
tents everywhere kids are not used in it for slumber
party birthday parties and oh my gosh they look very easy to make and guess
what they were so let’s get started with the video alright guys so this is what
you’re going to need to make your frame tent I’m you’re gonna need four pieces
of wood this our cold wood strips and they were very inexpensive they were
only a dollar ninety seven for one and over here this are wood dowels and they
were a little over two dollars and I’m going to be using three of them I also
purchased this um that even Cola hold on I forgot a spade bit so I’ve never used
one before this one is a 7/16 so I’m very excited to do something different
because as I said before I get bored very easily and so that’s why I’m always
with all these things so yeah so I’m very excited to get started and this is
going to be pretty easy guys so let’s just do it
wait wait I almost forgot let me give you some
details because as you know I never write you know the supplies and things
like that in the description box I do write it right after my intro but most
people say it goes too fast I get it I understand but I’m always like running
behind and late guys so I kind of like don’t really have time and really like
never have time never so these are from Home Depot and
this right here are wood strips and they are 63 by half an inch and this over
here are with dolls and they are 48 by 7/16 okay so you’re going to need four
of these and three of these and the actual size of the tent the height of
the tent is going to be less because I’m taking away six inches once I put
everything together so it’s going to be 57 by 48 all right so now let’s get
started for sure I’m going to start with the top of the tent so I am going to be
marking six inches in from all of them now I’m going to turn these over and I’m
going to drill the holes for the bottom and I’m going to make those two inches
in now I’m gonna go ahead and start drilling and again this is a 7/16 spade
bit okay I’m gonna have to change drills I don’t think this one is strong enough
so I gotta give my husband’s drill this is kind of like a I don’t like to say
girl you wanna because we girls are strong so but I need a more heavy-duty
one so I’ll be right back and there it is now I’m going to go
ahead and do the other side now I’m going to get the measurements I’m going
to need to make the tip for my frame so what I’m going to do is bring it in an
inch and a half so here is an inch and a half all right
and I already marked it let me make it a little darker so you can see and I’m
going to do the same on the other side now once you mark them half an inch on
each side you are going to measure within those lines because that’s going
to be the size that you’re going to need width wise for your fabric so the width
of my dowel where the fabric needs to be is 45 inches so I’m going to make my
tenth 45 inches by a hundred and fourteen inches Y 814 inches because the
length where the other hole is at the top is 55 inches the height so I’m gonna
have to double that up to bring it down and then I’m giving myself too and extra
inches on each side so I’m able to fold it into the dowel okay so you can hold
it there and make the tent nice and tight alright so I’m just gonna show you
to make my tent I’m using this beautiful cotton material from Jones fabric this
is like a cream color we go polkadot they’re like tiny metallic go walkabout
I love polka dots guys it’s my favorite thing even to where I wear all the time
anyway this is four yards and for a yard it was $5 because it’s actually $9.99
but I had a 50% coupon so the entire thing was 20 bucks you can definitely
get cheaper material at Walmart and even there Jones fabric I just you know fell
in love with this one go ahead and cut it now I’m going to be
folding a pocket at the end of both ends actually okay as so which is where my
doll is going to go through okay and it’s going to be about an inch and I’m
only going to go ahead and go it down with hot glue so no sewing involved and
you should be able to pull the dowel in and out but if you happen to get stuck
somewhere along the line just wiggle it around you know come undone okay and you
can just glue the piece back on and that’s it I’m going to do the same on
the other side next I’m going to be putting the top of the tent up with the material I have left over I
ended up cutting a few strips there are six here which I am going to use to
secure the tent okay I’m going to have three going down this way and three
going down that way and all I’m going to do is poke a hole through the material
and tie the strip’s to the wood I’m making the distance between strips 16
inches apart it’s open you know someone to stay I
either think I’ll make the hole here too big
it’s nice nug enough to hold it there or either it’s too heavy but there’s a
solution for this okay so if you run into this problem you can do two things
you can grab an additional piece of wood another strip and hammer it to the back
okay that will give you support or you can be like me
because I don’t like the extra labor and you can get extra material and you can
tie it to the back okay so you can just grab this extra material what I did was
just grab two strips together because it wasn’t long enough so I’m going to tie
these to the back of it to the back legs and technically you can hide these
underneath the sleeping bag or whatever blankets you are going to use to
decorate and make things comfortable the one of the back doesn’t bother me but
the one in the front can totally be hidden okay guys this is it this is my
frame sleepover camping tent and it is absolutely adorable it is very easy to
make very affordable and like I said earlier making it a little smaller
wouldn’t hurt if you have smaller children but if you have preteen or kids
over six years old this is a perfect size and yeah they are going to love it
boys and girls so life I love it I hope you guys to enjoy this video if you did
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let me know what you thought of my teepee aka frame tent let me know to be
making one for you know what you don’t even have to have one for birthday
parties you can just have them in your living room for your kids to enjoy make
sure you stretch your share sharing is caring if you know of a friend or family
member that will enjoy this make sure to share with them at the end of this video
alright guys until next time bye

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  1. ❤❤❤❤ I absolutely love you. I'm so glad that you were gifted to us. Your ideas are insanely genius. Stay blessed and humbled. ❤❤❤❤

  2. This is so stinking cute!!! I see this being used for a little girl indoors glamping slumber party 💅🏾love it love love it!!! 💕💕💕💕

  3. Yes finally I have been waiting to see one of these made. My lil girl is gonna love this for her party thanks for sharing your technique love it 😍

  4. OMG!!!¡!!!!!!!¡YAAAAAAAS TYRA! i knew i coukd count on you to come thru. i swear ive been looking for a tutorial like this for the longest!! i looove you girl!

  5. Hi Tayra 😍👍,
    Your creativity is taking off in 2019 in such a phenomenal way making it more pleasant to watch you create, you're growing in so many directions, I'm So proud, keep it moving and continue to reach for the Stars ⭐🌟🌠🙏😘💞💕.
    Mrs. K.💋

  6. I think think the ⛺ are adorable and my 2 young gramdaughgters would love them 🤗 You are elevating your game… Keep up the good work.

  7. Ummm…did you just tie the back n front with strings of fabric! I am in tears…and I was pleased to see it did work out but giving God thanks as I been waiting for someone to post a video making these as this new slumber party theme is hot right now an leave it up to Tayra to pull off an inexpensive hack! Whether it works or not keep posting as we LOVE ur ideas!!

  8. Incredible as always. Your creativity never ceases to amaze me. This is even a good diy to do with the family for sleep over setup…love it!!!!

  9. Hi Tayra you have really been doing your thing this year I'm loving the new videos keep them coming. Oh please check out my new YouTube page 😁 Creative Touches with Tenicca. I'm gonna be doing an introduction of myself and shout outs to my inspiration platforms I've watched over the last couple of years and your one of them.

  10. You make my day! I even go back to re watch to make sure I didn’t miss something. Thank you for sharing your creativity with the world. You’re latest projects are on a whole different level! Keep up the great work! #LeveledUp

  11. Great idea! You're so creative. I can't wait for my niece's birthday. Of course I'm going to act like this was my idea lol. Thanks Tayra

  12. I love your Channel! Can you please do a balloon mosaic video similar to the #1 you made. Or can you make a video for large party props made out of foam board etc.

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    Please can u make the round wooden backdrop ,hope u listen 😘Love ur videos and i watch them over n over again

  14. You are simply talented, I like your videos. Your instructions a simple and easy to follow. Thanks your videos inspire me.

  15. Great job! So smart to put the tent in the hallway! I made some tents like this for my daughters 12th birthday sleepover and the kids LOVED them!! A few of the girls even took theirs home after the party! I put some hot glue on the bottom of the boards so they wouldn’t slip on the hardwood. ❤️

  16. What was the cost of this, aside from fabric? I’m planning on making 8-10 of these for my son’s boys night sleepover party for his 8th birthday.

  17. If you put the information in the description box, that'll cut off about 2-3 minutes of talking. But great video

  18. Very pretty! I'm going to attempt to make this for my daughter 10th birthday party! How much fabric did you cut?

  19. well done your video was amazing but I have a question, you said that you were really board in one part of the video and later in the video you said that you were very busy. how do you explain that?

  20. Thank you ♡ I want to have an indoor camping/glaming themed sleepover ( for my first ever. I'm 12). I see all these tents which cost SO much, and I need 4 of them.

  21. enjoyed this video, easy to follow and inexpensive. I am looking to do something similar for my daughter, since tents are so expensive.

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