DIY Smart Digital Photo Frame from an Old Android Tablet
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DIY Smart Digital Photo Frame from an Old Android Tablet

October 21, 2019

welcome friends this is your tech expert Neil and you’re watching in this video I will show you how I converted my old Android tablet into a smart digital photo frame so stay tuned so as you can see this is the tablet that was lying in my drawer so I thought of let us repurpose it into something which is
useful so this tablet is pretty old it’s around four to five years old and at the time when I bought it it was around 40 to 50 dollars nowadays such tablet are not manufactured anyway so this tablet is in working condition as you can see the displays pretty good and the Wi-Fi also works pretty well so for our purpose these are the two things that we will require and the battery unfortunately on this has died and I modded this tablet removed the old battery that was malfunctioning and instead directly added a USB cable I will be posting a video of how to do that it might not work for other tablets but it worked pretty well for this one so using a standard 5volts 2amp adapter I was able to power this up directly without any batteries this particular app that I’m using is excellent not only it shows the photos with animation sequentially without any manual
intervention but also has got a very good integration with
Google photos so all the good features that recently has been launched with google
photos can be utilized using this app because of that the recently launched feature of the live
albums in which automatically photos are added to our album based on faces of people that you have selected so we can utilize that feature also using this app and create a photo frame that automatically
updates and there are some good features of smart
focusing that I will be talking about during this video so this mini project that I had thought of was for my parents I created a google photos album in which only those photos were added in which my parents were there and also I used the live album feature so that any new photo that I clicked will automatically get added into this particular digital photo frame album and it will automatically sync into this smart digital photo frame also the next project which is inline related to this particular project is converting the old paper photos into digital photos so I will be posting a video about how I converted all my family photos currently only I have digital photos from
2009 onwards so all the past photos I have to convert them into the digital so that I can also add those in this particular digital photo frame so stay tuned to this channel subscribe to it I’ll be posting a detailed video for that particular project also okay now let’s get back to this particular project first of all we’ll just go through the thing that you will be requiring basically you firstly obviously will require a working tablet that might not have a working battery as in the standby time wouldn’t be there but it should be able to function with the charger connected in my case that was not also the case so I had to remove the battery because the battery was completely malfunctioning but you have to have a working Android tablet with a Wi-Fi connection preferably Wi-Fi connection because the way I am going to show you is through Google photos and that will continuously sync and new photos will be automatically be added so there is a provision in this app to sync it locally so you can basically without Wi-Fi also do
it but I find the Wi-Fi option pretty good and as such since my home already has got Wi-Fi so it works pretty well on that and the app that I’m using I will be giving the link in the video description its name of the app is fotoo app has got the both the version with free version there are some limitations I will be talking about that as well as the premium I would suggest you surely go with the premium version because the features and the price for that is quite reasonable and obviously you will require Google Photos
account I will be also be uploading a video showing you in detail how to use google photos and how to upload the photos and the full in-depth tutorial you can say of Google photos so that will be coming up in the channel you will see a i icon in the top right corner to go to that particular video let’s start with how to create an album in
google photos if you don’t already have one so now I will go to the computer and show you step-by-step how you will set up this Google photos album with all the live album features okay so this is Google photos I’ll be assuming that you know how to use Google photos and you already have your photos uploaded on to Google photos if you are not aware of that process stay tuned to the channel and as mentioned before we will be launching a detailed guide of how to use Google photos so once you have got your photos uploaded sometimes varies but around 5 to 7 days after that you will see in the albums that in people there are persons detected so as you can see in my case by the way if you are wondering from where these animated movie pictures are these are from the movie syntel its a open source movie I would like to give credit to the producers
blender for providing us these awesome pictures for
free so anyway so this are the people that are detected from my cache of photos so sometimes it is possible that for the same person two different people are detected so we just have to manually add both the faces to the same name so we will first create this character person name sintel and then go back and add this also as the same person yes so it will ask are these the same faces then you say yes they will merge the both the two pictures together so once you have the persons that you would like to add in the digital photo frame so you just have to then create an album out of them and just go back and we’ll go in over here in the album section we’ll go create albums ok we’ll click that you can just name it anything I will say digital photo album digital photo album okay after naming the album digital photo album click on this three dots that you can see over here to go to more options under this click on options and then click here automatically add photos of selected people
and pets by doing this way and instead of clicking directly on that link that was shown in the first screen itself this particular option appears but its quite useful because if your album already has photos for that particular person it will automatically add those old photos
also so that is useful we will click we will check this box and then we will select this person Sintel and then we’ll click on turn on and this should add all the photos for this particular person into the album click close it will take some time just refresh it okay I don’t know why but sometimes this google photos takes a lot of time so instead of waiting for google photos to add those photos I have added them manually by going and searching for the particular
person and then selecting photos via date like this for most of the time google photos will automatically do this thing but sometimes it just lags like hell so after doing that I got all these 66 photos in which this particular person is visible so these all photos will be shown on the digital photo frame okay once you have got the album created in Google photos now let’s go to the photo app and we’ll configure it so that it shows the photos that are present on the Google photo album that we just now created so you click on the photo app icon and you should be presented with this screen this is a loading screen there’ll be some prompts like how to use app we’ll just click OK and the first time you run it these prompts will be visible so it’s saying tap to get started so we will just tap it and then it will ask for from where do we want to stream the photos I like the UI of this apps very very intuitive and it just works so you don’t have to search around for settings and at the same time it also provides a very configurable experience there are a lot of things that we can tweak via the settings so firstly we have to select Photo Stream so from where we want to stream the photos as I had already mentioned you can use a local photo gallery app or we can stream it via the cloud so we will be using Google photos so we’ll select that and then it will ask for permission so since I have already given the permission it will straight away go to authentication and we’ll say we have successfully authenticated so we’ll just wait for the authentication to
complete first have to select the account so we’ll select the account here it will ask for authentication but since we have already authenticated it it will not again ask for the permission you have to just give the permissions after this screen we have to click on the
next button over here and then you have to select the album that we just
now created so just select this digital photo album select and complete and that’s it this is the basic configuration and we will see what all things we can tweak okay as you can see it’s already started showing the images and we will just look at the setting that
I prefer for this particular setup just tap on the screen and it will show this particular screen and just scroll down and click on the settings gear these are particular settings there is display time this controls how long a particular image is shown on the
screen so 15 seconds that is the default setting is according to me good enough you can change it if you think that it’s too fast or it’s too slow display effect so in this there are quite a lot of choices current default is pan what I prefer the most is smart focus face
detection but as you can see it’s locked so this is a premium feature but it’s quite effective and it clearly detects faces and in zooms close to the face so if you have got a picture which is taken from quite a large distance and your tablet screen is not that big enough so this particular setting allows us to even view those photos it will show all the details of the picture at the same time you can see the individual also clearly so that’s very effective but it’s a premium feature animation speed you can control how long a particular transition animation
is shown so by default it’s near the fastest and according to me that is fine if it’s too slow then we cannot perceive there is some animation in the image happening so this setting is fine transition effects there are several effects there faint there is crossfade so according to me fade is good enough so I’ll not go through all the settings in this photo order this is very important because I found that default shuffle doesn’t cover all the photos if you’ve got a large photo album like around more than thousand photos so the shuffle doesn’t go through all the
photo I don’t know it’s a bug in the app or it’s a problem in the google photos and I have selected each and every other option
also only one that I found that goes to each and every photo is the file name file name A to Z or file name Z to A I have selected random even modified date but all of them I found that it doesn’t cover all the photos present in
the album so go for either file name A to Z or Z to
A both of them are working fine that was photo order decorations you can add the details like date and time weather and another photo details so if you click on date and time you can enable it and the date and time will be shown on this and photo details you can enable this to show meta information that is already present on the photo file like the file name or the time taken location schedule you can schedule you can time it but in my particular case since I’m using this particular digital photo
frame with a solar system that particular video is also in the video
queue so make sure to subscribe to our channel to view that particular solar system that I have designed anyway so in that particular scenario I just keep it working till the sunshine so as soon as the sun sets this particular photo album stops working so I didn’t go through all these settings I just made sure that I enable launch on boot screen rotation I kept it on landscape mode instead of system setting and keep screen on by default is fine sync interval I left it at Auto The next thing that I changed is the cache so this basically allows the photo app to store the synced photos from the cloud on to the local storage so I made sure that this cache is large enough so that it covers the entire album size so by default it comes with 500 MB I for around 2000 photos I made it to 5 GB so I just added a zero so depending upon the photos in the album you can configure it so by doing that it will not hit Google photos every time it will save your internet bandwidth after doing that sit back and just enjoy all your memories slowly as the photo album goes through it apart from the features that I mentioned only for premium users a restriction that is there for the free version is this particular photo slideshow only works for around like 10 minutes and after that it’s like breaks like for 30 seconds it will show a countdown after which it will again resume so that is one more limitation if you go for the free version that is it I hope you liked this video if yes make sure to subscribe to our Channel thanks for watching friends see you later bye

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