Does Frame Rate Matter?
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Does Frame Rate Matter?

October 8, 2019

Hey guys, this is Austin. The internet is obsessed
with frame rates, but do they actually matter? Any video, this one included,
is nothing more than a series of still frames
that are played back quickly. So for this video, you
should pick the 60 frame per second option. That way you can get the full effect of what I’m talking about. So this is 15 frames per second. As you can see, it looks a
little choppy, a little weird. I mean, yeah, you can
see that this is video, but it almost looks like some kind of like dream sequence. Now we’re at 24 frames per second. Now this is past the
point where your brain is looking at the individual stills and perceiving them as motion. So 24 frames is much more common in things like TV shows and especially movies. And now we’re moving on
to 30 frames per second. Now this is probably the
most common for web content. It’s pretty much what
all of my videos are in and here you’ll see that
motion is nice and smooth and it looks pretty natural. Now we’re at 60 frames per second. Here you can see the
motion is much more smooth, almost to the point where
it’s a little bit distracting. Now while 60 FPS video is not
that common, you will see it a lot in things like game play. Things become even more noticeable the more motion there is. That’s why while 30 frames
works for most things switching to 60 can work better for fast-paced action like sports. Another big area where frame rate is important is for gaming. Not only do lower frame
rates look distracting, but they can have a real
effect on game play. It’s one thing to watch a movie or TV show and another when you’re
controlling something on screen. Low frame rates not only look choppy but add a sense of lag
to your gameplay. Most displays top out at 60 frames. However, something like
this ASUS monitor can handle up to 144 frames per second when you hook it up to a gaming PC. With a one millisecond response time, in theory, this should almost completely eliminate any sense of lag or choppiness, but how much of a difference
does it actually make? To find out, I invited a few
of my friends to sit down and play a game at a few
different frame rates to see if they could actually
tell the difference. – What? Oh Jesus. 10 FPS is bull (bleep). – If I’m flying, I
wouldn’t know it ’cause it feels like I’m just bumping along. – Yeah, it’s super, it
just feels not even laggy, but it just feels slow. – Is this a sick joke? This sucks, Austin, why
do you make me play this? – Smooth is going to be
the keyword in this video. Can we get a smooth counter going? – It’s like really jumpy. It’s not smooth. – Like it’s playable in the
sense that I can do things. But first off, this is
just burning my eyes. – I don’t want to play anymore. – Not a fan of 10 frames. Alright, this is, oh,
that’s so much better. – Oh my gosh, this is worlds different. This is so much smoother. – Whoa! This still sucks. – Like it depends on
the game you’re playing too. I think some games you can pull off 30 and it’s OK, but you can definitely notice in this one that it’s not
as smooth as it could be. – Yeah, you know what? Watching that thing move out there, it looks a lot more natural. – It’s just a lot smoother. – This still
looks like N64 right here. – Like it’s usable, but that’s
about the most you can say. It’s not good. – Alright, 60 frames. OK, yeah, when it starts to move, it’s a lot smoother when I move. It feels like Need for Speed. – Ah, that’s better. – A lot smoother than 30 was. I mean, the jump to 10
to 30 was more noticeable because 10 is that painful. You can definitely tell
looking at 30 versus 60. – It’s really responsive and really fast, but I kinda want to puke. – 60 is really good. It doesn’t make me feel
queasy or anything. That’s a common complaint
with people who don’t play. – Yeah, I mean,
this is just the standard right now for a reason. – I never played at 144 so
this is gonna be interesting. Oh my god, oh my god, this is great. So smooth, look at all
the crumbling, so smooth. – Everything is coated in butter. Even though I’m flying so that doesn’t make any sense, there’s no friction. – The murders of the chickens. I like 144, it’s great. – I can tell that it’s
faster, but it still feels about the same as what 60 was. – Like I feel like the difference between 30 and 60 was not as
noticeable as 10 to 30 and then same for this. Like it’s smoother, but I don’t think it’s as drastic of a change,
at least to my eyes. – I’m happy with 144. Austin, I’m glad that
you had me participate in your video ’cause
I’m really enjoying it. Thank you, everybody, for watching. Subscribe to Austin Evans
and I’ll see you guys later. End. – If you’re doing some
sort of reaction game like a Need for Speed or
like a shooter or something, then you might be tempted
to spend the extra and see things in what
seems like hyper speed. – So what do you guys think is the sweet spot for frame rates? Let me know in the comments below and I will catch you in the next one.

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  1. For gaming 60fps or higher is a must, especially in action packed, competitive games like Fortnite (you don't know about that game yet, but you will)

  2. A more accurate fps meter for gaming

    10-24 AWFUL
    24-30 STILL AWFUL
    30-60 meh
    144 PERFECT
    144+ Also Perfect

    so basically it isn't bad to have those fps but also keep in mind that 144 hz is gonna be much smoother than 60 hz my dad has a 144 hz monitor 1440p combined with a 1070 and it is amazing it is much smoother than any other experience and it puts my 60 hz monitor to shame also if your monitor refresh rate is 60hz but your fps is over 60hz your literally only seeing 60hz cause that's what your monitor supports (how to check your resolution and refresh rate) (this is for windows 10 users)(when you minimize your apps and you just see your background and shortcuts what you wanna do is right click then click display settings then from there click advanced display settings it tells you your resolution and refresh rate) so my best advice is to monitor what fps you get when gaming on your games you always play and find a monitor with a refresh rate that best matches your fps also there is a thing called screen tearing how to fix it if you have a nvidia graphics card you can go to your nvidia control panel click manage 3d settings then find vsync and enable it then click apply and exit another way to do it is to cap your fps on your game( most games have it in their settings )
    just cap your fps to your monitor's refresh rate

  3. My average fps on my tablet when playing fortnite is at seven. Every game on my tablet does that but I don't even care about it

  4. I recently bought a laptop, and every video is in 15fps … when i choose the 60fps in youtube, it does work but still looks laggy…

  5. I have a gtx 1050 ti and I love to put it on highest settings in most games it get 45-55 fps on 1080p I feel like 45fps is good for me.

  6. My question is if i have a gaming pc which can send over a 150 fps but my monitor is 60hz , will i still get any lag or will i get my 150 fps??

  7. anything above 20. i can say this as before i turned on fps counters via the various gaming deals. steam origins uplay and gog galaxy thingy i had no idea and when i did no matter what the number said i noticed nothing till it dropped below 20 fps on the counter.

  8. I would say anything 24fps or more is playable and realistic enough,but who wouldn't settle for the best frame rate you can get?

  9. People tying justify the thousands they've spent on an epic gaming rig: YES SHUT UP NOOB MASTER RACE FTW BLAH BLAH BLAH

    Everyone else: frame what? Oh, yeah I don't care.

  10. for mp competitive games i need over 60 but for casual AAA titles ( watch_dogs, GTA V, assassins creed) idk if the fps matters as long as it's over 30

  11. I'd argue it doesn't matter in the slightest. Honestly, unless you have an incredibly trained eye, you could barely tell the difference between 30 and 60 fps. Especially if you've been playing the game for about an hour or two, you won't even notice.
    People've become far too picky nowadays and it's sad that A: They won't even look at anything under 60 FPS and B: Will waste money just to go from 60 to 144 FPS.
    Just stick with 30, and don't go higher unless you have to. You'll have a far better time and actually enjoy the game/media for what it is, not for how smooth it is.

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