Does Giving Animals More Rights Improve the Quality of Human Life?
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Does Giving Animals More Rights Improve the Quality of Human Life?

October 23, 2019

Yeah I think animal rights is the next wave
after the same sex marriage. We just got done with that. And that’ll be pretty much over
in terms of social attitudes within a few years to a decade. No one will even talk about
it anymore. What’s next? Animal rights but also I think – you don’t want to say environmental
rights but the rights of future generations to have a sustainable earth, a planet to live
on. I think we do owe a moral obligation to future generations and animals for a balanced
ecosystem. And I think we’ll get there. I think we’re on our way there. But in terms
of animal rights where do we start? We start where Jeremy Bentham, really the founding
father of animal rights and rights in general, natural rights concept is that it’s not
can they talk or reason. Can they suffer? So we begin in case of animals because they
can’t tell us I want the right to vote. We’re not talking about that. Can they live
a life without suffering? That we have improved. All the laws against animal cruelty, dog fighting,
bear baiting, you know, cat nailing to the post and all the cruel things people used
to do to animals. We’ve largely gotten over that. Bullfighting is on the way out. Cock
fighting is illegal in most countries. So the next step then I think I’m on board
with Temple Grandin that is the modification of the meat industry. So that cattle are not, they don’t suffer
as much. I think we need to get away in the long run from factory farms. It’s not healthy
anyway. The food is not good for you. It really isn’t. You’re really better off eating
organic foods, foods that are grown or raised on small farms. The EU is really good about
this, like chicken cages can’t be too small and the cows have to be free to walk around
and I’m still concerned about like taking the calf away from the female cows because
that’s how they get them to generate more milk. It’s not good for them. They don’t
like it. They scream and cry and those are the kind of things that we’re making a lot
of progress on and have a ways to go. In the long run, you know, in a century or two maybe
we’ll have synthetic meat. I kind of see that. You know the Google guys are working
on that problem. I think that’s just a – it’s just a molecular machinery problem. And so
I think we can get there in time. That one’s going to happen slower than same sex marriage,
women’s rights, civil rights simply because these are different species and we care less
about them. But as the moral sphere continues to expand we’ve already banned the use of
chimpanzees in medical research as of this year. That’s it. They’re all being retired
and they go to Club Med for chimps. Great. How about monkeys? Let’s keep the sphere
out a little bit more. All marine mammals, whales, dolphins, setations and so on and
just keep going. It’ll take a while, decades, you know, but we’re getting there. I think the idea of being a carnivore, we’ll
look back on that as like we look back at the Romans as how barbaric of them. It’s
totally understandable why we eat meat. I love to eat meat, you know, and I’m not
quite vegetarian, vegan, you know. I’m what’s called a reducitarian. There’s an actual
group, the reducitarians. Reduce your meat eating. Okay, hey that’s a goal. And the
reason for that that I like is because it’s practical. Because, you know, if you go I’m
going vegan. That’s it I’m not going to eat another piece of meat and then you have
a steak and you go oh no, I feel so bad. I’ve sinned. I have to go confess my sins. It’s
practically like a religion and I don’t like that. So let’s just see if we can reduce
the factory farm carnage. Just eat less meat. And if you’re going to eat meat, meatless
Mondays or whatever. How about just meat Mondays and no other meat for the week? And if you
eat meat then just eat, you know, not the factory farmed meat but the organic meat that
came from a small farm. Increments. I call this protopia. Instead of aiming for utopia
where everything is perfect forever and we’re all just sinless – okay forget that. That’s
not going to happen. Just see if we can make today slightly better than yesterday and tomorrow
slightly better than today. Just incrementally protopia.

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  1. This video is potentially misleading when he suggests that there is little animal cruelty. It is nearly ubiquitous in animal farming, animal testing, the fur industry, circuses and many other aspects of society to an extreme and horrifying degree. Radical change is needed not only in the U.S. but in Europe and much of the rest of the world as well when it comes to treating animals decently in mass industry. But I fully agree with him that doing a little is better than doing nothing at all and theres nothing wrong with incremental change.

  2. When I hear a self-proclaimed skeptic use the term 'organic food' I raise an eyebrow. I suppose 2 minutes isn't really enough time to flesh out why a term like that doesn't really mean anything, especially now that it's become a marketing buzzword.

  3. I think they should get rid of the 6 month rule. No doctor can do that. They would rather put scared suffering people into a hellhole called a nursing home until their suffering death. Obviously I am angry. Undiagnosed disease I am screwed my Muscles are turning into Bone paralyzed from neck down. I will find a way. I will work until I am dead so I can get Medicaid Medicare benefits and still live in my home.I do not believe in human suffering.

  4. Oh the irony of butthurt vegans in comment section ,they became an embodiement of cancer. good job degrading veganism and humanity in general what absolute retards …

  5. "No one will even talk about it anymore." What an idiotic thing to say. We are still arguing over women's rights and rights of non-white people, and in a few years we'll just stop talking about all of it so some cows don't get their feelings hurt? That's laughable…

    Also of note, the "skeptic" pin that is prominently visible during the close ups… we should view any of these "big thinkers" with skepticism.

    I wonder how many bugs splattered off of this guy's car on the way to this video shoot. Should we all stop moving quickly through space in order to save these tiny members of the animal kingdom? Animal cruelty is awful, and that kind of crap should be irradiated, but the majority of this video is nonsensical ramblings.

  6. the most logical step forward is insect farms. easy to grow, low maintenance, and all parts of an insect are edible. would take time for people to get used to it though. also no real moral conflict

  7. "confessing your sins" won´t bring back that animal´s life that you took. so no, it is totally not like religion.
    and veganism is not restrictive. there are fake meats, fake cheeses, milks, yogurts etc. just buy "beyond meat" or "gardein" instead of eating steak and you´re good.

  8. Even when growing vegetables, animals suffer. Fields are plowed, habitats destroyed, animals are inadvertently killed in machinery…Going vegan does reduce suffering considerably, but doesn't end it.

  9. lol being vegan is so easy. If you can hold your pee in on a long car trip, you can avoid eating animal products, which requires a lot less will power. It's only 'impractical' for those who decide it is, come on.

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