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  1. Life in prison for a piece of plastic? I’d move before I let the government steal from me. Glad I don’t live there. Do they really think criminals and killers will turn these over? They will make them with a 3D printer. They will use a belt loop. They will attach a spring to the trigger. There are people that can shoot a lever action rifle just as fast. Dumb law.

  2. This is what happens when you allow a corrupt government to exist……..This must be a call to arms and a call for the immediate arrest of ALL involved with this blatant violation of the US Constitution!……Many a good man fought and died in the revolution to ensure this never happened again!……..This may indeed be what launches this nation into the bloodiest revolution this planet has ever seen!…….John Hancock, Sam Adams, and John Adams would have already declared war!…….History has a way of repeating itself and the FIRST revolutionary war also began in Massachusetts…….As Patrick Henry said "LET IT COME!"

  3. It's called encroachment doesn't matter this State does not follow the constitution or the laws of the land just like CA Or NY For a inalienable right this party is decimating it!! Make no mistake about it they are coming for all your rights !

  4. Sure does!!! It is infringement and encroachment And was not used 8! Las Vegas any trained ear can tell! If you want full auto just apply for machine gun license as long as have clean record you cannot be denied but they will try to discourage you which is another violation!!!

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