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Dollar Tree Photo Booth Frame | Dollar Tree Wedding DIY

August 27, 2019

hey guys welcome back to my channel and
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home holiday event in DIY decor as you may know a photobooth can be pretty
expensive to rent for weddings or for any celebration so today I’m going to
show you how to make a beautiful floral photo frame here we go a portable can be a great thing to have
and a fun thing to have a wedding or any celebration but the average package is
in between $800 to $1,200 for about four hours and then an average of $100 to
$150 for each additional hour after that so you can get pretty costly so for the
host of the budget and the bride or groom on the budget making your own
former friend can be more budget-friendly
so let’s get started I want to make my frame two inches wide all around so I
can have enough room to glue my flowers and my green eree and even do some
writing here at the bottom and maybe at the top I’m not sure yet so what I’m
going to do is I’m going to use my ruler to measure two inches all around then
I’m going to draw a line with my pencil all around and then use my craft knife
to cut the middle part out as you see I’ve already drawn my lines two inches
wide all around and I’m getting ready to cut this middle part with my craft knife
and just be careful not to damage any of your furniture underneath I have another
foam board at the bottom to make sure that I don’t damage my island here which
I’ve done already if you see right here at the end right there I did that not
too long ago and I try to cover it up with some paint boy didn’t work anyway
so yeah I’m going to cut this middle part out right now and there it is perfect now I’m going to
use this acrylic metallic gold paint to paint my friend so here’s my frame so far I believe I
use seven to eight coats of paint I’m editing on a lie I cannot lose track
because I just continue painting over and over until I was satisfied with the
color and I believe it was seven to eight coats but the amount of course
you’re going to need is totally up to you
totally up to your taste but when you first finish painting the frame don’t
worry I hope you got a little soft and he’s going to be a little wobbly what I
said paint dries is going to get back hard like the way it was when you first
start it or as hard as any foam board can be all right so now let’s get to
decorating so they can be my frame I’m going to be using three of these amazing
bushes of greenery I found at Michaels they were 50% off aren’t they amazing so
pretty I fell in love with them the second I
saw them you’re actually the inspiration and then I bought two bouquets of these
peony flowers they’re kind of looking like roses right now and it’s probably
the reason they were 50% off Michaels as well and then I got this one for free
the manager was like I have taken spray I was like sure I’ll take it no problem
and then I got this up values they’re like fuchsia dahlias from Dollar Tree
and then I have my hot glue gun to glue them on there so let’s do that I bought
three of these but am I just used to I got I bought three just in case I always
buy just in case material you know what I mean lose some of the greenery to the frame
and then you’re going to have to glue some of these greenery up with each
other so far I have these two corners of the frame with greenery and most likely
I’m going to add a little more greenery here but we’ll get to that later right
now I’m going to start adding these flowers and this okay actually has some
other leaves that I do like here in between so I’m going to be using those
too all right now I’m going to be pulling
off the flower and the leaves together and I’m going to glue them and so like
this on top of the green now I’m going to start pulling these
little flowers the bouquet came with just to add a different textures and pop
up color this has a little yellow and this is just different textures so you
know it’ll seen look has flat so here’s the final arrangement for my
photo frame it is beautiful I love it now I’m going to be using this twine to
make a couple of loops there are going to be going behind the frame on each
side which is going to help me hang the frame and to make those loops all you
have to do is wrap around the twine around the end of your fingers here
three to four times then you’re going to cut it and then you’re going to tie it
here a couple of times to make sure it’s secure this is what it’s going to look
like I’m going to glue this to each corner of the frame with Pat glue so
this is what’s going to keep the frame up once you hang it from a tree from the
ceiling from the wall wherever you like I’m going to be writing my husband’s
initials and my initials on here but you can write whatever you want you can
write your wedding day you can write happy birthday happy baby shower bridal
shower hashtag anything right here at the
bottom or the top of the frame and to do that I’m going to be using my tacky
spray I was going to use my tacky glue but I changed my mind
and I’m going to be using this silver glitter and of course I’m going to need
my stencils to do that I’m going to use a little bit of painters tape to make
sure it doesn’t move and to cover the letter next to it so when I spray I’m
not going to spray the other better as well then I need to cover over here and there it is I chose to use litter to
do this but you can use regular paint to do your writing all right guys here’s my
finished photo frame and I absolutely love it that’s why look nice right I
love it down here I wrote my husband’s a nice initials I do wish I would have
made it a little bigger because you can definitely write a full message down
here and you can do that for any wedding birthday celebration showers bridal
shower this would be a great alternative to a photo booth I hope you enjoyed this
video and I will see you guys next time bye

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  1. This is awesome! Planning on making something similar for my son's 3rd bday. But just changing it up a bit and putting Thomas the Train theme…Great job and cute family <3

  2. In your video tayra was the flowers too heavy for the poster board????? Or was it pretty much equal in weight … in debating whether to make my photo frame out of wood but thin wood and then gluing the flowers and greenary!!! Hope you can reply!!!

  3. Tayra! Necesito tu ayuda!!!! Es una fiesta de sorpresa para mí sobrina que cumple 25 años. Los colores son Dorado, rosado y negro(glitz n Glam). Las mesas tendrán manteles de escarcha dorado, platos (lo más probable que serán) transparentes. Nececito ayuda con mi parte: será la estación de selfie. Me puedes ayudar con el background de la estacion de selfie? Porfavor puede hacer un video (teniendo glitz n glam an la mente) tengo un año para actualizarlo pero quiero empezar a comprar los materiales desde ya para que quede bien y no me quiebre el banco de in sólo tiró. Gracias Mami

  4. I like the way you said” I always buy just incase “ just like me😀😁👍👍
    Thank you for sharing

  5. That’s so cute and can even be done with cardboard boxes to recycle them. Love the way you decorated it is amazing!!!! Thanks Tayra

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