Donald Trump Dossier Testimony From Senate Judiciary Could Be Published | Rachel Maddow | MSNBC
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Donald Trump Dossier Testimony From Senate Judiciary Could Be Published | Rachel Maddow | MSNBC

December 18, 2019

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  1. It would seem to me if regular people want a government that repersent them. The need to elect regular fair minded common sence people NOT FAKE billionaires!!!

  2. The FAKE NEWS MEDIA will be eating their own words, when the compromises of the Justice Department and the FBI, concerning the "Clinton Dossier" is made public.

  3. You all know Donald trump had me poisoned.and you have all had him protected from being held accountable

  4. This is life in a country whose "fake" president is on "real" meth! I was worn out after the first week of his presidency, and now I have PTSD, but it is so important to see that this dangerous person gets impeached, I have to do my small part in making that happen by staying involved and informed. If we quit, and give up, like I feel like I want to, he wins, we lose. We must endeavor to persevere!

  5. Traitor Trump's sponsor Putin the Butcher thief hates our FBI and our Government … This is why everything in the anti American GOP Kleptocracy against the working class is happening … /-:

  6. Where would we be without Rachel & the rest of the Free Press? I shudder to even think about it. Thank you for all you're doing!

  7. Donald Trump is not an American!
    He is just a republicunt Living in America!
    When a federal investigation turns up evidence that a enemy state is actively implementing hostile action against our country, the investigation becomes a matter of "National Security", American citizens involved in National Security matters, loses their rights like "your right to privacy" investigators can tap anyone's phone and or obtain evidence by any means necessary.. some of the Trump campaign officials have already been charged and pled guilty for treasonous acts against this country, some campaign officials have turned States evidence and now are working with the Robert Mueller investigation.. this investigation will not stop until its conclusion, it is slow because the investigators are being methodical, the evidence put forward by this investigation to the prosecutors will be undeniable! "THE WORST PRESIDENT IN AMERICAN HISTORY"

  8. Grassley and his colleagues are crooks and are protecting Trumpo because of the tax benefits and their own seats. They all deserve to be kicked out.

  9. Has anyone ever thought that maybe he want's to get kicked out . That's why he does this shady stuff… / ponders

  10. Obama reset button with Russia, Hillary handed her Russian counterpart a box to prove it. Story in news, so look it up. Many pictures with Putin and other Russians. URANIUM One SELL TO RUSSIA FROM OBAMA'S ADMIN.

  11. Hi Rachel. I love how you present. It is always well researched, organized chronologically or otherwise and as is result does not come across as a confused or nonsensical rambling.

  12. Why did you never talk or still talk about Hillary and her emails. You are running wild with what ifs trying to act like u super intelligent. If you so sharp please give some equal time to Hillary, she walked away after Trey Goudy drilled her and u were not talking and laughing? Dual Standard

  13. 7 Months later and MSNBC hasn't issued a retraction for this and other FAKE news reports.
    I'm so glad, so when Trump isn't indited on anything to do with Russia, they will have damaged their credibility.

  14. Putin is trolling the gullible MSM, and now 7 months after this video, they still don't have a clue they are being played by Putin. LOL
    Putin is destroying their credibility for future real negative news on Putin.

  15. Did Christopher Steele go to the press and leak his dossier? Yes, he did.

    Did Steele lie to the FBI about leaking the dossier after having met with major news organizations? Yes, he did.

    Did the FBI use the fake news as corroborating the dossier as if it was independent verification? Yes, it did.

    Did the information in the dossier come from the Russians? Yes, it did.

    Was any of it verified? Only that Carter Page flew to Russia to give a speech.

    Why did Hillary pay for the dossier? To influence an election.

    So who received the Clinton money? Russian and British intelligence agents.

    So, Hillary colluded with foreign spies to influence the election? Yes, she did, but it was hidden in an illegal money laundering crime so she could spend $12 million in campaign funds and make it look like legal fees.

    Did the FBI and DOJ criminally give intelligence to Fusion GPS? Yes, it did, through Bruce Ohr, #3 at the DOJ who hid the fact from the FBI and DOJ that his wife worked on the dossier and with British spy Christopher Steele.

    Was this hit job used for a FISA warrant while the FBI purposely hid the fact that it came from Hillary Clinton? Yes.

    Has the FBI and DOJ released documents, provided testimony or submitted to congressional oversight as required by law? No, it has obstructed and is now being threatened with contempt of congress.

    Why won't it comply? Because agents have broke so many laws and conspired in such a criminal fashion that the FBI ought to be brought down by RICO and abolished.

    How is it that MSNBC can miss all this? How can Rachel Maddow ever be taken seriously again?

  16. I came hear to see the corporate media propaganda at its finest. She is way better at it than Hannity. There's nothing there people.. You realize they are just distracting you from the fact that they brutally lost in 2016 because they screwed over half their base (see Donna Brazille or Wikileaks) by shoving a despicable candidate (already rejected) down our throats. This isn't news. This is propapanda no better than their buddies over at FOX and Rachel makes over $30,000 a day to lie to you.

  17. Your all Lucky that hil-LIAR-ry did not become president. No raises. No tax relief and No Jobs. You would all be lining up in front of the FEMA CAMPS.

  18. Rumors as usual started with the reporters we all know the reporters started this nasty rumor.Trump won fair and square we didn’t need another Clinton liar in the White House not to mention Hillary is a baby killer . People you need to stop this ridiculous lies about our President he has done more for our Country than Obama The Bushes and the Clinton did in one year than they did in 8 yrs total each.

  19. Let President Trump do his job what are y’all afraid of he will do good for our Country God knows it’s time All the Republics are doing is going on a witch hunt because they know President Trump will not tolerate them wasting our tax paying money on politicians that only lie to get into office then we the people pay for this let Trump do his job and show Respect people.How can other Countries Respect uswhen we do not respect our President ???? They are laughing at Us you idiots so I say do what we the people voted you into office to do and stop hindering the President we voted for from doing his job.

  20. Rick Wilson is too good for the Republicans, were he only to realize it. It's a shame he doesn't have a viable party to jump to.

  21. it's just a matter of time, Trump is done. Mueller and Comey have more ethics in their pinky finger than Trump has ever had in his pathetic life..

  22. I love you rachel, only intelligent (or at least the most moderate intelligent source) of news feed that I want to hear, on this administration! Oh heck, in 1964 I never wanted a child to be born into this world, but now I'm here with 3 grandchildren and a great grandchild and I fear for them what they will inherent . Am I one of the few that saw where this USA was going?

  23. I have an idea. Just impeach then continue with the investigations without any kind of inteference from WH. This way Mueller and his team will be free to leave no stone unturned. Let out all the dirt. Just get this dirty slime bug out if the WH.
    And dont let Davin Nunes anywhere near the congressional investigation team.

  24. Every dog in the USA knows that Trumpet is a traitor and sold his soul to Putin and Russia. It would be better to find out how much money is in the game. There must be billions and lot of misdeeds which Putin has in his hands about the bed symphonies with prostitutes with pee and champagne bottle wise.

  25. Wow you losers just don't get it. Oh yeah. You all MSNBC are a part and parcel of the deep state cult of personality.

  26. If you were told you could lose everything if you went
    Against the machine, would you.
    The G.O.P. are hostages I believe to trump and the Russians. (If America can't be America, I sure don't wanna be a Russian). Isn't a black Russian a drink.😂

  27. No wonder why liberal viewers are starting to watch Fox News… they can’t make sense of what this MSNBC is talking about half the time and or beginning to see how blind sided and brain washed by the main stream media.


  29. It is now 8 months later
    Did the committee ever vote to release the transcripts?
    What have the transcripts shown?

  30. Rachel, I love your show, but please… just two things:
    1) I know you like to edit on the fly when reading text that is displayed on the screen. I don't have a problem with that, but when you are reading direct quotes, you should read them verbatim.
    2) Please stop the phone pantomime with your hand. George Carlin is rolling over in his grave.

    Keep up the great work!

  31. wow, how sad to see reality TV production in so called new broadcasts. People will believe what they want to believe. This production proves that.

  32. This woman is not helping America or the world. WHAT ABOUT THE VINCE FOSTER AND JERRY PARKS KILLINGS? Was the Foster and Parks killing related? Yes they were. Parks said after the Foster killings that he was a dead man. Many believe the Cathy Ferguson's death was also Clinton related. Wow! History has proven: " If you hang around the clintons very long you'll end up dead."

  33. What about the uranium one deal that seems to elude this reporter that's all about trashing Trump's reputation? Where did that uranium go? Is being head in the middle of all this bull s*** over over a pornstar. Your vajayjay is not more important than uranium one deal. End of subject!

  34. What about the two boys that were murdered that claim to know something about the relationship between Bill Clinton drug laundering? Those two Arkansas teenagers were stabbed and put on a train track for a train run over them. Yet the state of Arkansas autopsy report list them two boys death as they smoked a joint of marijuana and fell asleep side by side on a train track. Bull m********** s***. How many four twenties out there can truly say that it's dead hit a joint of pot that they would fall asleep on a train track when a train makes all kinds of noise. The other thing is Atlanta pathologist tell them boys up and said that they were stabbed to death and their death was not caused by falling asleep on a train track everyone and I think there's about seven or eight people who had knowledge about the boy's death have ended up dead. All related to the Mena, Arkansas drug running.

  35. They reckon the Russians have been bankrolling him for years, same as Bojo when he was London mayor, but who knows?

  36. Wow fake news the sit up there and act like it’s a real seriously are these people stupid maybe a low IQ not sure I don’t understand why they just don’t get what’s going on the spirit is fake news like it’s important these people truly have nothing else going for him duty wow we the people have awakening keep in mind we have eyes and we have ears no we are watching and we are listening we know fake keep that in mind

  37. Okay so ….they briefed trump on this “independent” intel …having no idea that the FBI were the ones who gathered the info? Blackmail much? May wanna take this down now lol

  38. After every disgusting thing trump has done and lied about, I don’t see how anything in the dossier could shock or surprise anyone about trumps’ character, or lack of.

  39. a general strike is the only form of protest that will change anything. trump lost the vote just like bush jr. you can vote all you want but the true people in charge aren't voted in. they own both sides and cutting off their cash supply is the only way things will change

  40. Everything The US the media, Hillary and the DNC is accuse Russia and Putin of doing is what they done over the years

  41. I just realized, the Russian hotel room dossier story is too weird and Trump-specific to be anything other than just what happened.

  42. Who is behind this deliberate Fake News ??? The powerful ??
    Authoritarians ??
    If in a court room case , one of the sides inadvertently or deliberately exposes information that the Judge said was off limits / NOT acceptable and still exposes it the Judge admonishes that side and warns to jury to disregard /or cancels the case all together ??
    DISREGARD -That just makes me or any one else remind me more ,bring to mind, conjure up, invoke, elicit, induce, kindle, stimulate, stir up, awaken, arouse, recall, ?? This is why fake news is so effective cause even if a retraction is to come in its too late / the damage has been done and the Dims / MSM use this to perfection ?? CNN is full of retraction ??

  43. Once upon a time there was a Republican President by the name Dwight D. Eisenhower who in his Farwell Message to his fellow Americans to be wary about the Industrial Military Complex. Since then the Republican Party has gone off the rails, and today I would ask my fellow Americans to be wary about Putin Ex-KGB/ Russian Mafia and the IDC. Putin has something on Trump and I would imagine has threatened him with blackmail and maybe has warned him that his most beloved family member may be introduced to the kiss of Novichok. Just a thought.

  44. I love dis woman! She nows a lot of stuff! I will support the Democrat's in the nex erectile disfunction thing! Go democracies!

  45. Didn't turn out as you told them it would. what lie you going to use next? let me know when you get your MEMO> The new phrase on the next faze. lol dummies

  46. Rachel, how do you sit their and continuously make crap up, then collect a huge paycheck?

    And how can you people support it?

    All proven lies.

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