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  1. Great Videos, Seabass and thanks for your help on Discgolf review – I will be sharing these drills to the British audience.

  2. At first every video I watched from you it was like.. yeah, these are cool but doesn't really help that much, then the stuff you say in them really sticks in my mind and I re-watch the videos two weeks later and actually start doing what you're doing in the videos (my gf thinks I'm nuts, dancing for her with a broom and a hammer, but that's okay) and I really start to feel what you're talking about in the video… Huge help so far, definitely making improvements in my game, especially with the extra help on the forums. If people don't care enough to turn the volume up and listen to get the info out of these videos that's their problem, everyone's a critic these days. You're not doing this with a huge production company like some youtube instructional videos. I don't think people understand how much work you actually put into these video's as it is.

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