Doug Bruce Ruined Colorado | March 7, 2018 Act 3 | Full Frontal on TBS
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Doug Bruce Ruined Colorado | March 7, 2018 Act 3 | Full Frontal on TBS

September 20, 2019

Welcome back to the show. Last year, Republicans in
Washington finally achieved one of their biggest goals yet– killing Batman! I’m sorry. I meant passing
comprehensive tax cuts. While it’s still too early
to tell how these drastic tax cuts could affect
schools, infrastructure, and other government
projects across the country, one state is ahead of the
curve Mike Rubens has more. MIKE RUBENS: Magical,
wondrous Colorado. It’s like Wakanda
for white people. Epic vistas, legal weed,
Red Rocks, non-Nazi Aryans, legal weed, a
centrist governor who will maintain
earnest eye contact while playing the guitar. [STRUMMING GUITAR] But most importantly– Colorado’s economy is booming. Home to the country’s
lowest unemployment rate. MIKE RUBENS: Yes,
Colorado is perfect. The end. I’m just visiting with you! This is “Full Frontal.” So the economy is booming. What’s the problem? We don’t get to
benefit from any of the advantages of growth. We have underfunded
schools, unaffordable higher education, student debt
that is just crushing people. We certainly don’t have enough
money for our transportation infrastructure. We’re going to strangle
ourselves on our own growth. MIKE RUBENS: All
that new business should be lots of new
tax revenue to go around, but a severely restrictive
tax law prevents that. So schools and bridges
and roads are like– I don’t know. What’s a good Colorado metaphor? [SCREAMING] Yeah, like that. How Colorado got in this
predicament is freaky. I am a crazy man. MIKE RUBENS: More
on that guy soon, but first that tax law, which
has a really catchy name. TABOR is the Taxpayers
Bill of Rights. – TABOR?
the most fantastic creation of man’s mind. MIKE RUBENS:
Actually, it’s TABOR, but look at that fucking robot! It’s an amendment to
the state constitution that finally passed
about 25 years ago. It says that any tax
increase of any kind needs to be voted on by
the people of Colorado. Isn’t that a great idea? If you don’t want
to raise taxes. So you’re saying that no one
will ever vote to raise taxes? Would you? Of course not. Turns out, asking people to
vote to raise their own taxes is like asking dogs to vote
in favor of vacuum cleaners. TABOR has created a situation
where the haves do fine, but there’s not enough
money to share and spread out with the have-nots. MIKE RUBENS: Example,
spending for K-12 education. Colorado has dropped
below Mississippi, a word whose origin means
underfunded public education. And TABOR can be traced
to the obsessive efforts of this former legislator. TABOR is Douglas Bruce MIKE RUBENS: Doug Bruce,
anti-tax crusader, Mr. TABOR himself. Ready? MIKE RUBENS: Yep. Let’s do that one more time. You mean you want me to
get back in the car again? MIKE RUBENS: It’s OK–
– Come on. MIKE RUBENS: [INAUDIBLE] This is absurd. MIKE RUBENS: Quick history. It’s 1992. After two failed
previous attempts, future legislator Doug
Bruce, looking sexy, celebrates pushing through
the TABOR amendment. The liars lost,
the people won. MIKE RUBENS: It alters the
course of Colorado history. Doug Bruce has been
incredibly influential in the state of Colorado. MIKE RUBENS: There’s
really no title that could fully describe this– oh, I guess there is. Freedom fighter. That’s right. Tax limitation is
human liberation. People would be very foolish. They say civil
rights just has to do with benefits to black people. Hispanics, blacks,
orientals, whatever. Is there a little
bit of MLK in you? Well, Martin Luther King and
I are both freedom fighters. Ashley’s going to
really like this. Martin Luther King and I
are both freedom fighters. You gassy, conservative
Stay Puft Marshmallow Man looking mother– Let me ask you this. How do we pay for
stuff that we share? Street lights, roads. We don’t share them. We don’t share them. They belong to the government. But you do use it. Because I don’t
own it, so I can’t share it with other people. What you’re talking
about are communal. That’s a word, the derivation
of which is commune, which is communism. MIKE RUBENS: Sure, Doug
may sound a little fringy– You are a slave
to the government. MIKE RUBENS: –but that fringe
is now mainstream conservative ideology. We tax you at 50%, you’re
half-slave, half-free. Taxation is theft. People have been beaten
down by the government for a long time. He didn’t pay any
federal income tax. So– MIKE RUBENS: No, that
makes you a rich asshole. But it’s also the guiding spirit
of our new national tax bill, which is going to mostly help
dalmatian-snatching caviar vampires like this, and leave
the rest of us like this. [SCREAMING] Snow shark! Is there any doubt
in your mind looking back that maybe you were wrong? No. But people are
saying that TABOR– You’re talking to
the wrong people. You’re talking to the
leftists, the collectivists, the sore losers. Do you see any similarities
between the GOP tax plan and Doug Bruce’s tax plan? Well I think that
it’s all sort of a sham. What’s really going on
here is a bunch of people trying to protect their own. It’s greed? Absolutely, it’s greed. MIKE RUBENS: Greed is something
Douglas seems to understand. This inexplicably
effective lawmaker ended up going to jail for– surprise– tax evasion. There were property fines– He was a slumlord. MIKE RUBENS: There
was an assault charge. But think of it this
way– if someone like Doug could change history, so can we. And Doug may have
his calling card, but I’ve got one of my own. I wasn’t aware that this
proceeding was going to turn into a homosexual encounter. It’s just a hug. I understand. MIKE RUBENS: Fine. If our country can’t
have a fair tax policy, and I can’t have
Douglas, I’m just going to go smoke some
legal weed and fuck a robot. ANNOUNCER: TOBOR! [APPLAUSE] We’ll be right back.

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  1. So… Why do leftists not count? Why do their frustrations not matter again?

    And who cares if it's communist (just for the sake of argument) if it makes things better? How did this guy ever have actual power?

  2. There are countries where ideological nutjobs like that make the law. I bet he's a fine christian too

  3. If public streets are communal, and therefore communistic, does this guy avoid driving on the roads because that would make him a beneficiary of communism?

  4. Have a ballot initiative to raise taxes on the top 10% in the state, 90% will vote for it, problem solved !

    In any case, CO seems to be what libertarians dream about, a state where "taxes=slavery" so taxes are capped. Congrats, you have crumbling infrastructure, failing schools, and a state where only the rich love it.

  5. You mean Republicans did something that hurts everyone but the wealthy? No way! Clearly giving more money to the richest Americans has benefits. I don't know what it is but…surely..right?

  6. As a matter of fact, sensible people sometimes do vote for tax increases. Here in Switzerland, it happens on national, cantonal (state) and local level.

  7. Why do greedy, slightly mentally challenged guys like Bruce have so much influence? It's like we're living in a scary af, poorly written, dystopian nightmare novel.

  8. I mean… I don't agree with Douglas Bruce policy idea or TABOR at all. However, I feel like Sam and her team deliberately painted an evil Douglas Bruce by cherry picking. For example, his charge of tax evasion involved his foundation giving Constitution booklets to students. The foundation was funded by his salary as a state legislature and he forgot to report it. To me, that sounded like a misstep rather than a greedy behavior. Also, the assault mentioned in the video happened when he was first elected and swore in the state house. He hit a reporter too close to him and it didn't lead to any charges but other legislatures condemnation. Again, not an evil intent but an impulsive temper. I want to reiterate that I oppose his policy fundamentally, but seeing our side attack him without considering the full picture really disappoints me. He is not evil; he is just a conservative that you and I disagree with. He had a real estate business that was working out for him, but he gave it up and pursued public office base solely on his passion. He doesn't have substantial influence in Colorado now like he used to, but he kept attending public hearing and discussions despite his age. We should disagree with him and discuss the issue with him, not maliciously paint him as a hateful old white homophobic racist. It will lead as nowhere.

  9. Video is funny. I know no one here in Colorado that does not love this law. More money does not equate to better education unfortunately. We all pay taxes at the pump for our roads.

  10. Wow, I'm blown away with all the communists that are commenting on this video. Sad to see so many people need the government to be like mommy and daddy to take care of them.

  11. "Hispanic, blacks, orientals, whatever." said the obese, pale, bloated, conservative Doug Bruce before gagging on his own bile at the thought of Dr. Martin Luther King, Jr.
    Mike, Ashley & Co. deserve an award for having to think about Mr. Freedom Farter long enough to produce this piece.

  12. funny note.. sweden has one of the highest taxes in the world.. the whole scandinavia does… and yet we are thriving compare to 99% of USA.. why?
    Because the high taxes makes the system and balance go around. yes we give one third of what we make, but we still make so much that it doesnt matter, also we know it goes to the best interest of our nation and our city, which will benefit who..?? Us. I rest my case.

  13. Sure, let's give all our money to the politicians so they have more to spend on themselves. Such an ignorant video.

  14. Honestly, we are fine people here in Colorado and we have voted to raise taxes… occasionally. It got so bad that the people in Colorado Springs, the conservative counterweight to Boulder, actually voted to raise their taxes because they were having problems keeping their streetlight on!

  15. greedy greedy man and I bet he's a "good Christian". Doesn't pay his taxes? Well, let his house burn when it catches fire, let his stuff get stolen without the assistance of the police and let his robber not go to court because he won't pay for any of those public services.

  16. In Colorado, the Right has rejected the social contract that makes government possible. With selfishness ruling, there will be no government except for what the Right is willing to pay for to protect their property. All this is done under the guise of "freedom", but what they really mean is being free of any obligation to their fellow man. Like Ayn Rand, they believe that any such obligation constitutes slavery. Unfortunately, by appealing to base human selfishness, they have found a way to prevail at the ballot box. The people of Colorado will probably regret this.

  17. Anti tax libertarian need to understand that the Social Contract is the indispensable bond of a democratic society. This Social Contract is mostly embodied by the Constitution; but it also relies on the agreement that citizens will work together for the common good (education, health, environment, law enforcement, defence, etc.).

  18. It seems like schools, bridges and infrastructure should be fully funded the kind of essential to the functioning of society. But there's not good education the state's growth will be stifled, lack of quality infrastructure puts people in danger such as collapsing bridges

  19. I wanted in Colorado the tax marijuana could be an excellent way to fund schools and infrastructure. That again It would probably be difficult to convince people that taxing marijuana could be used to fan schools

  20. This is crazy problem that really should be solved, no one likes paying taxes but they're important for paying for social programs, vital infrastructure, health care

  21. I think it's ironic that Doug Bruce says the term human rights but then says it only applies to black people. The term human rights implies human rights for everyone else funny doesn't see that.

  22. I think it's weird that he went from talking about roads and street lights to communism, with the point that argument is infrastructure is essential

  23. Ok, it is true that people won't vote to raise their own taxes, but cant they put a tax hike on just the top 10% on the ballot? The bottom 90% would show up to vote.

  24. Somehow I knew, as soon as he read the card and said, "I wasn't aware…" that he was definitely about to use the word "homosexual."

  25. This guy and those like him want to end government and privatize everything. You want to use the roads – you pay. You want education for your kids – you pay. You want protection for you and your kids from thieves, extortionists, and pedo's – you pay. If you don't pay, you don't get anything and if you want a job, you'll accept what you're offered. Pretty soon after, all the wealth belongs to just a handful of people who also have all the power and do as they please and the rest are serfs. We had a system like this in the UK a few hundred years ago. It certainly worked. Sure a lot of young kids died horrible deaths in factory accidents and those who survived didn't really have any free time to play, but it was GREAT for the economy! If that's what America wants, that's what America shall have.

  26. "we don't share….its communal…from communism…" um what the f**k!? How do you want roads, lights, sidewalks, schools, etc. that you use and we all share all our space and communities we live in!!!

  27. In Switzerland we also vote on almost any tax increase. However, contrary to the US people in Switzerland are actually smart enough to see the benefit of taxes.

  28. If a majority of people won't ever vote for it, maybe it's a bad idea? Pretty anti-democratic to say otherwise…

    Ever think that maybe CO is one of the fastest growing states with the lowest unemployment in the country BECAUSE of the TABOR law?

    Proud Coloradan, so of course I take some issues with this piece (also: go Broncos). Denver has its share of problems due to the insane growth it's experienced the past decade or so, but so do Seattle and Austin. TABOR is not the source of that.

  29. "I wasn´t aware this meeting was going to turn into an homosexual encounter"

    Is this guy for real? He sounds like particularly on the nose Seth MacFarlane´s character.

  30. Alec Baldwin said about referendums "You have government policy being decided by people who have absolutely no idea how governments work."

  31. This is a very accurate representation of Colorado Springs. Colorado Springs Motto: A beautiful city ruined by horrible people.

  32. The Right Wing are anti PC? Ok.
    The Old, White, Straight, Christian, Conservative, Male group will die out in 10 years.

  33. Having a flat tax of around 15-20% should take care of all government expenses, provided the government is downsized and does not stay as bloated as it is.

  34. How come when conservatives say "lower taxes" what they always ALWAYS mean is "let us rich people keep our money and let the poor die."

  35. 3:45 Hey, Doug Bruce, listen…
    Martin Luther King fought for equality among black and white people.
    Equality is a civil right. Taxes are a civil DUTY.
    You fought to evade that duty.
    There are certain duties to perform if you want freedom.
    Evading those duties does not bring freedom closer.
    Ergo, you are not a freedom fighter.
    Random Youtube Commenter out.

  36. Communism -> Commune -> Communication.

    Stop spreading your anti-tax message. Talking to people is communism.

  37. Remember when Karl Rove suggested to fight against public health care by replacing all phrases involving 'public' with 'government' to make it less palatable to the voters?
    Surely, I took GOVERNMENT transportation down GOVERNMENT roads, and then got off at the GOVERNMENT library to use the GOVERNMENT restroom that uses GOVERNMENT water supply.
    Thanks reGOVERNMENTans…

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