Doug Collins: Adam Schiff is the first person who needs to testify
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Doug Collins: Adam Schiff is the first person who needs to testify

December 2, 2019

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  1. Chris Wallace is another one. Him and Juan Williams should have to wear clown makeup on air. Ohh and Adam Schiff should be arrested for treason.

  2. The outright disingenuousness of a congressman who condones obstruction of justice, which will comprise one of Trump's articles of impeachment, is staggering. Attorney Collins should be disbarred.

  3. How much longer do we have to listen to Chris Wallace? I wish we could vote him out of FOX. What a happy day that would be.

  4. No one will be participating in this weeks Nadler show it's just a continuation of this BS impeachment Hoax, however I am looking forward to the release of the Durham Report and seeing "Real" Justice Served! The Democrats are spiraling into the destruction of their own greedy political parties stupid decisions,,,and it's going to be well worth the wait……The American people deserve to finally see Justice!

  5. They witnesses were reading a script written by Adam Schiff, they aaaalll did not back up their statements after being cross examined.

  6. Unbelievable how Trump Trump supporters shamelessly try to defended THEIR president UNCONSTITUTIONAL actions, I wonder what would Ronald Reagan do??

  7. King Midas and president Trump have something in common, anything they touch turns into something else: King Midas into gold while president Trump into poop.

  8. Glenn Beck connected all the dots of Democratic corruption.
    True facts backed up with documents faces. NGO's.
    He did the homework.
    Listen to the series.
    It will make you throw up.

  9. Republicans… You have the President! Tell Nadler how it is going too go period! Most of Americans are behind you.

  10. Why is Wallace asking tough questions? Someone needs to pull him aside and tell him Fox is supposed to be an echo chamber

  11. Notice from 0:00 to 9:15 the level of his voice, the forced Enthusiasm, the eluding of questions . He can’t even answer a hypothetical. Nothing that implicates Donald. Nothing they told Doug or your political career is over. And so Doug did, through gritted teeth and a forced smile he did . Compromising his integrity, legacy, and Oath of office along the way . Now from 9:15 until the end of the video JUST NOTICE how when asked about his State his voice and demeanor changes . He becomes less….robotic. He has to think about his answer and it matters to him . Of course always back to Donald but it’s not forced in the slightest. Just open your eyes I see.

  12. What Wallace really wants to ask: "Representative Collins do you see anything wrong with me being a double-faced, out-for-myself journalist here at Fox News?"(I guess Fox is trying to provide a 'balanced' view by having this clown )

  13. Doug is so on top of it! He takes Chris' spins and takes it back to the facts. He doesn't let Chris' biased questions rattle him. Love it. Do we want our President to look into corruption and safeguard our money? I think most people would say yes. The investigation is on the 2016 election not on current political activities so therefore the presumption that people say that the President is investigating a political opponent's current activities is mute. He is the President and he holds the office that protects The People's money, national security and everything American. My guess is that he is working with the new Ukranian President and other leaders of foreign countries to clear out corruption. We elected him to do this job and we did not elect the people holding office in the State Department. I hope that the President looks into American corruption as well because there is plenty of it.

  14. Chris Wallace isn't a journalist. He's a tea leaf reader. Let me ask you a hypothetical question Chris, "What if Trump is telling the truth?"

  15. I wanted to comment but watching this made me take a Schiff..
    lesson learned.. don't eat Taco Bell before watching Chris Wallace..

  16. Unfortunately, I hope that the House Confirms Impeachment, so it goes to the Senate and the OTHER side of the investigation is brought to light. I have watch this Schitt Show for weeks now, and am not happy about the one sided show and complete control of information. Very SAD representation of how this system should work. I look forward to the Senate letting us hear how this all began, and how long it has been going on, and how much money has been stolen from us and where that money is now. Forget politics, I want to know HOW these people believe that they can steal and waste our money like this.

    High Value Witnesses:

    *Hunter Biden

    *Ukraine Investigator who was fired, Viktor Shokin

    *President of Ukraine, Zelensky

    *Joe Biden

    *Barack Obama

    *Hillary Clinton

    *Christopher Steele

    *Bruce and Nelli Ohr


    *Eric Holder

    *Steven Chu

    *Susan Rice

    *Rahm Emanuel

    Bring them ALL in and have them testify to what really happened with Joe's Biden's statements that he had Viktor Shokin fired.

  17. Hey Chris, when did you start getting paid by CNN???? how come you didn't play what Sonland asked the President what he wanted? (nothing) Just like a Dem….they never play the entire story. sad

  18. Chris Wallace has spent his life in a studio? I mean, a member of the press with his experience and he thinks that you can just count on aid to Ukraine being properly used? Mind-blowing. If he's really serious, he's a moron.

  19. I watched almost every second of the hearings, ALL of this is BS. Every statement that someone made was later found to be complete bullshite…in one way or another. Vindman is a traitor and so is Yovonovitch. These are people who know something about tormer republics of the SU and they act like 400 million in aid is like giving a quarter to a bum on the street.

  20. Chris Wallace is a doing exactly what it means as described in the scriptures as the blind leading the blind. I watched the whole hearing and to be honest Chris Wallace is very unprofessional by refusing to show side by side the Q&A by the democrats and Q&A by the republican.

    From this, I can easily see how the blunt hate for good is blinding the so-called confiscated journalist who by the way President Trump rightfully so-called them corrupt individual.

    I will say just like the way Jim Jordan usually ends his questioning and I quote; "…the good news! the good news is that we all watched the whole live-stream without edits"

    Thank you, congressman Dough Collins, you just firmly dismiss him spot on.

  21. I will cut to the chase and tell you all what exactly will happen.
    1) There will be a joke show in the judiciary and the Repubs will not call Schiff or the Bidens or they will be prevented from doing so.
    2) They will drag the judiciary show on for as long as they can.
    3) Appearing to take the high ground, the Dems will opt for censure instead of Impeachment and state that they are doing so for the sake of the country even though they believe impeachment is warranted.
    *) The Dems cannot and will not allow this to go to the Senate. They would be crucified there and they know it.
    **) This entire charade was concocted a long time ago to damage Trumps political image. The problem is that the Congress was employed to attack Trump politically, and if there was any air of sincerity left in Congress, serious ethics violations could and should be levied against Pelosi, Nadler, and Schiff, as well as a host of other Democrat congressional persons.
    ***) This whole thing literally was an orchestrated coup from the start, and it will continue until the full weight of the law steps in and puts an end to it. And the law must do exactly that. Or the law is irrelevant.

  22. House Intelligence Committee Chairman Adam Schiff (D-CA) was given financial aid from George Soros's to help win his seat in Congress, Breitbart News reports.

  23. Mr. Wallace would it be a crime if an acting member of the state department sought information from a foreign country on a political opponent ? Isn't this what you accuse the POTUS of ?


  25. New York’s program has sent 13 people to the city of Atlanta, plus an additional five to Cobb County. Talk about serious solutions! This is an example of recycling sent to foreign countries! It's not working!

  26. New York’s program has sent 13 people to the city of Atlanta, plus an additional five to Cobb County. Talk about serious solutions! This is an example of recycling sent to foreign countries! It's not working!

  27. If Trump is so innocent whats all the hub bub. These republicans know trump is as guilty as hell . They are a trump cult

  28. A very popular ploy employed by the guilty. If you cannot prove innocence you go after the process or the people in charge of the process. Adam BTW is quite popular. O'Connor and Devin are going to wind up under investigation for, take a guess, obstruction and will no doubt lie and be subject to the very penalties they would wish on the other side of the aisle.

  29. A very popular ploy employed by the guilty. If you cannot prove innocence you go after the process or the people in charge of the process. Adam BTW is quite popular. O'Connor and Devin are going to wind up under investigation for, take a guess, obstruction and will no doubt lie and be subject to the very penalties they would wish on the other side of the aisle.

  30. Chris you ought to be fair & truthful for the sake of Justice the Rule of Law so tat the Country benefits from it rather than one party over the other.

  31. Seen your Walla$$ is just another hater of all things Trump. "If" and let me see here, "possible" are not words attributed to FACTS! "Hypothetically", are words continually used by Schiff Show advocates to try and confuse the average viewer. Trouble is, Walla$$ and his ilk have created a Schiff Show hate like no other. Beyond Trump supporters. Trump did absolutely NOTHING to deserve this bull$hit! You can lie your face off but facts are facts.

  32. Was Chris Wallace always like? Let the schift chips fall where they may for Adam. It is just going to be Schift's bull, that makes zero sense, Crazy Town.

  33. Trump Is the Founders’ Worst Nightmare
    The very conduct that necessitates presidential impeachment also supplies the means for the demagogue to escape it.

    Donald Trump’s Republican congressional allies are throwing up different defenses against impeachment and hoping that something may sell. They say that he didn’t seek a corrupt political bargain with Ukraine, but that if he did, he failed, and the mere attempt is not impeachable. Or that it is not clear that he did it, because the evidence against him is unreliable “hearsay.”

    Be RAD, Restore American Democracy
    Dump the 🍊🤡 and his MAGA MAGGOTS..

  34. I just want to know how much Schiff received as his personal share of the $ 400 millions supposed aids to Ukraine.He must have received so big sum of monies to lie all those continuous lies defending his party thieves and plunderers of taxes the American citizens paid during the last 5 decades.

  35. Wow, I can't believe the liberal (democrat, communist, socialist) idiots that post on here, but they are brainwashed by the lying liberal media until they think they have to spread their hate and lies everywhere that they think they can stir up any trouble what-so-ever. Sorry, liberals, conservatives don't fall for the liberal hate and lies. We have enough common sense to "know" better.

  36. Mr. Wallace keeps showing only half the information, the sound bites that work for him but not the part of the sound bite that disproves his narrative.

  37. Dear President Trump, Intelligent middle class Americans rely on “price discovery” of “free markets” to make sound financial decisions. President Trump, you were elected to raise interest rates and normalize the economy. You were elected to re-instate the Free Market economy. President Trump, if you continue the high inflation / low interest rate policies of the Obama / Bernanke Presidency, if you continue QE to blow the stock market bubble bigger, then I will vote for Elizabeth Warren to Tax the rich to pay for the on going Socialism, Fascism. and Communism of the Federal Reserve Banking system.

  38. Congressman Collins is the BEST!! He knows what he is talking about and he "LET'S IT FLY!!" Also, everyone AGAINST OUR POTUS, including Wallace, just keeps going over, and over, and over the same thing about the phone call that showed nothing. If they want to dissect it, great, all you guys just sit there every waking minute and hour of every single day trying to find something that was not there!! Now I will ask all of you a question; DO YOU ALWAYS SAY EVERYTHING TO PERFECTION WHEN YOU ARE ON A "FRIENDLY CALL" trying to make it a nice call to someone you hardly know AND NOT OFFEND THEM??? MORONS in the news are in the WRONG JOB…..

  39. I'm also tried of EVERYONE in the NEWS just BLOWING OVER what the HELL the BIDENS have DONE!!! They are MAJOR UP TO THEIR NECKS in CORRUPTION and MONEY GRUBBING. Everyone just skims past all of this. Thank GOODNESS that we have AG BARR and DURHAM investing all of this under the DUMMY NEWS PEOPLE NOSES!!!

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