Drawing: Cartoons & Fashion : What Are the Different Compositions in Art?

September 22, 2019

All right folks, in this clip we’re going
to talk about the different types of composition in art. First of all, composition can be defined
largely as a orderly arrangement of elements within a frame, shot, image, painting that
when taken in as a whole conveys the intent and meaning behind the actual image itself,
so it’s a very, very powerful tool. And knowing proper composition, and having a natural feel
for proper composition is incredibly important in any kind of visual medium; photography,
video production, film, painting, anything that conveys an visual image of any kind,
so learning that early on is very important. Knowing what the, the rule of thirds essentially
is also incredibly important as well. Taking your image and dividing it up into three separate
lines with three separate boxes in each line, and put it placing your subject within one
of those boxes to establish a visually pleasing image is important at the earliest, most fundamental
level. Beyond that, it’s about, it’s where, essentially, the student ceases to be a book
learner and has to rely on the raw talents within them to achieve greatness beyond just,
you know, the doing a good enough job. It’s an instinctual thing. When you look at an
image you will perceive what you want to convey within an image, and be able to look at it
and decide okay, instead of doing something static and boring here I’m going to take it
a step further and find the most visually compelling way to show what I’m trying to
show. It’s; a lot of it cannot be explained. A lot of it is something that you cannot guide
someone to learn. You have to search out the best visual interpretations for yourself.
So, the only advice that I can give you along those lines is really study the world from
different angles. When you’re pre-visualizing some things take a step back and think is
this really the best way that I can show this? Instead of just immediately jumping to the
first thing that comes to your mind, the best, the first visual interpretation, take a step
back and go well, what if I tried looking at it from this angle? Knowing how I want
the image to move or how I want the the picture to speak to people is this really the best
way that I can visually offer this image to the my audience? Take a step back, really
think about it, study it. Study the world; not just from your own, you know, established
point of view, but really like figure out ways to get high and low, and learn the different
types of angles and light, and the way that all of these things converge into one visual
experience. Basically, get out there and look at the world through a different pair of glasses
and a different perspective, and that is really the best way to learn the different types
of composition when it comes to the world of art.

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