Echo Frames: Eyeglasses with Alexa
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Echo Frames: Eyeglasses with Alexa

October 14, 2019

Introducing Echo Frames. Eyeglasses that
let you take Alexa with you. Alexa, good morning. Good morning your next event is coffee with Rebecca at 9:00 a.m. Echo Frames direct sounds straight to your ears so you can discreetly hear
Alexa. And with no cameras or displays, you’re free to see the world around you.
They work with your phone and are controlled by your voice, helping you get
things done without getting in your way. Alexa, call Jamie. Got the raspberries?
They’re on the way. Perfect. Echo Frames are designed around your
privacy. You can turn off the microphone any time. Never miss what’s important. With VIP
filter, you choose the notifications Alexa reads to you and which ones stay
on your phone. Message from Ethan. Swipe for more. “Change of plans meet me at the trailhead in 20 minutes” Get the weather, news, or settle an
important debate. The fastest slap shot ever recorded was 110.3 miles per hour. So was I right? You were right. Knew it. Play a little music or your favorite
podcast without missing a beat. Alexa, resume my podcast. Okay. Just ask to check your calendar, manage your to-do list, or add a new favorite spot. Alexa, add Rinzu sushi to our favorite restaurant list. Alexa can even help you capture a moment of inspiration. Alexa, remind me to try a faster tempo when I get to work. Okay, I’ll remind you at work. Alexa turn on the patio lights. Echo Frames and Alexa keep you in the moment so you never miss it.

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  1. I always feel weird talking to Alexa when anyone else is around unless it is a quick command to play music or something. People are gonna think I'm nuts if I start talking to my glasses in public!

    I still can't wait to try them.

  2. Honestly the only thing I liked about this Commercial/Video is how it filled up my iPhone XS’s screen around the notch natively😂

  3. I have a very low vision and I need to plant ACL Turk lenses cost $ 3500 and I do not have this money

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