Edmonton Public Schools Treaty 6 and Métis Flag Raising
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Edmonton Public Schools Treaty 6 and Métis Flag Raising

November 17, 2019

Today was an important day. It was a real milestone in the District. Having an opportunity to bring elders, and the Board of Trustees, our students, our staff, community together to fly the Métis and the Treaty 6 flag. For us at the Métis Nation of Alberta, the raising of the flag is really significant. When I went to school, I didn’t learn about the Métis history or First Nations history, or any of that. This flag raising, for me, is such an exhilarating feeling. It means to me, the joining of two nations, of Canadians, to live together as community and to understand each other. It sends a message to our young people, that by recognizing Métis and First Nations, we’re all on the right path to healing our people, our families and our communities. The success of all our students is a top priority, and when I think of myself as a young, Cree student growing up, to have something happen like today, with the raising of the Treaty 6 flag and raising of the Métis flag, that really instills that pride and that hope of “I belong.” And to have every student know that we all belong, we’re all important and what we want is success for all students. Our indigenous students are important and cared for and welcome, and an integral part of our Edmonton public family. I think that reconciliation, for me, is about surrounding our children, as a community, with that love and with that respect, and that support that they need to lead a life of dignity and fulfillment. And if we come together as a community on Treaty 6 territory, and we’re able to help our children overcome whatever obstacles get in their way to be successful, I think that’s when we’ll achieve reconciliation.

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