Eisenhower UFO meeting ☮ Alien Peace Treaty illuminati Conspiracy Area 51 👽 Bill Cooper Tells All 2
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Eisenhower UFO meeting ☮ Alien Peace Treaty illuminati Conspiracy Area 51 👽 Bill Cooper Tells All 2

December 8, 2019

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  2. Had that many aliens did they . . . that they could lose them through the walls enough times to realize that they needed to build a Faraday cage to keep them contained, and still have a few left over?

    Lol, I mean don't get me wrong, but just how many aliens did they have locked up and detained so that they could not escape that they would learn that lesson and still have some left over?

    I don't know about you, but if I could go through a wall, i certainly wouldn't just reveal that to my captors till I could actually leave and never have to come back.

  3. You know what would really be funny, is if the humanoid aliens made themselves known to the public and then claimed that they are actually the reason life is on this planet and why we just so happen to have their general body-shape as well as why so many animals have their general body-shape, you know arms, legs, head, torso, abdomen, etc, and then all of the Atheists and evolutionary biologists who swore up and down that nature proves that there was no intelligent design, no God, all came out and accepted that explanation.

  4. I clicked on the links in description and it says you tube removed them for hate speech. Why? Why would it be hate speech?
    Ok so cant get in on you tube… any where else I can check for these videos or written word?

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