Elizabeth – From The Prison To The Palace – Part 1 of 4 (British History Documentary) | Timeline
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Elizabeth – From The Prison To The Palace – Part 1 of 4 (British History Documentary) | Timeline

September 10, 2019

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  1. Beautiful work Elizabeth the First may she return and be Queen Of English may she be Reincarnated may this be God's Will for mankind

  2. Elizabeth probably barely knew her mother while she was alive. Royals would have been spending their time with wet nurses and maids anyway.

  3. I would love for them to do one of these about the African royals. They would never run out of seasons!

  4. Well Elizabeth I , you swore to worship God and follow his love. You burnt your daddy God at the steak. Hybrids have serious problems sweety.

  5. She proved she was a better leader as Queen than her father ever was. He left the Monarchy in terrible shape with leaving it nearly bankrupted. Queen Elizabeth brought wealth to the country and won the Spanish Armada.Queen Mary was obsessed with returning the country back to being Catholic again. She was not well and thinking she was pregnant but died of a huge tumor..

  6. I am African-American and I love the royal history and I’m proud to say that By the way Elizabeth of Woodville was my favorite queen of all time

  7. I wonder which Queen was really a man? She was quite powerful, but history says a girl died so they replaced her with a boy. He was raised as a girl who became Queen.

  8. Both Henry & Elizabeth consulted astrologers, how can the claim stand to be defender of the church in England? And followers of true Christian teachings ? unlike Peter the apostle who Christ gave the keys to the one Holy Catholic apostolic church . Peter did not have to consult such occultist practitioner's about his leadership, & keys to the kingdom. He was the Rock!

  9. it strikes me funny to me that england would consider a christian monarchy a part of their history nowadays.

  10. Queen Elizabeth is the queen of satan. If you rewatch the video and look for the hidden symbols in the language and and imagery and if you are a good student of the lord you will clearly see it evident throughout… especially in the last 15 seconds of the video…

  11. Henry was not falling in love with any women. He was only falling in love with potential royal breeding machines.

  12. I find it interesting that She and Elizabeth ll were destined to be queens. Both had little to 0 chances to become first monarchs.
    The two of them carried their duties with so much honor and dignity.

  13. Henry the VIII was upset that he wasn't having any sons, but he's reaping what he sowed. The very thing he loved the most (women) was his greatest sadness( having a bunch of girls)


  15. i wonder if Queen Elizabeth's title as the Virgin Queen came from this distrust of men after her stepfather's sexual advances and their lust and desire for her throne? She had seen what damage that a lustful man could inflict and she purposed that she would rather be Queen alone than in love with a man and risk losing her head.

  16. How snobbish to mention the four noblemen with whom Anne was accused of adultery (and incest with one of them, her brother) and to omit Mark Smeaton, the musician. When put to the question only Smeaton confessed. The four noblemen denied the charges until the end.

  17. Glastonbury was a money maker and very prideful and powerful. It was a example of the corruption and politics of the Catholic Church. I do not get moist eyes over the loss of prestige over that organization. Nor do I rejoice at the spread of protestant religions, which in my country is pernicious, though not subtle. In the Roman Empire the citizens were placated with bread and circuses; later populations became addicted to the opiate of the masses. I am an atheist and neither appeals to me. If forced to choose I'd take the bread and skip the circuses.

  18. Be it the sword o the ax,does it change the state of a chopped head?Not impressive method to convince in the text of the speaker at all.

  19. VERY SKETCHY "HISTORY": only 4 wives mentioned – Katherine of Aragon, Anne Boleyn, Jane Seymour, Katherine Parr. . Two wives missing eh? Then Henry VIII dies, Elizabeth is a 14-year old prodigy. What the heck? This is a terrible "historical documentary". Timeline is usually so very good. Sad. I'll have to find a different one, or just read another book about her.

  20. "……Henry died, CUTTING THE HANDS OF ARCHBISHOP CANBER.." What does THIS mean? Did someone give him a knife while he was dying? Bizarre "documentary".

  21. I hate the fact that women were seen nothing more than some machine to Bear children especially Sons I think Henry lost favor in God eyesight because of bloodline was not right look how he treated his first wife Catherine and then to get rid of Anne Boleyn he started a lie saying she had an affair there's not a shadow of doubt in my mind that she ever cheated on her husband she loves him I think he was just lusting out of after her that's why he had his first wife killed so he can be with her and it's said to me that these children born of these Union are nothing more than pons just a little game pieces for people to move around and do as they please

  22. They had more to worry about from their closest family members than from strangers. I would not want to ever be royalty. Looks miserable.

  23. Always class, that's David Starkey. The actress who played Elizabeth in this film looks just like I'd picture her, unlike some of the made-for-TV Elizabeths of late.

  24. Good grief, the church took from the poor, shamelessly, …morn for the poor who could not afford to pay the priest for their sins or to enter heaven..

  25. Virgin? That's not true, everyone knows the Tudor bloodline died with Sir Francis Bacon, unless Bacon followed suit and gave up a secret child like his mother and Robert Dudley when they gave up Bacon to trusted friends.

  26. Thank you English documentary….on this honesty …about the evil in British royalty!….. Only the English can so criticise themselves so honestly!….😷😷😷😷😷😵😵😵😵😱😱😱😱

  27. So they adored a father who was pure evil….hmmmmm!….repeating till today….omg!…😒😒😒😒

  28. Catholics versus Protestants…….sisters hating each other…. Blessed by evil father Henry!…..yuks!!!!!😵😱😱😱😱😵

  29. He blamed the women for not giving him a son when in reality he was the one who had the bad genes, he was the one responsible as to whether or not it would be a boy or a girl.

  30. Mary's pregnancy probably wasn't a phantom pregnancy but an early miscarriage turned infection that caused swelling

  31. Interesting that as Elizabeth's mother was beheaded and yet her daughter becomes queen, Mary, Queen of Scotts was also beheaded with her son becoming king to both Scotland and England.

  32. If the British monarchy spent as much time on actually governing as it did infighting Britain would have landed on the moon before the 20th century.

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