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  1. as Daniel Ellsberg was speaking I remembered the WikiLeak cable where Hillary Clintons office is instructing US staff working at the UN to collect "data" iris scans, credit card details, gossip on the members of foreign delegations at the UN…people effectively guests in the US and under diplomatic protection. . I would suspect that it was everyone. And I now see why. Blackmail.

    A conspiracy to enable criminal extortion to exercise illegal influence over votes in the UN and trade. Despicable

  2. Well he may not see it as treason but, when they took office and pledge an oath to support and defend the Constitution and then betray that oath —- most people would consider it sedition and treasonous. People do have the right to disagree with the constitution but, there is a legal process for amending. Currently, the only way you can describe the situation is — an usurpation of the gov/constitution eternally using the color of law to systematically cloak and legitimize the illegality.

  3. OH My, Who could be against a CON INSTITUTION? all member with SS card. Social Security is how you set the people up to protect them self, and in doing so they will kill murder and rage one another.

    WARNING = ?

  4. The term they have used to merge corporate and government in these mutually beneficial relationships is the so called "joint public/private initiatives". Or in other words fascism…. The first time I heard the term used in a business meeting — I said this sounds like fascism — but, companies see big profits under such a relationships. That was a decade ago — and now we see the results of merging corporate and gov.

  5. Daniel Elsberg is blaming Bush. Show this to obots and they will say … "see this justifies why Obama the Great should be the Dear Leader"

  6. The reason for the Constitution is to protect us from those that oppose the Constitution, & the time to use the Constitution is NOW

  7. Suicide bombing is a very specific RELIGIOUS BASED act of terror. It is motivated by a religious belief that killing non believers in the name of Allah and oneself in the process, gets you a free ticket to Paradise and all the sex and booze you could want. Wake the f**k up, moron. Islam is a violence based religion. How do you think is spread all through the countries that were once Christian? Easy – mass murder and destruction. LOOK IT UP.

  8. yea and Christianity isn't a violent religion(the crusades and the Spanish inquisition and also the killing of indigenous peoples of the Americas) … fucking retards and their naïve racist comments ….

  9. The John Adams quotation is taken out of context. Adams was referring to the *Continental Congress* being split into thirds on the the question of proper action in relation to Britain. By that time the population itself was largely supportive of independence (historian Ray Raphael deals with this popular misconception at length).

  10. well I would hope they make the connection between what Bush did and and what Barry is doing, but you are right, that is giving too much credit to the zombies

  11. Statist always sell the STATE as benevolent, a provider, a educator, looking out for the children, and anti-something……..when the STATE IS MONOPOLY,it doesn't educate………it INDOCTRINATES, it doesn't take care of children ….it kills them. FOOD STAMPS? is PURE FASCISM/SOCIALISM…coming from agriculture dept? does it get anymore fascist than that? the food industry? got a clue yet?

  12. That's an easy one! Cheney and his cronies oversaw the privatisation of war and are invested in companies that profit from war; Haliburton, The Carlyle Group, Blackwater etc etc. A quick and easy war wouldn't have been as profitable. The agenda was to destabilize the entire region. Watch "Iraq for Sale".

  13. @17:00 ~ The first American Revolution, according to Ellsberg, was supported by 1/3 of the people, opposed by 1/3 and 1/3 were neither for or against ~ apparently from research of John Adams. I wonder if this holds true for people in general in regards to revolutionary uprisings.If so, what does this say about human nature? About the arrogant confidence of dictators? @Peta_de_Aztlan

  14. The host says Snowden's actions are a coup against the constitution? Ellsberg seems to ignore the statement.

  15. Another Obummer lapdog. Same old crap…"BLAME BUSH"! Bush deserves plenty of blame, but Danny boy has almost no comments on Obummer's expansion the the Bush violations of the Constitution. This puts Danny boy's credibility right in the toilet. Damn shame. Danny boy could have seized this opportunity to become a true spokesman for freedom and the Constitution. Danny….you could have rehabilitated yourself. Instead you just clearly identified yourself as another dimocrap party lapdog.

  16. smart man, but he screwed up when he said that terrorist did 911, We all know who did it , however hard they tried to stifle the truth and Facts, no matter how you slice and dice it, when in doubt , follow the money…….

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